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This is the second time I've SCAMPERED in recent history. This time it was much easier because of all those fabulous questions we were given in the slides. I'm still working with winter hats as my sub theme,

For this assignment I used an existing hat or helmet with integrated light components.
LED Knit Caps.jpg
Meet our knit cap with LED in the the front. From what I can tell, this item is not actually sold any longer. This particular version comes in both male and female styles. It's funny, when I went to search for 'hat with integrated light' the first result was from my own blog.

1. Substitute the battery pack for an alternative power source-PV panel on the top
2. Substitute the autonomous LED light for a flexible light fabric that is woven into the hat
3. Change the colour, currently black-why not radiant orchid?

1. Combine the hat with a helmet- as a liner
2. Combine the hat with a helmet- with armour gel protecting the head
3. Combine the hat with a hydrophobic windscreen- a car windshield for your face.

This was the hardest for me. It took a very long time to come up with anything for this.

1. If it was an integrated light in a hat, not only cyclists would find this useful as I've thought before, but plumbers and spelunkers as well. People who work in dark places where they are likely to hit their head.
2. Magnify the hat to cover the entire face, basically a balaclava.

I love the natural realm and think about plants and animals often.
1. Musk ox, big horn sheep, yaks: how does the skull shape of these animals protect their brains when exposed to such massive impacts?
2. Beetle exoskeletons: how does the exoskeleton distribute force around the shell and protect the creature with such a thin material?
3. Bioluminescence: that of a firefly, or possibly a glow worm.

Put to Other Use
If there is an integrated light source surrounding your head it could be an ambient light source in any situation.
If set upon an object or stand the hat could become a table lamp.

1.Does it need fabric? could it all the light? or an electric coil providing the heat to warm one's head?

1. Interchangeable lighting elements,
2. Move the light from just the front to all around the head, for greater visibility.

I used the TILMAG matrix to look even further into this issue of a hat with an integrated lighting element.

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It was interesting to hear you mentioning about your product being the first to pop out when you did a search online.
By looking at your SCAMPER list, it seems that you've been sticking with hat idea for most of them, which is good because you are doing a hat. But it would also be interesting if you could think something that's not related to the hat, maybe you will end up with something new.
Also, an sketch for each SCAMPER would be helpful.

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