August 24, 2006

Is scared-excited an emotion?

I will be a freshman at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities this fall, and I move in in exactly one week. I've been super excited all summer, buying dorm decorations and supplies ridiculously early and packing my bags weeks in advance. However, as the move-in date draws ever nearer and I start to realize that I'm going to be away from family and friends for a long time, longer than I ever have before, I'm starting to get a little nervous. All summer, I had been seeing leaving for college the same way some might view leaving for summer camp. I never really thought about just how long I'm going to be away, and how all of a sudden I will have numerous additional responsibilities with little to no safety net. I've always been pretty independent, but I admit, not having mom and dad around to watch out for me will be a major shock. Also, when I picutured going off to college I only thought about campus/dorm life, and never really thought about the fact that I'm going to school, and I need to buy notebooks, pens, pencils, etc, and be ready to do some serious studying. I think my new fears are just a last-minute case of cold feet, and won't last long. Because I'm still very excited to leave for the Twin-Cities next week, and I'm still very excited for the freedom and opportunities offered by college life.