January 18, 2008


Dear CSPP students: Anna Mraz, a CSPP grad, was just hired by CSPP to strengthen the CSPP student personnel/higher education track in response to feedback given by students interested/exploring this area. We are very pleased to welcome Anna! Based on your input and the input of your student reps this past fall semester, we approached the Educational Psychology department and chair and are grateful that they allowed us to search and create this position on such short notice and, hence, a new pilot course has been created so suddenly. This spring semester, Anna will be supervising student personnel/higher education practicum students in addition to teaching the course listed below. Anna brings a wealth of experience in college student development, understands the needs of CSPP students, and has created an exciting contemporary course filled with seasoned college student development guest speakers. Because CSPP and the dept of Educational Psychology are trying to gauge the interest and viability of future courses like this, I urge you to seriously consider registering for this course to represent student interest in this area so that we can justify enhancing this area of CSPP in the future. Thank you for your consideration. Michael Goh.

Interested in college student development and careers in student personnel?

Register for EPsy 5400 (reg#92419)!

EPsy 5400: Current Issues in College Student Development
Registration # 92419
3 credits – Spring 2008
Tuesdays, 4:40 – 7:20pm
226 Appleby Hall

Anna Mraz, M.A.
Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology
143 Education Sciences Building - 56 East River Road

This course will aim to address issues that current student affairs professionals may encounter on the job and will introduce future student affairs professionals to issues in the profession. Students will also have the opportunity to practice and refine their counseling and interviewing skills through case scenarios and role plays.

Objectives for this course will include:

1. Students will gain an increased understanding of the current issues in college student development.
2. Students will practice and discuss counseling and interviewing techniques relevant for working with students facing various issues during their development in college.
3. Students will learn how and where to access information in order to stay informed about current issues in the profession.

Guest speakers, lectures, class projects, relevant readings and discussion will be used. Topics to be covered may include (this list is subject to change):

• College Student Development as a profession • Effective interventions for academically underprepared or at-risk students • Crisis Intervention for Student Affairs Professionals • Effects of parent involvement on college student development • Working with Non-Traditional Students: Issues for Student Affairs Professionals • Unique concerns affecting the development of international and multicultural students • And more!

For questions about this course, contact the instructor at mrazx002@umn.edu or 612/626-7907.

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