Submit your work by the deadline - December 1, 2012!

Ivory Tower is now accepting the scribblings and creative expressions of undergraduate writers, artists, musicians, and anything else you feel like deeming yourself.

Think you have something you want to share with the undergrad community? We want you to scour through those doodles and class notes for your best art, poetry and short stories. (Even the famous boy-wizard got his start on a coffee shop napkin!)

Just stick to a few guidelines on length and quality to help us give you the best product we can. Please be sure to read them over before you submit, and let your creativity flow!

Create. Share. Get Published.

Note: Ivory Tower no longer accepts submissions via email. Please use Submittable to submit your work.

Guidelines Specific to Genre:

Comprehensive list of our genre guidelines

Include your name, contact information, and a brief bio in the designated space for a bio/cover letter.

We will carefully consider each submission and decisions will be made only after a lot of brow wrinkling and chin stroking. A notification of publication status will be sent for each submission before the end of February, providing advice for revision, a request for author and staff member co-editing, or just a hearty pat on the back. Once accepted for publication, your piece may appear in our yearly magazine, newspaper supplements, and/or website.

We thank you from the bottom of our little hearts for your interest in Ivory Tower,

The Ivory Tower Staff