January 11, 2008


Improve your Spanish skills to build stronger relationships with Spanish-speaking clients!

Spring 2008 Medical Spanish Course

The College of Continuing Education will be offering a non-credit Medical Spanish course this spring to meet the growing need for bilingual health professionals. This course will help the medical community improve health care services for Spanish-speaking patients.

Spring 2008 - Span 0344: Advanced Medical Spanish
Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm to 8:30 pm; January 29, 2008 to April 1, 2008
Room 326 Folwell Hall

Span 0144; two years of college level Spanish or equivalent; department consent.

Course Description
An advanced course designed to help health care professionals communicate with patients who speak Spanish. It will further develop and strengthen the language skills and cultural awareness you already have.

You will:
• Explore more advanced and specific medical vocabulary and phrases to improve your skills in conducting patient interview and physical exams, recording medical history, and understanding the Latin American view of health and health care; and
• Perform individual work on WebCT and CD-ROM. These activities focus on vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and exploring cultural issues about interviews to a significant number of health care providers who work with the Spanish-speaking community. This is a unique opportunity to get perspectives on health related issues from Chicano/Latino immigrants in the Twin Cities.

This is a zero-credit course with a grade basis of S/N. Academic credit will not be granted.

María Emilce López has an M.A. in both ESL and Hispanic Linguistics and teaches in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. A native of Jujuy, Argentina, she studied and worked as a teacher there. María Emilce develops materials for teaching Spanish for specific purposes as well as creating technology-enhanced learning experiences.

For more information on Span 0344 visit www.cce.umn.edu/creditcourses/courses/medspan/

To register contact the College of Continuing Education at 612-624-4000 or info@cce.umn.edu.

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