November 7, 2005


Gain Confidence for Academic & Personal Success

Time: Wednesday, November 9, 3:00pm-4:30pm

Place: 385 (Dean's Conference Room), Law School, West Bank

Building and maintaining your self-confidence is a key to success in a
foreign culture. This workshop will offer some tips on how to trust
yourself and your ability and show your confidence effectively.
Empower yourself at this workshop!

Effective Classroom Participation and More

Time: Tuesday, November 15, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Place: 385 (Dean's Conference Room), Law School, West Bank

Do you often have difficulty communicating with your classmates,
professors or advisors either in or out of the classroom? Attend this
workshop and you will have the opportunity to:

a.. Learn about aspects of intercultural communication,
b.. Identify your preferred communication style and
c.. Develop strategies to communicate more effectively with U.S. counterparts

Please note that the workshop information can also be found at success.html

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