01 Diversity Lifeline Activity - instructions

Diversity Lifeline Talking Points & Instructions  
  • We'd like to begin our discussion of diversity by having you fill out a "diversity lifeline." The purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking about when you first developed an awareness of diversity in your life. 
  • There are two parts to this activity.  First, you'll notice on the handout that there is a timeline from your birth until now. On this lifeline, mark the first time you [read the different items from the exercise].  The second part of the exercise is to discuss the two questions listed under part 2 with one other person at your table.   
  • We'll take 5 minutes to fill in the lifelines, and 5 minutes to discuss them in your groups of two. We'll prompt you when it's time to move into Part 2.   
  • Any questions?   
  • 5 min. --- Part 1: Participants fill in the timeline on their own.   
  • 5 min. --- Part 2: Participants discuss their timelines in groups of 2.   
  • 2 min. --- Facilitators wrap up exercise, provide some summary comments about the purpose of this exercise, transitions into next slide

This exercise was adapted from "30 Days & 30 Ways to Celebrate Diversity".  It can be used if you include the citation:  Originally compiled by Myrna Marofsky and Diana Vaicius.  Revised and edited by Sarah Kesher and Forrest Brandt Novations Group, Inc. © 2008

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