June 15, 2007


Center for Early Education and Development (CEED)

CEED Trainings
Does your organization have some extra time for training this summer? Do you have some money to use on training before the end of the fiscal year? CEED can help. We offer trainings on a variety of early education and development topics, including:
· Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
· Addressing the Needs of Young Children with Challenging Behaviors
· Steps Towards Effective and Enjoyable Parenting (STEEP) and Seeing is Believing (SIB)
· Individual Growth and Development Indicators

For a full list of training topics and more information on how your organization can purchase a CEED training, please visit http://education.umn.edu/ceed/coursesandtrainings/default.html.

And don’t forget…STEEP™
Steps Toward Effective, Enjoyable Parenting
Relationship-based Strategies for Working with Infants and Families in High-Risk Circumstances

STEEP™ works on the premise that a secure attachment between parent and infant establishes ongoing patterns of healthy interaction. A secure parent-child attachment lays the foundation for later competence and well-being. Through home visits and group sessions, STEEP™ facilitators work alongside parents to help them understand their child’s development. Parents learn to respond sensitively and predictably to their child’s needs, and to make decisions that ensure a safe and supportive environment for the whole family.

Location: 151 Folwell Hall, UMN East Bank
Week-long June session: June 18-22, 2007, 9am-4pm each day
Registration deadline: June 11, 2007 OR until full

Cost: $400 includes registration as well as the manuals and DVD required for the course.

To Register
Print the registration form at http://education.umn.edu/ceed/coursesandtrainings/courses/STEEPRegistrationForm.doc
For more information about this training, visit http://education.umn.edu/ceed/coursesandtrainings/courses/junesteep.htm


Contact Sara Zettervall at 612-625-2252 or sarazet@umn.edu.

Read about more CEED events and activities by visiting the CEED web site at http://education.umn.edu/ceed/.

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