November 22, 2006


Spring Semester Higher Education Courses

Hello colleagues

I attach a list of the spring semester higher education offering.

Note that two are co-listed with EPSY.

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Darwin D. Hendel
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Higher Education Program
Department of Educational Policy and Administration
College of Education and Human Development 330 Wulling Hall
86 Pleasant Street
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone (612) 625-0129
FAX (612) 624-3377


EPsy 8800: Mental Health Service Delivery for Youth
Spring Semester
Thursday, 1:25 – 4:15, (3 credits), 303 Elliott Hall

Instructor: Dr. Sandra Christenson

This seminar provides a broad overview of mental health service delivery for children and youth. The seminar is intended to be multidisciplinary in nature, emphasizing mental health service delivery rather than school-based mental health. Consequently, a primary purpose of the seminar is to provide an opportunity to educate future mental health service providers about critical issues and strategies unique to the disciplinary course of study of theirs as well as those of others. Class topics include: defining mental health, defining mental health services, clarifying who provides and receives mental health services, mental health legislation and policy (historic/landmark and recent mental health legislation, screening (Identifying at risk youth), prevention, assessment/evaluation, examining mental health interventions (e.g., non-medication interventions/treatment , psychopharmacological interventions) and others. The seminar is designed to include students from varied departments and working toward different degrees (school psychology, counseling, child clinical, family social science, public health, nursing, social work).

Class No. 68825
For more information you can call Deb Lavoie at 624-4156 or email her at

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