January 27, 2006

PhD Student Info

Announcing a New Opportunity for Postdoctoral Training:
The UVA Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Education Sciences

The University of Virginia Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), a new interdisciplinary research center in education science, has received an award from the Institute of Education Sciences of the Department of Education to implement a Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

Program Description:

Fellows will be involved in a set of rich research and career development opportunities that include a primary research rotation in a major area of work with the Robert Pianta, Program Director, or other key faculty members, as well as a secondary rotation with affiliated faculty. The primary research training rotation of Fellows immerses them in funded projects within CASTL, among which include five randomized evaluation trials, quasi-experimental studies on large scale data bases of state and national significance, planned comparison evaluations, and natural history studies. These projects are organized in programs of research focused on early childhood/elementary classroom quality and intervention effects, teacher workforce quality and effects, and schooling experiences in relation to other developmental influences.

Fellows have the opportunity for research training across disciplines and will be expected to fill leadership roles that include all aspects of manuscript preparation, presentations at scientific meetings, research design and implementation, and grant-writing. Training emphasizes Fellows' immersion in programs of methodologically rigorous research providing opportunities to develop a range of skills focused on an area of educational significance and gain a coherent view of the accumulation of knowledge through sustained research programs. The work with affiliated faculty in secondary rotations also draws into education sciences the expertise of faculty from across the University, including the Departments of Psychology, Economics, and Sociology.

Application Information:

Applicants must have a Ph.D. and a track record of publication in education or social sciences, evidence of potential for obtaining external funding, substantive knowledge and background in the field of education, and demonstrated leadership, management, and communication skills.

Please submit the following documentation by May 15, 2006:
--Curricululm Vitae
--transcripts (graduate and undergraduate)
--3 letters of reference (2 from graduate school mentors with whom you have worked on research) --sample publications --letter of intent describing your research training goals and interests

Candidates will be considered on the basis of skill sets and match to faculty research programs, potential for impact, and past experience/achievement. Salary and benefits are competitive.
Appointments will begin July 1,
2006 and are eligible for renewal for a second year.

Please send applications to:

Jen Mashburn
350 Old Ivy Way, Suite 100
Charlottesville , VA 22903

For More Information
Please contact Jen Mashburn, Program Coordinator at jmashburn@virginia.edu

Jennifer Mashburn
Program Coordinator
Risk & Prevention in Education Sciences (RPES) Curry School of Education University of Virginia P.O. Box 800784 Charlottesville, VA 22908-0784

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Employment Opportunities

Job Description

Christine Klein, Evaluator, seeks to hire two or more Evaluation Associates for part-time, contract positions to assist with evaluation of a National Science Foundation funded project in St. Louis and St. Paul. This three-year project, Teenage Designers of Learning Places for Children, involves teenagers in St. Louis and St. Paul working with museum staff to develop learning places for younger children in after-school programs.

 Attend training sessions (2-3 days total)
 Observe teens in 3 to 6 Saturday workshops during the school year
 Observe 4 to 10 days of summer workshops
 Observe younger children in after-school programs 2 to 4 days (2 hours each day, 8 hours maximum per year) beginning Fall 2006
 Conduct focus group interviews with children
 Take field notes and complete observation logs for all of the above
 Submit observation records and notes within one week of observation or interview
 Work those hours and locations assigned (not to exceed 120 hours per year, but generally 50-70 hours).

 This is a consultant position paid at an hourly rate with no benefits orwithholding of taxes. Evaluation Associates are not employees, but are independent contractors.
 One to two Associates will be hired for each city to work within that city only; i.e., no travel between cities is involved
 Travel to sites within the Associates city is the responsibility of the Associate; i.e. Associate must have own means of transportation and will not be reimbursed for travel
 Hours include Saturday, summer and after-school hours as assigned (based on project schedule)
 Up to 120 hours per year have been budgeted for each of the two cities in this project, approximately half in the school year and half in the summer

 Experience with education program evaluation
 Excellent written and oral communication skills
 Experience and comfort in working with teenagers from diverse backgrounds
 Reliable means of transportation (most sites are near public transportation)
 Organizational skills
 Self-motivated and able to work independently
 Ability to work as part of a team and to contribute to a learning community
 Interest and experience in science or science education preferred

To apply send cover letter indicating your interest in the position, resume, and the names three references with their contact information to Christine Klein at cklein@charter.net. Please put Learning Places Evaluation Associate in the subject line.


