May 19, 2006


FROM: Richard Krueger

Senior Fellow – Evaluation Studies -- EdPA

Here are some courses in evaluation, interviewing and focus group interviewing that might be of interest to your students. I will be the instructor for each of these courses. The courses are concentrated opportunities and offered during weekends or semester break. Several are offered at the Rochester University Center.

The Rochester classes (evaluation and interviewing) are offered over a series of week-ends, which make them convenient for students holding down day jobs. In addition, because of the concentrated week-end schedule, the courses have been popular even with students from outside of the Rochester area.

EdPA 5501 / EPsy 5243 -- Principles and Methods of Evaluation offered in Rochester is similar to what is taught here on campus, but concentrated over a series of week-ends.

A new course, EdPA 5080 -- Special Topics: Interviewing Individuals and Adults is a 2- credit course offered in Rochester designed for those interested in doing interviews for evaluation or research. The class seeks to help evaluators and researchers plan, organize, conduct and analyze interviews (individual and group) in a manner that is consistent with quality protocol, ethical responsiveness, and respect for the respondent(s). This course will begin with an overview of evaluation / research interviewing and identify practices and techniques used by experts. The class will cover topics such as planning the interview, setting up the logistics, developing appropriate questions, skills in asking questions, capturing the data, and analyzing results.

EdPA 5080 Special Topics -- Conducting Focus Group Interviews will be offered here in the Twin Cities. This is a 3-credit course next winter that concentrates on focus group interviewing. It will begin in January before the beginning of Spring Semester.

Here are the details:

Fall Semester 2006

EdPA 5501 & EPsy 5243: Principles and Methods of Evaluation

In Rochester, 3 credits, 3 weekends from 5 pm – 9 pm Friday and 8 am – 4pm Saturday.

EA111 - East Hall at the University Center in Rochester.

September 29 - 30, October 27 - 28, and November 10 - 11, 2006. Instructor: Richard Krueger

EdPA 5080: Special Topics: Interviewing Individuals and Groups

In Rochester, 2 credit, 2 weekends: 5 pm – 9 pm Friday & 8 am-4 pm Sat

November 17 - 18, 2006 and December 1 - 2, 2006. Instructor: Richard Krueger

Spring Semester 2007

EdPA 5080: Special Topics: Conducting Focus Group Interviews

In Twin Cities 3 credits, 8am – 4pm

January 11, 12, 13, February 24, March 31, 2007. Instructor: Richard Krueger

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