Assignment 2, Map those Minds!


I play more than most people. I find the opportunity to play at almost any moment. Crossing the parking lot becomes and opportunity to dance, to twirl and enjoy moving. Standing at a crosswalk, I'm making up stories of those around me, trying to piece together how they live their lives. I smile without great reason to do so. When I make food or enjoy food being given to me, the whole act becomes this game for me, of presentation and fulfillment.
So, being asked to play first for this assignment was no challenge for me. I went dancing at the Loring Pasta Bar, where they have live tango band every weekend. I have danced Argentine tango for a long time and enjoy it immensely. 2013-11-03 19.56.06.jpg
Here's a photo of the band.

Ablaze in the glow of this warm night, I rushed home to think about cold, dark winter intensely. I used a big sheet of paper and multiple markers for my mind map. I listened to some good music, and wrote till I could not fit anymore on the page.
Here's a detail of the mind map:

My favourite of any of the subthemes that I came up with were Dark/Light, Food and Architecture of Winter. The first two focus on what I really love about winter, those changes in our environment that we can embrace or reject in interesting ways. Whether we nestle down and have squash, potatoes, spiced goods and warm drinks or through it all out for mint, citrus fruits and grilled meats. Or you can find time to meet the darkness of your wintry world, or else light it up. Architecture of winter I would call all those special structures that become useful to us when the temperature drops, saunas, warming huts, ice fishing huts, art shanties on the ice, cabins, ski lodges, etc.

After writing this out for an hour or so, I feel like I had a decent grasp on the season. Now let loose the silliness. I present to you, fair reader, ten silly ideas to manage that six months of our year we call Winter:

1. High Heel Crampons
Want to go out in your beautiful shoes and want a firm grip on the ice? Doesn't matter
that your toes are hanging out, try crampons for your high heels!

2. Shadow Puppet Show on the Snow
Basically a projector to set down in the snow, and you use a snow covered hill as the
backdrop for your production.

3. Edward Forty Hands...of Cocoa!
They're mittens with to-go containers of cocoa sewn into the palms. Take your beverage
on the go, and keep your hands warm in the meantime.

4. Car Trails
Coloured markers that leave a trail of where your car has been. Meant to show where
others have failed and gotten stuck, so that you may avoid their pitfalls.
colour trail.jpg

5. Chest Mounted Fireplace
What else can be said?

6. Hibernation Coat
Ever feel like everything is just too much? That you can't deal? That you just want to curl
up and never face the world again from a place of ultimate coziness? Then allow me to
introduce the Hibernation Coat!

7. Bubble Hat Cap
Take bubble lights, with all of their retro cool, and put them on your head.

8. Squash Guillotine
Squash are delicious, but hard to cut. Heads are not delicious, and difficult to cut off.
Let's try a guillotine!

9. Snowball Gun
Get the advantage on your enemies in that snow battle!

10. Flavoured Road Salt
Taste the season, on your road!


First off, I thought your silly ideas had some great variety, and it was cool how many products I could actually of as helpful products! Hibernation coat? Sign me up, please! Also, I think the snowball gun is already a real product! Maybe pushing yourself to think of truly crazy ideas would help spark some more creativity? I'm going a bit out of order, so bear with me... With your mind map, I could tell that you had a ton of ideas, but the lack of color and variety made it hard to follow. Especially with the thin lines that connected everything, it was tricky to figure out which lines led to which categories, even with your close-up. Next time maybe some visuals or writing variety might make it more visually appealing, and a ton easier to read! All around, your descriptions throughout your post were super fun to read. "Ablaze in the glow of this warm night, I rushed home to think about cold, dark winter intensely" = Lots more interesting to the reader! All in all a really good post!

I really liked the snowball gun, I would totally use that. The squash guillotine made me laugh too; that's a really fun idea. I am a bit skeptical about the flavoured road salt, because I'm not sure how it's useful...and I'm picturing young lads licking the road. All your drawings look nice and very effectively communicate the ideas. Also, your fun activity to start out the project was very original.

Your mind map is very cool looking, and you made good use of the space. However, even after clicking on the image and zooming in, I have no idea what it said because of the writing. Pictures would've made it easier to look over, too. Other than that, polishing the pictures in general with scanning or editing would add to the design of your blog.

Alexandra, these are some playful ideas.

Formatting is clear:
Your numbered list of headings was well organized. Including the larger image of the mind map as a second image was useful to see some of the details lost in the thumbnail.

Color Correction:
The images have an overall amber hue. Unless your paper is this color, it is probably from the camera not adjusting the white balance for your lamps. If you are using a Mac, you can edit your images in iPhoto by selecting the image and hitting the Edit button at the bottom right. You can even do multiple images in a batch.

Color Cartoons:
The images were enhanced through the use of the gray and orange markers. Those brought out some small details well, and made images like the Hibernation Coat clearer.

I thing the High Heel Crampons is a great product with some possibility here in the Twin Cities. It is hard to imagine how people make it in heels, let alone in winter, so you definitely have a niche to fill.

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