December 31, 2008


Check out this class--CSPP student Angela Browder suggests that it could be a great learning opportunity for TAs and/or future faculty.

To U of MN graduate students;

The Office of Information Technology's Digital Media Center would like to invite graduate students to participate in our redesigned digital teaching course (formerly the TAWeb Certification Course). This 2-credit course on web-based teaching and learning is offered in partnership with the School of Nursing as NURS 5113, and will be team-taught by learning technology specialists in OIT. Participants will explore a variety of established and emerging academic technologies through a process that combines experimentation and best practices to create effective, technology-rich learning environments. Open to all graduate students, NURS 5113 meets during the semester from 9:05 to 11am on Thursdays. The course offers technology skill building and pedagogical instruction in a blended learning format that involves both face-to-face and online learning experiences. For more information about this course, please contact Brad Cohen,


Brad Cohen

Bradley A. Cohen, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Digital Media Center
Coordinator for Curriculum Development
Office of Information Technology

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