May 12, 2006


Hello Fellow CSPP Students,

I am happy to announce a new course called Integrative Wellness: Using Mind-Body and Psychotherapeutic Approaches for Healing to be offered this summer, June 5th – June 9th from 9:00-11:30 each day (M-F). This is the first time this course will be taught, so any help in spreading the word to interested students within in CSPP and other programs would be much appreciated. If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact me.

Integrative Wellness: Using Mind-Body and Psychotherapeutic Approaches for Healing, 1 credit

June 5 – 9, M-F, 9:00-11:30

Course Description

This course will cover mind-body and creative approaches to clinical practice in counseling, social work, nursing and related fields. The course will use practice and scholarly research to explore clinical interventions including mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, creative writing and creative/art based interventions to promote healing. The course will have an experiential component through which students will practice the various interventions being studied. The course will also draw on the expertise of guest speakers to augment course readings, lecture, class discussions and in-class activities.


Michelle Trotter, MA


Fall 2006 Special Topics
EPsy 8400:
Orientation to Self & Career Teaching Practicum

Tuesdays, 11:00-1:00
Instructor: Dr. Tabitha Grier

A 10 hour per week practicum, you will be trained to use the constructivist career development curriculum for PSTL 1076 Orientation to Self and Career, and you will instruct one section of this two credit course.

*Make yourself more competitive for teaching positions!*

This practicum is designed to help you extend general group and career counseling skills to the domain of teaching and learning. Constructivist career development and relational, active learning paradigms of education will be our focus.

*Integrate group and career counseling skills in the classroom!*

Sensitivity to context and socialization in a multicultural setting is a major feature of this practicum.

*Learn to apply constructivist counseling, teaching, and learning tools in a multicultural classroom!*

Contact Tabith Grier at for more information.


I am writing to let you know about a course that I will be teaching Fall 2006: INTRODUCTION TO LABAN MOVEMENT ANALYSIS (DNCE 1500 section 050). This course can also be taken as an upper level course. Please contact me for more details. I would also be happy to answer any questions you or your students might have, or to meet with you (at your convenience) to tell you more about this class.

Audience: Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is a comprehensive language for analyzing movement, and is an important tool for any field that is involved with the study and understanding of movement and non-verbal behavior, including psychology/therapy, education, non-verbal communication, kinesiology and performance. It is relevant to students interested in Dance, Theater, Performance Arts, Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.

The study of LMA paradigm develops an ability to observe and work with all forms of movement. It can be used to observe and work with the psychological, social and cultural aspects of movement patterns, and leads to a more articulate understanding of the communicative and expressive aspects of movement.

This course will introduce participants to all aspects of the LMA system, through movement exercises, live and video observation, verbal movement analyses, and, most importantly, the actual moving experience of the theory.

Course number: DNCE 1500 section 050 2 credits
Course times: Wed. afternoons- 12:20-1:50 pm
Location: TBA (probably at the Barker Center)
Course Instructor: Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb
Phone: 612-925-5277

Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb MFA CMA ADTR received an MFA in Dance from Temple University (Philadelphia), is an advanced level Dance Movement Therapist/ psychotherapist and has worked in area hospitals as well as in private practice. She is also a Certified Laban Movement Analyst; and a Body Therapist trained in a range of alternative modalities. She has taught courses in Dance, Women’s Studies and Theater departments and has also been an Artist-in-Residence and has taught at other colleges and universities including St. Olaf College, Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, Portland State, Temple University, and the Lithuanian Arts University in Vilnius, Lithuania..


Merra Young, adjunct faculty at CSPH, is offering a fall semester course on Integrative Psychotherapy: Effective Use of Compassion, Emotional and Spiritual Healing which includes Mindfulness and compassion practice at it's foundation. Csph #5541

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