Thoughts from a Poetry Editor

By Aaron Bristow, Poetry Editor, Ivory Tower

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it the brief respite from the onslaught of end-of-semester homework, which is just as much a yearly tradition as the holiday season itself. At the end of November, we also find ourselves bidding farewell to autumnal bliss and battening down the hatches in preparation for winter. In combination, the daunting homework load and impending winter make me feel like an amateur soapbox derby driver, running around my flimsy car at the top of a winding hill, making frazzled, last minute adjustments to the wheels, chassis, and steering mechanism, hoping they won't all fly off on the first turn at uncontrolled, high speeds. Where are the breaks? You don't need them until you get to the bottom, and finals are still three sleepless weeks away.

Thankfully, at Ivory Tower, our pushcart is a finely tuned machine, partially because we have all put in hard work, and also because we have gotten the opportunity to talk to professionals in the business. The Twin Cities has a radiant and active publishing scene, and some of its active participants have visited our class, depositing rich and invaluable bits of information to ensure that our wheels stay on. Whole Beast Rag andHazel and Wren visited the Ivory Tower earlier in the semester and just last Monday, Jamie Millard and Meghan Murphy visited from the intelligent and graphically brilliant literary magazine Paper Darts.

After working on the 2009 issue of Ivory Tower, graduating, and spending countless hours and dollars in coffee shops, Jamie and Meghan started Paper Darts. The first edition of the magazine was hand sewn; however, subsequent editions have been mechanically produced. They told us about their experience creating the perfect relationship between graphics and text, printing in black and white, and graciously gave us a complimentary copy of Paper Darts Volume 4 to generate design ideas. Their website and printed material is a testament to their artistic and editorial skill. Check them out at

The timing of Paper Darts' visit was impeccable as we begin designing the magazine and selecting the literature and visual art for the magazine. Remember to submit any last minute materials at here.

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