October 20, 2006


Dear Members and Friends of the MN Jung Association:

Following is a description of our next Salon which will be held at Luther Seminary, Stub Hall Lounge on Friday, October 27. Time is 7:15 to 9:30 PM. Luther Seminary is located at Hendon and Fulham, two blocks east of Hwy 280. For a map and driving directions, visit:


Sleep on it! - The Practice of Dream Incubation

Dream incubation has been practiced throughout the world since ancient times. In many cultures, specific rituals were used to enhance ones ability to solve problems and to receive divine guidance through dreams. Today, many people continue to use dream incubation techniques as a vital part of their creative process. In this salon, Sheila McNellis Asato will introduce the practice of dream incubation and lead us through a series of exercises that will stimulate the imagination and show how we can welcome the wisdom of the dreaming mind to help us with problems from waking life. At the end of the salon, Sheila will take us through a guided imagery to practice our new skills before going home to sleep on it!

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