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Art and Literature: A Call for Analysis!

We at Ivory Tower do a great deal of thinking about literature and art, even when we're not working on the magazine. This includes thinking about art analysis and textual analysis. For example, one of our copyeditors, while playing video games with his friend Billy, once tried to analyze Gears of War for symbolic content--albeit jokingly.

Have any of you out there--in earnest--to analyze art, literature, or something a bit more unconventional (like a song or a video game)? We'd love to hear what you have to say. Oh, and if you're a University of Minnesota undergraduate who analyzed something and actually wrote a paper about it, we would love it if you polished that paper up and sent it to us: we're experiencing a dearth of nonfiction submissions at the moment.

Between Finals and Shoveling, Uncover Your Creativity

By Elleni Paulson, Marketing Director, Ivory Tower

Well folks, it's that time of year again. While some of us tried to stave this off as long as possible, the University of Minnesota campus was finally hit with Mother Nature's most beautiful weapon: snow.

The snow flurried nonstop throughout the day on Sunday, trapping students inside their homes and apartments, leaving them no choice but to cozy up with a blanket and--you guessed it--their study books. With finals fast approaching, the snow provided the perfect excuse to lay low for a day.

The staff here at Ivory Tower is thankful for Sunday's snow day. It gave us some extra time to read submissions, and hopefully, it gave you a little extra time to craft and perfect your own. Just a reminder: there is still time to submit! We have extended our deadline to December 22nd, because we know how inspiring the holiday season can be to all you writers, poets, and artists.

That being said, we feel that one of the most beautiful parts of this snow day is the art that it inspires. We know you feel the same way we do--and we want to see your work! Don't forget to take in this beautiful scenery (you do live in Minnesota, after all) and use your creativity as a creative outlet! Besides, we know you probably need a break from studying for finals, anyway. What better way to relax than to stimulate the creative side of the brain?

So, after you've come in from your long trek through the snow, after your coat is hung and your mittens are drying... find a place with a nice view of the snow-covered city, and create (and, of course, don't forget to pass it along to your art-and-lit-hungry friends at Ivory Tower).

Ivory Tower: Deadline Extended!

By Kristen Darveaux, Proofreader, Ivory Tower

As temperatures begin to plummet, all University of Minnesota students know that finals--and the Ivory Tower submission deadline--are looming, causing stress for many. Although we've received hundreds of wonderful submissions already, we want to make sure those pieces you're polishing at the end of the semester get a chance to be considered. Don't worry: we at Ivory Tower have moved the deadline for submissions back to December 22!

We know that you started working on an awesome piece of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or visual art, but did not have time to complete your masterpiece before December 1. Now you can finish and submit it before winter break starts. The staff at Ivory Tower has enjoyed reading and viewing all of the amazing work students have sent us so far. So don't be left out in the cold: now you've got a second chance to submit to the undergraduate art and literary magazine, sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Department of English.

Please take advantage of this extended deadline and upload your work at It truly is a pleasure to have the opportunity to see how creative our fellow students are, and we wanted to do what we could to relieve the stress of the season by giving you more time. Now, if only we could do something about those finals.

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