In the elevator with a Walleye


Pugh chart.pdf

In the end I decided to work between three of my ideas from these last weeks. My benchmarking idea was a knit cap with two LED's sewn into the front and back of the hat. It is also the idea that I used for the Scamper activity.
Going up against the cap, I have a helmet liner (as in for a bicycle helmet) that is trimmed with a line of LED's, aiding visibility.
Lastly, from the very beginning of this course, high heel crampons or now what are called minimal crampons. They're simple straps you can place around any shoe, and have stabilizing skins on them.

Through working with my pugh chart, the minimal crampons won. Now I need to work up a product name for them. I want these to be a useful device, but one associated with dressing up. They're meant to be used with more formal or fashionable shoes. I want packaging that emphasizes their light profile, making them easy to slip into a purse or coat pocket. There are some connotations I want to avoid when talking about hiding them in a purse and that they're modeled after crampons (because we all know what that rhymes with). When describing them, I call them minimal crampons and that makes me want to keep the name very simple as well. One word.


I settled on Claws.

I appreciate that the name is incredibly truthful. It has plenty of truthiness. It speaks to their form and function There is a bit of a playful connotation, or possibly a metaphorical (the claws come out) one as well. Are we now allowing people to tap into their animation side?

I played around with spelling Claws' differently. Or translating it into different languages as well. All romance languages spell the word 'claws' with a g in the word. Giffre, garras, artigli...
Scandinavian and dutch tongues are more similar to our word klauwen, kl√łen, karmai, klor...
In the end, what I liked best was the classic english spelling. Everything else quickly became too childish or unpronounceable.


Hello Alexandra:
You post seems like unfinished, because I cannot find the pitch video anywhere, so I cannot offer any comments on your presentation. However, you did a good job at class today and I like the way you put all your processes together. Maybe just a little bit suggestion: try to label your blog post and divide your post into different categories, so it will be easier for us to read. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, have a great winter break!

I apologize for the late comment. I posted my peer review the night before presentations and I couldn't find yours by then.
Anyhow, I think we were mainly critiquing the elevator pitch.. And it's missing in your blog post.

I thought you did pretty well in the presentation. My only comment would be about the visualization of your product. It would've been really nice to see how your product is constructed. If I can recall it correctly, you were only showing how it looked on a pair of shoes, but if would've been helpful to show the bottom of the shoe or the product from different perspectives.

I hope this helps!


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