The Alma Center, Inc., is seeking a Batterer Intervention Program Staff to begin as soon as possible. The
Alma Center is a community based nonprofit agency in Milwaukee with a mission of eliminating violence
and abuse in intimate relationships, family and community. The agency focuses on providing
comprehensive educational and wrap-around social services to men who have a history of perpetrating
domestic violence.
Position Summary: One half-time and one full-time direct service position available (two positions).
The batterer intervention program utilizes a cognitive-behavioral-feminist educational model. This
person is responsible for client intake, assessment, case planning, delivery of educational sessions,
collaboration with partner contact program, discharge/exit interview, discipline and client adherence to
program rules/requirements. Involvement with clients will be on an individual basis and in a group
setting as instructor/co-instructor. Position expected to work collaboratively with the criminal justice
system, including Department of Corrections and Domestic Violence Court Judges, other contract service
providers, and other community organizations to ensure accountability of offenders and safety of
victims/partners and children. Both positions include some evening and weekend hours.
Education: BA required, MA or equivalent masters-level experience preferred in social work,
psychology, education, women’s studies, sociology, philosophy or other related field. AODA counseling
certification/experience a plus. Supervision of counseling hours available.
Required skills: Excellent interpersonal skills; group facilitation/teaching experience; training/education
or relevant professional experience in field of intimate partner violence and other related issues;
experience in delivery of services to individuals of various racial, ethnic, economic and religious
backgrounds; familiarity with cognitive behavioral educational model; excellent oral and written
communication skills; excellent organizational skills with strong ability to prioritize and attend to detail;
excellent computer skills, including all Microsoft Professional Office Programs (Word, Excel, Outlook,
Access and Explorer); high level of professionalism and responsibility in all office interactions; ability to
work collaboratively in group/team approach; ability to perform individual job duties with limited
supervision, yet maintain a close working relationship with team and supervisor; flexible, open-minded,
compassionate and resourceful; positive attitude and belief in individual’s capacity to change; sense of
We are currently accepting cover letters and resume by fax (414.265.0200) or e-mail
(mail@almacenter.org). Please indicate part-time or full-time preference.


JOB TITLE: Program Evaluator

JOB NUMBER: 102905

APPLICATION DUE DATE: February 2, 2006

WORK LOCATION: 360 Colborne

WORK YEAR/HOURS: 12 months


The primary role of this position is to work in the area of grant program evaluation for Saint Paul Public Schools. This individual will evaluate a variety of grants including the Teacher Quality Enhancement Fellowship Program. This work will involve frequent contact with school as well as district staff.


Required –

1. Master’s degree in education, sociology, psychology or a related field which must include a minimum of nine semester hours in tests and measurements and six semester hours in statistics and a minimum of six semester hours in evaluation, three of which should be in qualitative evaluation methodology.

2. Must have experience utilizing information systems for data reporting and decision-making.

3. Knowledge of research statistics and their application.

4. Knowledge of research and qualitative evaluation methods.

5. Knowledge of tests and measurements.

6. Skill in written and oral communications.

7. Skill in organizing data collection/methods, designing data files for the computer and conducting appropriate statistical analysis.

8. Skill in displaying and interpreting general evaluation information to a variety of audiences, including parents and the community and in providing technical assistance to district staff.

9. Skill in utilizing information systems (e.g., interactive web-based systems, data mining and warehousing tools and other related systems).

10. Ability to clearly interpret and communicate results of statistical analyses to a variety of audiences.

11. Ability to work as a member of a team.

12. Ability to work effectively in collaboration with district staff representing diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

13. Ability to train data collectors.


The essential job functions include, but are not limited to, the following fundamental duties:

1. Conduct program evaluations for Saint Paul Public Schools, including developing a variety of survey instruments to gather the necessary data; interviewing District staff or others as appropriate; conducting focus groups and performing systematic observations; collecting, coding and preparing data for analysis and analyzing both the qualitative and quantitative data gathered; developing summaries of the analysis; making recommendations and related activities.

2. Assist with the planning, design and evaluation of grant proposals in collaboration with the Office of Fund Development and other program offices with a particular emphasis on developing the evaluation portions of grants proposals; prepare reports of activities accomplished and in progress for grants requiring progress reports in conjunction with other District staff as appropriate.

3. Make presentations of evaluation results to District staff and others as appropriate; follow-up with staff to assure that they know how to interpret and use the evaluation results.

4. Disseminate District program results through presentations at conferences, networking with other evaluation professionals and related activities.

5. Provide leadership in developing efficient systems to meet reporting requirements; seek input from stakeholders and revise systems as necessary.

6. Conduct training in data-based decision-making and the systems that support it.

7. Identify unmet information needs; work with other staff as appropriate to generate and/or modify existing reporting tools to meet these needs.

8. Conduct educational research; review extant literature on particular topics and summarize that literature for District databases.

9. Assist other department staff with completing requests for evaluation data from central office, individual school, external evaluators and/or others; assist with compiling and maintaining historical data by school, demographics, demographics within a school and other methods as appropriate.

10. Work with individual schools to design, support and expand their evaluation efforts as well as with central office staff on their evaluation efforts.

11. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Salary and benefits are in accordance with the PEA negotiated labor agreement. The labor agreement and salary schedule can be found at http://hr.spps.org/union_contracts.html.

Benefits are available to new employees after 30 days of active employment. Benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, sick leave, pension plan, tax-free retirement account, and flexible spending account. Some employee groups also receive vacation, dental insurance and disability insurance. A complete benefits summary is available at http://hr.spps.org/Benefits_Summary_by_Union.html.


New Applicants - Submit an employment application and/or resume to the Recruiter, with the specific job number of this position. Failure to indicate the job number may result in you not being considered for this position. The application may be downloaded from http://hr.spps.org/Application_Forms.html.

Unofficial transcripts are accepted at the time of hire. You must submit official transcripts within 30 days of your start date. Formal credential evaluation is required for post-secondary education completed outside of the United States.

Applicants with Current Application on File - To be considered for this position if you already have an application on file which is less than a year old, submit a Job Request Form to the Recruiter, with the job number of this position. Failure to indicate the job number may result in you not being considered for this position. The form may be downloaded from http://hr.spps.org/Application_Forms.html.

Current District Employees - To be considered for this position if you are currently employed by Saint Paul Public Schools, submit an Internal Application and/or current resume to the Recruiter, with the job number of this position. Failure to indicate the job number may result in you not being considered for this position. The form may be downloaded from http://hr.spps.org/Current_Staff.html.

