June 1, 2007


Summer 2007 - Now Enrolling! - EdPA 5048
June 25-29, 2007

This intensive class will introduce participants to the concepts of leadership and culture that influence the functioning of cross-cultural groups and major institutions today. In this workshop, we seek to clarify these concepts and consider how they can be applied to real world situations. The classroom is often such a cross-cultural environment and the teacher has an important leadership role in it. But the scope of the course goes beyond to any situation requiring an international or intercultural leadership. This class will employ a variety of instructional approaches including lectures, critical incidents, case studies, large-group and small-group discussions, a simulation, and problem solving exercises.

This course is designed for students who wish to develop a comprehensive understanding of leadership and culture. To achieve this goal, the course will use concepts drawn from several academic disciplines and cultural contexts. Students will be expected to integrate these concepts and learn how to translate them from theory to practice. This workshop is not a traditional leadership training program, but an academic course designed to produce understanding of complex social relations phenomena; in this way, it has a meta-learning objective about how to gain knowledge of leadership, institutions and culture.


Dr. Josef A. Mestenhauser is Distinguished International Emeritus Professor in the Department of Educational Policy and Administration. In his fifty-year career he has published more than 120 books, monographs, articles and book chapters on international education, educational exchanges, international studies, transfer of knowledge, cross-cultural relations, leadership development, cultural change, educational reform and professionalism. He is three-time holder of senior Fulbright grants in the Philippines, Japan and Czechoslovakia.

Dr. Mestenhauser has been President of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, ISECSI (International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges) and the Fulbright Association of Minnesota, and has held offices in several professional associations.

Dr. Brenda J. Ellingboe has 17 years of experience teaching English, intercultural communication, intercultural leadership, and international education. Since 2000, she has been designing and delivering non-credit continuing education courses for adult learners in 25 companies. She has also taught credit-based intercultural communication courses for two companies, two community colleges, three universities, and three liberal arts colleges. She is the owner of Be Globally Focused, a consulting service that promotes intercultural competence at the individual and organizational levels. She has taught intercultural leadership courses for Century College since 2002 and initiated their new Intercultural Leadership Certificate program, the first in the Midwest.

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