March 2, 2007


ATTENTION: Professionals and Graduate Students Interested in Working with Parents and Families

The University of Minnesota is offering graduate level parent education courses online for the first time.

The parent education courses are graduate level and offered in sequence beginning in June of each year. The instructors and students are immediately actively engaged together and build relationships as they complete the sequence of courses. This program prepares parent educators to work in Minnesota’s Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs and other Minnesota settings and in other states and countries.

Online Parent Education COURSES
CI 5932 Introduction to Parent Education – 1 semester credit (Summer 2007)
CI 5942 Everyday Experiences of Families – 2 semester credits (Summer 2007)

For registration information go to:

CI 5943 Parent Learning & Development: Implications for Parent Education – 2 semester credits (Fall 2007)
CI 5944 Parent Education Curriculum – 2 semester credits (Fall 2007)
CI 5945 Teaching and Learning in Parent Education – 2 semester credits (Spring 2008)
CI 5946 Assessment & Evaluation in Parent Education – 2 semester credits (Spring 2008)
CI 5949 Parent Education Practicum – 2 semester credits (Spring 2008)

Courses required in related areas if obtaining a minnesota teaching license
Family Development – 2 credits minimum (CI 5942 listed above meets this requirement)
Parent-Child Relationships – 3 credits minimum
Child Development – 6 credits minimum

Other Licensure Requirements for those obtaining a Minnesota teaching license
PUBH 6003 Fundamentals of Alcohol and Drug Abuse – 1 semester credit (online)
EPSY 5135 Human Relations Workshop – 4 semester credits (online)

EXAM - Praxis I: PPST Exam -

If you already hold a Minnesota teaching license or you are not interested in a Minnesota teaching license, PUBH 6003, EPSY 5135, and the Praxis Exam are not required.

A Certificate in Parent Education program is in the process of being approved for those completing the online parent education courses and the courses in related areas who are not interested in obtaining the Minnesota teaching license.

For more information about the online parent education courses and Licensure Program, go to: or or contact Chris Buzzetta at (612) 624-1294.

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