Betty Holz-Bergmann
Human Resource Department
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102-3299
Fax: 651-665-0269
Phone: 651-767-8230
E-mail: betty.holz-bergmann@spps.org

Reference checks and a criminal background investigation will be completed as a condition of hire for all new employees and for former employees who have not been employed by the District for more than six months.

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January 20, 2006


Malyon-Smith Scholarship: Call for Proposals

A scholarship totaling up to $1,000 will be awarded to
selected graduate students in psychology submitting
proposals for research into psychological issues of
importance to gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender
individuals, groups, or communities. Proposals must be
postmarked by February 1, 2006. Application materials
are available on the new Division 44 website.



Bisexual Foundation Scholarship: Call for Proposals

A scholarship totaling up to $2,000 will be awarded to
selected graduate students in psychology submitting
proposals for research on the psychology of
bisexuality. Proposals must be postmarked by February
1, 2006. Students may apply for both the Bisexual
Foundation Scholarship and the Malyon-Smith
Scholarship. Application materials are available on
the new Division 44 website.


Information on the above two scholarships can also be
obtained from:

Cisco Sánchez, Ph.D.
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Department of Human Genetics
Vilain Laboratory, Gonda Center #5524
695 Charles E. Young Drive, South
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7088
e-mail: fjsanchez@mednet.ucla.edu

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6. Opportunity: Documentary on Minors Consent Will Be Shown On Jan. 24

In Minnesota, minors have the right to access confidential health services, including sexual health services. This legal protection is associated with reductions in risky sexual behavior, particularly those that can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

A new documentary, Minnesota Confidential, about Minnesota's Minor's Consent statute will be shown at the University's Coffman Memorial Union theater on Tuesday, January 24 at 5:45 p.m., followed by a guided discussion. The film explores differing perspectives regarding the statute and includes interviews with opponents and proponents. The event is sponsored by the Minnesota Public Health Association.

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Employment Opportunities

Hello All:

I wanted announce that the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students’ Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (APAGS-CEMA) has 3 leadership positions available for graduate students. The Chair and two subcommittee member positions are available. I am the current Chair of APAGS-CEMA, and I have really enjoyed my experience. I highly recommend this position to graduates students interested in ethnic minority and diversity issues! The APAGS Member-at-Large Diversity focus is also available. Applications for these positions are due on February 10th. You can learn more about these positions at: http://www.apa.org/apags/ and http://www.apa.org/apags/members/commembs.html. Please feel free to contact me at nadiatalalhasan@yahoo.com, if you have any questions or concerns.



Nadia T. Hasan, M.A.
Chair, Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs
American Psychological Association of Graduate Students
Intern, The Archives of the History of American Psychology
PhD Student in Counseling Psychology
The University of Akron
Department of Psychology
Office: Arts & Science, 382
E-mail: nadiatalalhasan@yahoo.com

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January 13, 2006

Conference Information

~ Announcing Two International Conferences in 2006 ~
May 5 - 15, 2006 St. Petersburg, Russia
(1st Conference)


May 5 - 15, 2006 St. Petersburg, Russia
(Formal conference program May 6-11)

Sponsored by
Common Bond Institute (USA) & HARMONY Institute (RUSSIA),
in cooperation with
the International Humanistic Psychology Association

NOW MORE THAN EVER -- a time that calls for new thinking, new vision, new understanding, and new ways of relating in an increasingly interdependent global community.


JOIN over 50 presenters and hundreds of participants from across the world for another dynamic program and multicultural community experience.

A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY / MULTI-CULTURAL CONFERENCE that has received support from Former President Clinton, Former President Yeltsin, St. Petersburg Governor Jakovlev, endorsed by over 80 leading-edge organizations and universities internationally, and part of the Hague Appeal for Peace Civil Society Calendar. - OPEN TO ALL

INTENT and FOCUS: The ICR Conference offers an open forum for many perspectives and approaches, exploring conflict transformation within diverse contexts, including: arts/creativity, cross-cultural/ethnic, ecology/environment, economics/business, education, gender, global/regional conflict, health/healing arts, human rights, organizational/community, psychotherapy, and transpersonal/spiritual. Focus is on all aspects of conflict, from the intrapersonal - to the interpersonal - to relationships between groups, organizations, cultures, and societies - and ultimately between us and other species. Many opportunities are provided for intensive dialogues on theory and perceptions of conflict and transformation, sharing programs and curriculums, practical skills training, networking and collaboration, and a powerful intentional community experience. In addition to the variety of topics addressed are emphases on dynamics of "The Other," Terrorism, Trauma, and issues in regions of conflict.

ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING During The 2006 ICR Conference:
1) Parallel youth conference: 3rd Annual International Youth Conference on
"The Ecology of War and Peace"
2) Following the ICR Conference an intensive International Training in
Trauma Treatment is held for relief workers from regions of conflict.

PARTICIPATION: Participants have come from over 65 countries and all continents, providing excellent networking opportunities. The program attracts key stakeholders in their respective societies, some from both sides of existing conflicts, who can model and teach these skills to many others.

