September 17, 2007



Thanks for visiting my site. Figuring out the blog system is not as easy as I thought. I’ve used it before, but nothing seems the same – and probably isn’t.

I’m looking forward to the knowledge and experiences that will come with the Traditional Tibetan Medicine class. The first session has been a great beginning.

Why am I taking the course? I’ve always had an interest in energy work and alternative healing and thinking modes. My grandmother, who lived to be 95, was my favorite person and practiced Spiritualism and natural healing. Books by Barbara Brennan on hands on healing have been informative and helpful for me to understand natural healing. About a decade ago, I joined an Inka spirituality group that meets monthly and have participated in workshops teaching the four directions from their medicine/spirituality practices. I am attracted to Buddhism and to the concepts in Jungian psychology.

Getting older is fun. I get to watch some of these ideas and practices pass down through my adult grandchildren, and I get to observe lifestyles and ideas over time, both through my life and those around me.

Joanne Englund