November 14, 2008


Spring 2009 - Prevention Science - Child Psychology (CPsy) 8360
Thursdays 1:00-3:30pm, Rapson Hall, Room 13; 3 credits
Instructors: Arthur Reynolds (Child Development), Darin Erickson (Public Health), and Jayne Fulkerson (Nursing)

This course provides an in-depth examination of the prevention science field including theoretical underpinnings, state of research and practice, program development, methodology and data analysis, effects and economic benefits, policy contexts, and dissemination and use. Topics are examined from life course perspectives that include ecological and human capital theories of behavior. Intervention research and programs will be highlighted in the following areas: school failure and learning problems, substance and tobacco use, obesity, and delinquency as well as the promotion of health, mental health, and well-being. The coverage of topics is multidisciplinary which will attract students with interests in education, public health, policy analysis, nursing, child development, psychology, social work, program evaluation, and methodology.

This course is required for the planned graduate minor in Prevention Science. Eleven academic units from the following 6 schools and colleges are represented: Education and Human Development, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, and Liberal Arts.

The course is designed for doctoral and advanced master’s students. Students should have one year of research methods and a year of statistics background. The course will be limited to 15 students. Contact Professors Erickson (, Fulkerson (, and Reynolds ( for further information.

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