Submissions requested by: 3-10-2006
(Early submission is recommended for best choice of sessions. Submissions after this date are considered for evening or replacement sessions as space permits)

(2nd Conference)

3rd Annual International Youth Conference on

May 5-15, 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia
( Formal Conference Program: May 6-11 )

Sponsored by
Common Bond Institute (USA) & HARMONY Institute (RUSSIA),
in cooperation with
the International Humanistic Psychology Association

A Multidisciplinary, Multicultural Conference for future leaders Ages 14-18 *

A parallel youth conference, held at the same time and location as the Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution (ICR), addressing issues of negative stereotypes, prejudice, and scapegoating that lead to demonizing and dehumanizing "The Other." The theme of ecology is used as a common ground all parties can resonate with being "on the same side" of, as they delve into personal interactions to explore these dynamics and help to empower each other as the future leaders of the world.

Participants to these EWP youth conferences are invited to join and cooperate in developing our web-based Global Youth Community to continue and build dialogue, cooperation, and joint projects.

* Youth participants must be accompanied by adult chaperones.
Submissions requested by: 3-10-2006
(Early submission is recommended for best choice of sessions. Submissions after this date are considered for evening or replacement sessions as space permits)


6 DAYS (opening on May 6 and closing on May 11) of institutes, workshops, lectures, roundtables, and intentional community. 50 presentation sessions, and a full slate of evening facilitated community gatherings and social/cultural events to encourage dialogue, interaction, and community building.

4 DAYS of pre- and post-conference cultural events, tours, and professional visits and meetings in St. Petersburg.

The natural setting of forest and seashore creates an atmosphere conducive to both dynamic interchange and quiet contemplation. The official conference languages are English and Russian. Interpreters are assigned to each presentation and event, and are also available in the general milieu.

(See the CBI web site for a sample of previous conference program)

For information, proposal and registration forms, CONTACT:
Steve Olweean, Coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, Michigan 49034
Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393 E-mail: SOlweean@aol.com
Full details available at WEB SITE: www.cbiworld.org

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Employment Opportunities


Position: One Graduate Research Project Assistant position for the remainder of the academic year to assist with a research project dealing with the impact of learning communities on the collegiate experience of first-generation college students.

Appointment: 50% (20 hours per week), A-term (12-month base), to begin as soon as the search is completed and continue through June 11, 2006, with potential for extension.

Salary rate: $15.25 per hour

Duties include: Send out mailings to invite learning community participants to engage in follow-up interviews. Schedule interviews with participants who respond. Conduct and tape record the interviews. Transcribe interviews. Work with supervision to develop interpretive qualitative coding system for the data. Also work with the Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) at the General College to organize data regarding retention, pre-collegiate information, and college GPA of Fall 2001 cohort, as well as secure aggregate data stripped of individual identities, for making comparisons with similar and dissimilar peer groups.

• Enrollment in a Graduate School degree program.
• Academic background in education, educational psychology, or social sciences.
• Familiarity with underserved student populations.

• Experience conducting interviews.
• Experience doing qualitative research and transcriptions.
• Experience with data coding.
• Familiarity with learning communities.

To apply, send: (electronic submission acceptable)
• Letter of interest—specify your fit to the job qualifications listed.
• Resume or curriculum vitae.
• Contact information for two references.
• College transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable).

Apply to:
Jehangir GA Search
240 Appleby Hall
General College, University of Minnesota
128 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612)-625-4560, a-digr@umn.edu

Deadline: January 18, 2006

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.


Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology

Gannon University, a Catholic Diocesan University located in Erie, Pennsylvania, invites applications for an opening for the fall 2006 at the Assistant Professor level (tenure-track) in the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology. This position includes teaching, clinical supervision, advising students in the program, and involvement in departmental, school, and university committees and service activities. Requirements include: (a) Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology from an APA accredited program; (b) licensed or license-eligible in the state of Pennsylvania; and (c) evidence of successful teaching and scholarly activity. Scholarly focus is open, but those with an interest in marriage and family therapy are strongly encouraged to apply.

Gannon is committed to student-centered learning with an emphasis on student-learning outcomes, and interactive and collaborative teaching and learning styles. Successful candidates must provide evidence of competence in these teaching methods as well as evidence of scholarship in their respective fields and commitment to teaching in a liberal arts setting. Qualified candidates will be expected to work collaboratively with colleagues, advise students, engage in scholarly activities appropriate to the application and receipt of tenure and promotion in a Master’s I university, and engage in professional, university, and community service activities and partnerships. Ideal candidates must be able to support and promote the University’s mission, its Catholic identity, and its liberal arts tradition.

Gannon University is an Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages diversity and invites women and members of underrepresented groups to apply. To Apply: Submit a cover letter, curriculum vita, and three letters of reference (including their contact information) to Gannon University, Counseling Psychology Search, Human Resources Department, 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541-0001; Fax to (814) 871-7514; or Email to: hrdept@gannon.edu. Review of applications will begin immediately and the position will remain open until filled. Finalists will be required to submit transcripts from the institution awarding their terminal degree and references will not be contacted without prior approval from the applicant. For more information about Gannon visit www.gannon.edu.


We are looking to hire an additional Assistant Academic Adviser in the Carlson School's Undergraduate Program office this spring. This is a new position and an exciting opportunity to join our experienced team of advisers as we begin to increase our undergraduate enrollment.

For details on the position, please see the University of Minnesota's OHR web site: http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/employment/openings/job134443.html
Applications will be accepted through January 27th.

Questions may be directed to me (624-1056) or to Nicole Pilman, Associate Administrator (624-3313).


