November 10, 2006


CSpH 5201: Spirituality and Resilience
Spring 2007
Center for Spirituality and Healing, National Resilience Resource Center

Two graduate or undergraduate credits offered jointly by the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education and the Center for Spirituality and Healing.

• Personal growth and reflection
• Professional development in health care, education, prevention and other helping services
• In-depth exploration of resilience theory and spirituality
• Specific applications of the Resilience/Health Realization model to students’ lives, professions and helping relationships.
• Scheduled so working professionals may attend

For registration details contact the Center for Spirituality at 612-624-9459. For other questions please call the faculty person for this course: Kathy Marshall, National Resilience Resource Center, College of Continuing Education at 612-624-1693. ( Fees vary for graduate program or continuing education enrollment status. Traditional graded, as well as audited or “S/N? enrollment status options are available. See and click on “Events? and scroll to CSPH 5201 course description.

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