May 25, 2007


CI 8150: Research Topics Curriculum and Instruction
Action Research in Teaching and Teacher Education
3 credits - Summer 2007 - July 9 – 20, 2007 - 9:00 – 12:30

[reading list will be available in June]
Visiting Scholar Ken Zeichner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Misty Sato, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Course Description
In this course, we will explore various aspects of a movement in education and educational research in which educational practitioners (e.g., P-12 teachers, school administrators, professors, etc.) are viewed as researchers of their own practice and in which teaching is viewed as a form of educational inquiry. The course will provide you with a broad overview of some of the epistemological, political, and methodological issues associated with the idea of practitioner research. Throughout the course, we will be reading work by both practitioner researchers and academics about the process of practitioner research and about the specific questions and issues that have been investigated through practitioner research. The term practitioner research in this course will be used as a generic descriptor that describes all of its different varieties (e.g., action research, teacher research, self-study research, etc.).

About Ken Zeichner
Ken Zeichner is Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education and Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to his responsibility for the teacher education programs at his university as Associate Dean, he coordinates a Professional Development School Partnership involving 5 schools in the Madison school district.

He was Vice President of Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education) of the American Educational Research Association from 1996-98, a member of the Board of Directions of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education from 1997-2000, and is currently a member of the Board of the National Society for the Study of Education.

He was previously affiliated as a principal investigator with the National Centers for Research on Teacher Education and Teacher Learning at Michigan State University (1985-1995), the National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching, and is currently involved in the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching study of Teacher Education and was co-chair of the AERA Consensus Panel on Teacher Education.

His publications include Teacher education and the social conditions of schooling (1991) with Dan Liston, Issues and Practices in Inquiry Oriented Teacher Education (1991) with Bob Tabachnick, Reflective Teaching and Culture and Teaching (1996) with Dan Liston, Currents of Reform in Preservice Teacher Education (1996) with Susan Melnick and Mary Gomez, Democratic Teacher Education Reform in Africa: The Case of Namibia (1999) with Lars Dahlstrom, "Practitioner Research" with Susan Noffke in the Handbook of Research on Teaching (4th edition) (2001), and "Educational Action Research" in The Handbook of Action Research (2001).

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