Jan O'Brien
Director of Student Services, Undergraduate Program Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota
direct: 612-624-1056


Counseling and Consultation Service

Vacancy Announcement
Counseling Position

The Ohio State University Counseling and Consultation
Service, with its staff of psychologists, social workers, counselors,
psychiatrists, and students in training from several mental health
fields, provides a full range of services to a heterogeneous
university community. Strong emphasis is placed on the
interdependence of staff as working professionals with diverse
interests and philosophies. The agency's services are accredited by
the International Association of Counseling Services and its
internship program in psychology is fully accredited by the American
Psychological Association.

The Ohio State University is accepting applications for the following
full-time positions: Clinical Therapist (Requisition # 318871),
Psychiatric Counselor (Requisition # 318872), Psychologist
(Requisition #318873). The selected individual will provide clinical
therapeutic services, including individual, group, and couples
therapy to university students and their families. Starting Date:
September 1, 2006

Minimum requirements include:
Terminal degree in a mental health field; considerable clinical
casework experience in therapy; supervised internship or work
equivalent experience in university counseling center, mental health
agency, or related professional setting; experience providing
psychotherapy, diagnostic and psychological assessment, and outreach.
Demonstrated experience with Asian populations is highly desired.

For complete position descriptions, job requirements, and online
application instructions, go to www.jobsatosu.com, click on Search
Postings and enter applicable requisition number. Apply for one
position based upon your given discipline, Clinical Therapist
(Counselors) REQ 318871; Psychiatric Counselor (Social Work) REQ
318872; Psychologist REQ 318873. To assure consideration you must
apply by March 5, 2006.

For the search, qualified applicants may be asked, and required, to
submit the following:

Ø Updated graduate transcript, & three letters of
recommendation forwarded from individuals who know of your recent
work experience & performance in a college counseling center or
mental health agency.
Ø A letter of application which should include a personal
statement of philosophy of professional practice in a university
counseling setting, & your primary professional interests, interest &
experience in Asian programs & areas of expertise.
Ø Vita/resume including contact information for references.

For questions regarding the online application system contact
Employment Services, The Ohio State University, (614) 292-9380. For
information regarding these positions contact Jim Hodnett, Ph.D.;
Counseling and Consultation Service, The Ohio State University, (614)

To build a diverse workforce Ohio State encourages applications from
individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans, and women.
EEO/AA employer.


CEED has just posted a position for a 50% GRA position. This position Will work with Arthur Reynolds (new faculty in ICD as of January 2006) on the Chicago Longitudinal Study. Please see the job description (req #
134355) at > http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/employment/openings/job134355.html.

Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!

Rebecca Johnston, Administrator
Center for Early Education and Development University of Minnesota
207 Pattee Hall
150 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
(p) 612.624.5780
(f) 612.625.2093


Counselor (Full Time, Ten-Month Position)

* Office: Wellness Center
* Date Open: April 1, 2006
* Description:

This is a full time, ten-month position, working mid August through mid June.
Purpose of this Position:

The individual in this position provides general counseling services to students at Carleton College. Responsibilities include: intakes, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and documentation of all clinical contacts. Counselors in The Wellness Center also act as an advocate or liaison between the students and other campus staff and faculty, as well as community providers, and parents. The counselor may supervise a doctoral-level advanced practicum student training in The Wellness Center.
After hours on-call crisis telephone services are provided while school is in session, with counselors taking one-week rotations. Opportunities exist for campus training and outreach activities. The Counselor will report to the Director of the Wellness Center.

Essential Job Functions/ Responsibilities:
o Provide intake assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, and document all clinical contacts.
o See clients for ongoing individual counseling within a short-term model.
o Facilitate ongoing therapy groups (with other professional staff or advanced practicum students as co-facilitators, if possible).
o Conduct intake assessments and refer to appropriate resources as needed.
o Maintain emergency appointment times that can be utilized by students in crisis.
o Staff the after-hours on-call services on a rotating basis for a period of 7days per rotation.
o Operate as part of a multidisciplinary clinical team in activities including staff meetings, consultations, referrals, and treatment.
o Consult as necessary with faculty and staff regarding student mental health issues.

Additional Job Responsibilities:
o Participate in the training of student staff.
o Engage in outreach education or programming.
o Provide administrative leadership with The Wellness Center for projects and activities.
o Provide supervision for doctoral-level advanced practicum student
o Accomplish additional duties as requested by the Director.
Minimum Qualifications:


Master's degree in a counseling field with MN licensure eligibility.
Generalist skills in working with depression, anxiety, and family of origin issues.


Ph.D. or Psy.D. in counseling/clinical psychology strongly preferred.
Experience with eating disorders and substance abuse desirable. Applicants with previous college counseling experience are strongly preferred.

If interested, please send letter of interest (including where you learned about this position), résumé, and three references complete with address, email, and phone numbers to Carleton College, Human Resources, One North College Street, Northfield, MN 55057. Visit our web site at www.carleton.edu. Carleton College is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity.

Cathy Carlson
The Wellness Center
Carleton College
1 N. College Street
Northfield MN 55057

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January 6, 2006

Employment Opportunities


The Rutgers University Graduate School of Education is dedicated to the study and improvement of educational institutions, processes, and agents to empower people to act as reflective, compassionate, and effective participants in a diverse and interconnected world. As a professional school within New Jersey’s flagship public university, the production and dissemination of knowledge about education is central to our mission. We seek tenured or tenure-track faculty colleagues whose research focuses on informing and improving education, especially student learning, understanding, and achievement broadly defined.

