June 30, 2006


Winnipeg Narrative Therapy
From Adelaide Australia

Alan Jenkins

Winnipeg– November 6th & 7th, 2006

Day 1 November 6th, 2006

Restorative Practice After Domestic Abuse : Ethics, Justice and Accountability

This workshop examines Invitational Practice with men who have abused, in the context of relationships, family and community.

The workshop will focus on the nature of restoration in the aftermath of abuse and will critique popular ideas concerning remorse, apology,

forgiveness and reconciliation, whilst highlighting possibilities for ethical practices of restorative action.

Practical approaches will be outlined and demonstrated with a focus upon:

Facing shame without shaming
Moving from ethical realization to restitution
Determining respectful forms of connection which are accountable to those who have been affected by abuse
Developing integrity through ethical action

Day 2 November 7th, 2006

Making It Fair: Respectful Intervention With Disadvantaged Young People Who Have Enacted Violence

and Abuse.

This workshop will address the politics of intervention by highlighting dilemmas and principles for just and respectful practice.

Invitational Practice which fosters a foundation for fairness, accountability to the experiences of childhood and the discovery of respectful ethics,

will be outlined and demonstrated.

This workshop will highlight practical ideas in the following dilemmas:

· How can we challenge abusive behavior without reproducing abuse?

· How can we address young people’s own experiences of victimization and oppression without sacrificing a priority on responsibility and

accountability for their own abusive actions?

· How can we work with shame without shaming young people?

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