National Novel Writing Month

By John Moen, Fiction Editor, Ivory Tower

It's always an interesting experience when I catch a group of writers doing what they do best: huddled around a too-small table with their faces so close to their monitors that they can almost smudge the glass with their noses, their eyes squinting at the words on the screen, trying to figure out the best way to write that beautiful love scene or that particularly gruesome murder. Yes, a group of writers is certainly a sight to behold, and we at Ivory Tower love and appreciate them for what they do. November is the month of changing leaves, turkey, and family football games, but it is also an important month for writers.

National Novel Writing Month spans all of chilly November, and, as someone who has participated in previous years, I've observed that it brings out the best in the writers of our university. This event draws together the entire undergraduate community: it includes English majors, of course, but also students from many other disciplines. Some of the best writers I know are Computer Science, Biochemistry, Physics, and Math majors. Ivory Tower wants to hear from all students, because we know that while not everyone is crazy enough to tackle a whole novel in a month, that doesn't mean that the writing atmosphere can't inspire every one of us to create something great.

So, next time you see a group of students with fingers blissfully skittering across their keyboards, smiling as they smooth out that bit of awkward prose, take a moment to think about the ideas that you want to share. That's what it's all about. It's about you, and having your work featured in Ivory Tower. It's about your poems, your fiction, your non-fiction, and your art taking a place where everyone can admire it.
Maybe you won't write a whole novel this month. But if you pick up a pen, type at a keyboard, or move a brush across canvas, you may create something: something uniquely yours, something you can be proud of, and something you can cherish in years far beyond the time you spend here at the university. And if you submit to Ivory Tower, it may be published in a handsome journal that will serve as a record of your achievement. You can submit your work at the following website:

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