Applicants are expected to have earned a doctoral degree from a major research university. In screening applicants, we will be looking for evidence of research and scholarly accomplishment; commitment to a strong, productive, and externally funded research program; appropriate experience and commitment to excellence in teaching. We invite applications from beginning to mid-career scholars. Each position is at the assistant or associate professor rank. Salary and rank will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Our School and University are especially interested in applications from individuals who are members of groups that have been and still are underrepresented in university faculty positions.

Responsibilities include: teaching and academic advising of both undergraduate and graduate students; an active program of research; contributing to the effective operation of the profession, the School, and the University. Pursuit of external funding for one’s research program is also expected.

Apply electronically at the email address associated with the position you seek. Your application should include: 1) a cover letter of introduction including names and contact information for references; references will only be contacted after initial screening and with your permission; 2) a CV or resume; 3) a statement of research program or plan; 4) a statement of teaching experiences and philosophy; 5) two samples of scholarly writing such as publications or conference presentations. Submit these items as separate attachments in either Word (Rich Text for Mac users) format or as PDF documents.

Screening of applications will begin immediately. We will accept applications until February 1, 2006. If interested, we encourage you to apply sooner than this deadline as we anticipate moving beyond initial screening prior to February 1, 2006.

Position begins September 2006:

Counseling Psychology
Graduate preparation in counseling psychology required and licensed eligibility in New Jersey preferred. Research interests in one or more of the following areas: multicultural counseling, counseling in schools, school/college adjustment, and resilience research.

Apply at: counseling_psychology@gse.rutgers.edu

About New Jersey
Rutgers University serves one of the most densely populated, highly educated, rapidly growing, economically dynamic, ethnically diverse, and globally connected states in the United States. More than ten percent of New Jersey’s citizens have postgraduate degrees, and one in three are foreign-born or have a foreign-born parent. As the flagship university of this extraordinary state, Rutgers faces marvelous challenges: how to produce the research essential to future breakthroughs, how to prepare the graduates who will contribute to the state and the world, how to be the new “golden door? for this next generation of Americans, how to capitalize on religious, artistic, linguistic, culinary, and cultural diversity, and how to educate all students in the democratic traditions of this country.

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Chartered in 1766, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is the eighth-oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It has a unique history: from its inception as a colonial liberal arts college, Rutgers grew to become the land-grant college of New Jersey in 1864, and to assume full university status in 1924. Legislative acts of 1945 and 1956 designated it the State University of New Jersey.

Today, Rutgers is one of the leading public research universities in the nation. It comprises twenty-nine degree-granting divisions: thirteen undergraduate colleges, eleven graduate schools, and five schools offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In keeping with its mission to provide instruction, research opportunities, and public service for all citizens of New Jersey, Rutgers’ schools and divisions are located throughout the state: five divisions are in Camden, seven in Newark, sixteen in New Brunswick/Piscataway, and one in both New Brunswick/Piscataway and Newark. The Graduate School of Education is located on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus.

Rutgers currently enrolls 38,000 undergraduates and 13,000 graduate students across its three campuses, in more than 100 bachelor’s, 100 master’s, and 80 doctoral and professional degree programs. The University continues to grow and expand, not only in the quality of its student body, but also in the variety and depth of its educational and research programs, the quality and range of its facilities, and the amount of its federal and state research support. In 2003, federal support for Rutgers’ research and training programs grew by 6%, to over $250 million; the amount of state support was $524 million. In addition to the excellent teaching, research, and public service offered on Rutgers campuses, one of the University’s great strengths is the diversity of its student body. Rutgers’ diversity not only reflects the unique character of the State of New Jersey, but it also creates a distinctive community that prepares students exceptionally well for leadership in our multicultural and multiethnic nation.

The Graduate School of Education

Please explore our website to learn more about the Graduate School of Education. The website has information about our faculty, students, programs, news, and events. The Faculty/Research tab on our Homepage contains links to our Centers and Institutes including the National Institute of Early Education Research; the Center for Effective School Practices; the Center for Educational Policy Analysis-NJ; the National Labsite for Adult Literacy Education; and the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning.

Rutgers University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


Associate Professor or Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Ten-Month Appointment. The School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling Programs in the Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy. The successful candidate is expected to provide leadership in curriculum development, program development, and teach graduate courses in school and mental health counseling in on- and off-campus traditional, weekend, and/or on-line formats. This appointment may involve an additional administrative appointment as Program Director of the Mental Health and School Counseling graduate programs. Additionally, it is anticipated that the candidate will have successful experience with the application &/or management of the CACREP accreditation process. This position requires a doctorate with training and a productive scholarly record in counselor education or closely related area. In addition to fostering research, advising and providing supervision for graduate students, faculty members are expected to teach across our various programs.

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to and experience with multicultural counseling and diversity. Preferred qualifications include: degree from a CACREP approved doctoral program, recent teaching experience at the graduate level, ability to meet requirements for state counselor or school counselor licensure, experience in public schools, and scholarship interest in one or more of the following areas: chemical dependency, career counseling, counseling children and/or adolescents, and development of pre K-12 school counseling programs. Summer teaching is also possible. Preferred candidates will have experience working with accrediting bodies such as CACREP, NCATE, and APA and incorporating technology in instructional practices. The Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy is a graduate degree offering department that offers PhD, Ed.S. and M.A. programs in counseling psychology master of arts programs in school counseling, mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychological studies and school psychology. Our location provides numerous opportunities for recreation, entertainment, education and culture as we are 14 miles southwest of New York City.

