April 25, 2008


New Educational Psychology Course—Fall 2008
Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology Program

EPSY 8400: Theory and Application of Prevention Science: Enhancing Well-Being and Mental Health across the Life Cycle (3 credits)

Fall Semester: Thursdays, 2:30-5:00 PM

Course Summary: This seminar will take an interdisciplinary perspective on issues related to the promotion of mental health and well-being across the lifecyle. Readings and discussions will address theories, research, and applications of prevention as an important area of scholarship across multiple disciplines. Major theoretical models that anchor prevention research and applications, e. g. Theory of Reasoned Action, Health Beliefs Model, Social Justice/Advocacy, and Positive Psychology, will be discussed. Students will become familiar with best practice prevention interventions in various settings such as schools, communities, work places, and health care facilities. In addition, the seminar will include research and evaluation strategies for prevention interventions, prevention ethics, and prevention within multicultural and international contexts. Students will tailor assignments to their areas of interest, discipline, and professional goals.

Prerequisite: Graduate student in the social, educational, and health sciences.
Enrollment Limited

Instructor: John L. Romano, Professor, Educational Psychology
Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology Program
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Questions: Contact Dr. Romano: roman001@umn.edu

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