Ivory Tower: Coming to a Creative Writing Class Near You!

Going into creative writing classes to talk about Ivory Tower is exciting and new because, for many young writers in these classes, Ivory Tower is exciting and new.

During my first class visit, I scribbled and scrawled magazine information on one of Lind's formerly black boards and currently glimmering white boards while the writers gathered into an inclusive circle of desks, no doubt preparing to share, read, listen, and respond. The instructor entered the room energetically and invited me to tell the students how to submit their work to Ivory Tower. I told them that Ivory Tower is a student-run magazine only for undergraduates' writing, sponsored by the University of Minnesota English Department. I told them that we accept pretty much any form of creative expression in visual and written art. I told them that they can send questions to ivory@umn.edu and that submitting is easy via https://ivorytower.submittable.com/submit.

The class instructor was almost as excited as I was as she told the class about the great writers that have worked for or submitted to Ivory Tower (Garrison Keillor and Patrica Hampl... just to name a few). We talked about how great of an opportunity this is for emerging writers to land their first publication and to be involved in a lasting literary tradition in the Twin Cities.

Then the visit was over, and I walked out the door; before it swung shut, I heard the instructor urge her class again even more strongly to submit. And they should--and so should you. Because submitting it to Ivory Tower is one of the best ways to gain affirmation and exposure for the beautiful work that students create; doesn't it deserve to be heard?

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