Formal review of applicants will begin January 30, 2006 and will continue until the position has been filled. Please send nominations or letters of interest explaining how minimum and preferred qualifications are met and describing relevant experiences and interests, along with a CV, sample publications, and three current letters of recommendation, specifying the position and level for which you are applying, to: School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling Search Committee, c/o Laura Palmer, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy. SHU is an AA/EEO employer actively seeking minority and women candidates.



Seton Hall is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment to the development of a climate that supports equality of opportunity and respect for differences based on gender, culture, ethnicity, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. In this spirit we are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals who would enhance and diversify our faculty. The Counseling Psychology program has a strong commitment to training psychologists who are scientist-practitioners, multiculturally competent, and who are prepared to meet the challenges of working in complex urban settings.

Qualifications/Requirements: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from an APA-accredited Counseling Psychology program including the successful completion of an APA-accredited internship. Demonstrated ability to assume the responsibilities of the training director’s position. Specifically, the qualified applicant will have experience in the role of training director of an APA accredited program. Additionally, it is anticipated that the candidate will have the leadership skills to further develop the national visibility of the program through support and modeling of cutting edge scholarship. Evidence of achievement in scholarly productivity and external funding is required; research interests must include multicultural issues. Eligibility for licensure as a psychologist in New Jersey is required. Successful candidates are expected to contribute to instruction in the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology as well as to the MA in Counseling. Candidates must demonstrate ability to provide instruction in intermediate level statistics, and one of the following content areas: supervision, psychoeducation and consultation and/or individual interventions. Additionally, consistent with program philosophy, individual has to be committed to infusing cultural content into all course work.

Additional Responsibilities: Duties will include normal University committee work, student advisement in both the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program and the MA in Counseling program.

Salary and Appointment: This is a full-time (10-month) tenure-track appointment at the Associate Professor level. Salary range is competitive dependent upon qualifications. Summer teaching opportunities are generally available. Early tenure review or transfer of tenure is negotiable for the exceptional candidate.

Our location provides numerous opportunities for recreation, entertainment, education and culture as we are 14 miles southwest of New York City. Preferred candidates will have experience working with accrediting bodies such as APA, NCATE, and CACREP. Formal review of applicants will begin January 30, 2006 and will continue until all approved positions have been filled. Please send nominations or letters of interest explaining how minimum and preferred qualifications are met and describing relevant experiences and interests, along with a CV, sample publications, and three current letters of recommendation, specifying the position and level for which you are applying, to: Counseling Psychology Search Committee, c/o Laura Palmer, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy. SHU is an AA/EEO employer actively seeking minority and women candidates.


The Dean of Students Office seeks a Program Manager. This position provides support to a variety of programs and services for undergraduate and graduate students. These include judicial services, new student orientation, student advocacy services, student rights and responsibilities information, and mediation services.

Duties include: Manage daily operations of the university's judicial system; conduct basic university judicial hearings; prepare quarterly and annual reports on judicial violations; coordinate elements of the summer orientation program and information fairs; coordinate proactive efforts to promote good citizenship among neighborhood students.

Qualifications: Bachelor's plus 2 years experience working in high school or Higher Ed environment; Masters preferred; ability to organize and deal with a variety of simultaneous activities; experience working with diverse populations and a commitment to building inclusive campus communities; problem-solving and decision-making skills; strong oral and written communication; detail oriented; strong computer skills with a proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Established in 1885, the University of St. Thomas provides unparalleled opportunities for intellectual, personal, and career growth by offering a wide range of liberal arts, professional and graduate programs inspired by our Catholic tradition and the rich resources of the dynamic, urban Twin Cities. St. Thomas seeks to develop morally responsible individuals who combine career competency with cultural awareness and intellectual curiosity.

The University of St. Thomas has a strong commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion, to equal opportunity policies and practices, and to the principles and goals of affirmative action; and, in that spirit, seeks a broad spectrum of candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to these principles. The University strongly encourages nominations of, as well as applications from, women, persons of color, and persons with disabilities.

The University of St. Thomas offers an attractive benefits package excellent benefits package including tuition benefits.

Please submit cover letter (refer to Position #300128) and resume electronically by visiting



Career Counselor
Career Development Center (CDC)
Hamline University

Job Purpose
The purpose of this position is to promote and provide career-counseling opportunities for Hamline University undergraduate and graduate students and alums. Lead student outreach initiatives, assist with departmental programs and teach credit bearing career/vocational courses.

60% direct student contact and 40% outreach/program development/administrative. This ratio may change with programming needs and goals of the office.

Provide counseling to students and alums on issues related to career and vocational planning. Administer and interpret inventories such as the MBTI, SII and Strong Explorer. Maintain student records. Provide advice and assistance on resumes, job search, interviewing and networking.

Teach credit bearing vocational and/or career development courses 2-3 times per year. Examples included: Bridges Scholars, Career Exploration, and Health Science Careers.

Lead student outreach initiatives through: collaborating with student organizations; coordinating special “drop-in? events; and supervising student, faculty, and parent newsletters and two display cases.

Schedule and lead classroom presentations including CDC orientations for new student groups; information sessions for first year students; and MBTI, resume and job searching workshops. Organize workshops and class presentations for students participating in Practice Interview Week. Schedule and plan other campus career events such as the Multi-Cultural Careers dinner. Serve as a First Year Seminar Campus Colleague each Fall Term.

