September 26, 2006

You threw my crayon out the window?

So, over the weekend Steve and I headed to Granite City, his favorite restaurant, for lunch. I was feeling tired from a bachelorette party the night before and needed a cheeseburger to hit the spot. It was a nice, low key date, until the way home.

We get into the parking lot and I was digging in my purse for something to entertain us on the drive home. I found a pack of crayons Betsy had distributed as party favors on her birthday. I decided it was a great opportunity to write on Steve's arm. He was in workout clothes, not looking particularly clean, so what the heck? I was just goofing around. He, being the anal man he is, firmly "requested" I stop. I was annoyed that he was so annoyed and kept going. After one mark, he took my crayon and threw it out the window! I made him turn the car around so I could pick it up...not like I particularly care about a crayon, but I was angry he threw it out the window. We proceeded to have the most immature argument of all time. We knew it was bad because we were both trying our hardest not to laugh.

"Why did you write on me?"

"Why did you throw my crayon out the window?"

After I threatened to walk home, we both apologized. But I was just so frustrated that he couldn't be more laidback. Then again, who wants someone writing on their arm?

Anyway, I will keep you from the pain of the rest of the details, and now I am laughing about it, but it got me curious...what is the stupidest fight you have ever gotten into? This was definitely Steve and I's most immature moment as a couple. I, of course, blame it on the stress of a new school year and anxiety I am feeling over some family health issues. But we can't be the only ones (or so I hope)! Tell me, what have you and your significant other or ex-significant other fought about that was just stupid?

By Ray Pelley