May 9, 2008


The Counseling Psychology Program has space available in two of our most popular courses. Both course are offered in the Fall of 2008. If you are interested in registering for either course or would like additional information, please contact Amy Kranz (; 612-625-3873).


Psy 8501: Counseling Psychology: History & Theories (call #: 16208) Offered - Mon, Wed, & Fri 1-2:30pm in N595 Elliott Hall
Instructor: Dr. Patricia Frazier
Course Description: The primary purposed of this course is to review the primary theoretical orientations used by practicing psychologists (e.g., cognitive, psychodynamic). Emphasis is placed on the (1) basic principles of each theory, (2) the application of each theory to practice, (3) the empirical support for each theory, and (4) multicultural considerations. In addition to seminar discussions, presentations, and application exercises, we will have guest speakers talk about each theory and watch videotapes of counseling sessions by practitioners of the various theories.

Psy 8503: Interviewing & Interventions (call # 25714) Offered - Tuesdays 1:30-3:00pm (lecture) and Thursdays 1:00-2:30pm (lab) in N595 Elliott Hall
Instructor: TBA
Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge and practice in fundamental counseling skills necessary to competently conduct basic assessments, interviews, and interventions with potential clients. The course format involves lecture, discussion, case presentations, counseling role-play exercises, and in-class demonstration of interviewing and assessment techniques. In addition, the course includes an interviewing laboratory, where students will have the opportunity to conduct counseling interviews and basic assessments with research participants who will play the role of "clients." Infused throughout the course is an emphasis on empirically supported treatments and components of therapy, working within a scientist-practitioner framework, ethical considerations, and the cultural contexts in which people seek and receive help.

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