Participate on the planning and implementation team for the Practice Interview Week Program which includes volunteer training events.

Manage the career resource library including the purchase and cataloging of new materials. The Program Assistant supports the administrative aspects of the library. Work with Coordinator for Administration and Internships to expand web-based resources.

Serve as the CDC contact to the Graduate School of Management. Identify needs and implement programs.

Attend MCUCSA and Education Fair meetings.

CDC Vision
Every student prepared to thrive and excel in their life’s work and career.
We will achieve this vision by: offering inclusive, innovative, student-centered service and programs; developing campus and community partnerships to provide exceptional learning experiences, activities, and events; collaborating with employers and alumni to promote internship and employment opportunities. Please visit our web site: www.hamline.edu/cdc.

Reporting Relationships
The CDC is staffed with 4.25 professionals with career and employment expertise, 2 administrative coordinators, a graduate level practicum student, and 5 student workers. The Career Counselor:
Reports to the Director.
Works collaboratively with staff and departments /individuals across campus on projects and events.
Consults with Senior Career Counselor on career counseling issues/practices.
Serves as a resource for the practicum student(s) when the Senior Career Counselor is not available.

Physical and Mental Requirements
This is an office position with no unusual physical demands. Because of the complexity of the CDC and pace of the job, multi tasking is often required. Working one evening per week while school is in session and occasional weekend work is required.

Master’s degree in counseling, student personnel, or related field; minimum of 6 months professional career counseling experience, ideally in a college or university setting.
Strong program development and presentation skills. Must be able to teach credit-bearing courses competently.
Creative, collaborative program developer with excellent student outreach skills.
Committed to serving a student population with diverse cultural backgrounds, academic interests and goals.
Strong interpersonal and written communication skills.
Competent computer skills.
A commitment to liberal arts education.
Enjoy working in a fast-paced and service-oriented office.

Review of Applications
Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. An early March, 2006 start is preferred. Send letter of application and resume, with names and telephone numbers of three references, to: Human Resources Director, Hamline University, MS-C1904, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284. Review of applications begins January 11, 2006 and continues until this position is filled. AA/EEO


Post-doctoral Associate (2 Openings)
School of Kinesiology
College of Education and Human Development
University of Minnesota

The School of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development invites nominations and applications for two Post-Doctoral Associate (Job Code 9546) positions in Posture and Motion Sickness. These are A-base (12-month) annually renewable, sponsored project funded, academic research positions at 100% time for the time period February 1, 2006 through June 2007.

Description of position and duties:

Serve as coordinator of and daily operations manager for design, conduct, and analysis of a series of experiments intended to evaluate the postural instability theory of motion sickness. Participate in data collection and analysis, and supervise graduate and undergraduate students in the conduct of these activities. The principal experimental setting will be visually induced motion sickness using a moving room. Prepare manuscripts for publication, and give conference presentations relating to the research.

Background and Experience:

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D. in Kinesiology or related field must be awarded by start date

Desired qualifications: Preference will be given to applicants with

1) demonstrated expertise in design, conduct, and analysis of experiments focusing on coordination dynamics in human movement

2) familiarity with magnetic tracking systems, electrogoniometers, force platforms, general phenomena of visually-induced motion sickness, the postural instability theory of motion sickness

Appointment Details: This is a full-time (100 percent) annually renewable position. Renewal will be contingent on satisfactory performance and continued availability of funds. An individual may only hold a Postdoctoral Associate position for a total appointment period of three years. This position qualifies for employer-paid medical and dental benefits.

Application Process: Applications will be reviewed as they are received; with fullest consideration given to applications that are received by January 13, 2006. To apply, submit a letter addressing qualifications, resume or curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, and reprints of relevant publications to Debra Haessly, Administrative Director, School of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota, 111 Cooke Hall, 1900 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. E-mail submissions are welcome and should be addressed to: dhaessly@umn.edu

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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We are pleased to announce that the postdoctoral and internship programs listed below have been accepted for APPIC membership. The Board of Directors would like to congratulate these programs and welcome them to APPIC.

Please note that some of these programs may not yet appear in the APPIC Directory Online because the Training Directors are in the process of updating the information about their programs. A new APPIC member's Directory listing will become immediately accessible in the Directory Online once it is updated by the program.


Omni Youth Services
Buffalo Grove, IL
Training Director: Margaret Smith-Zoeller, Psy.D.

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Madison, WI
Training Director: M. Denise Connelly, Ph.D.


Indian Health Board of Minneapolis, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Training Director: Genni Goschke, Psy.D.

IUPUI - Counseling and Psychological Services
Indianapolis, IN
Training Director: Julia M. Lash, Ph.D.

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The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus is going to host the 2006 MCPA Reception. The reception will be started at 9:15 am and ended at 10:00 am on Friday, January 20, in the third floor Board Room of the Coffman Memorial Union. You will have a chance to network with students affairs professionals who are currently serving on the MCPA board, Jerry Rinehart the chief Student Affairs Officer at the U., and the two co-chairs of 2006 MCPA Conference Planning Committee, Amelious Whyte and Margaret Cahill. The light refreshments will be served.

Look forward to seeing you in the reception!! Please contact me if you have more questions. Thank you.

Anny Lin
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Program
Carlson School of Management
Tel: 612-624-5062
Email: alin@csom.umn.edu
Fax: 612-624-0350

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