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2013-2014 Ivory Tower Staff

Ivory Tower is pleased to present to you the staff for the 2013-2014 year. These titles do not completely bind us to their definitions as we work collectively in whatever capacity necessary to  bring the Ivory Tower to you. 

Editors in Chief

Eric Best

Lauryn Heineman

Paul Wagner

Managing Editors

Cassandra King

Teddi Marzofka

Lyly Nguyen

Art Editors

Eliza Baker

Erica Crooker

Chelsea Gortmaker

Wendy Xiong

Fiction Editors

Valerie Arndt

Parker Lemke

Shawn Putnam

Ahnika White

Poetry Editors

Brianna Ives

Alyssa LeFebre

Jessica Troyan

Nonfiction Editors

Delaney Churchwell

Phoebe Stephan

Design Managers

Eliza Baker

Wendy Xiong


Delaney Churchwell

Phoebe Stephan

Jessica Troyan