02 Workshop Prep

Photo of Yourself
If you don't already have a photo of yourself on file, you need to send one to Sheila 1 week before the session.  Sheila can take your picture if you don't have one.  Stacy puts photos of the facilitators on her title slide, along with your title and department.  

Dividing Up the Presentation
There are always two facilitators per workshop.  You will need to meet with your co-facilitator to decide who will be doing which part.  

Practice What You're Going to Say
One of the challenges of NEO is that you have to present on topics/slides that someone else has come up with.  So you need to think about what you're going to say for each slide so it works with your presentation style.  There are talking points listed for each slide in this blog.  They are intended to be a starting point - don't read them verbatim.  

Review the Workshop Schedule/Timeline
Make sure you have a sense of the flow of activities and the timing of each section.  The timing for each part depends on audience participation, so you will need to adjust the timing of each section as you go.  

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