November 30, 2007

CSPP Announcements

Don't forget to check the Ed Psych Department blog ( in addition to the CSPP blog! On the Ed Psych blog you will find important announcements about fellowships, grants, deadlines, and events such as the following:


Graduate Student Research Day will be held on Friday, March 14. The Educational Psychology Department instituted this annual event in 2001 in recognition of the abilities and talents of its students. This annual event has been designed with three purposes:

-- to provide a format for graduate students to present their research and be recognized locally by peers and faculty
-- to provide students an opportunity for professional development and practice for future state or national conferences, and
-- to promote a department-wide activity that brings faculty and graduate students together around a common goal of disciplined inquiry.

Proposals will be due on Monday, February 4. Proposal forms are available at

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Center for Teaching and Learning is offering a Preparing Future Faculty Retreat for graduate students, teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows who have NOT yet participated in the Preparing Future Faculty course, Grad 8101. The retreat is scheduled for Thursday, January 17, 8:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. and will be held in 525 Science Classroom Building on the East Bank. There is a $10 registration fee that covers workshops, refreshments and lunch.

For more information and to register, go to Registration is limited to 60. Registration deadline is January 10, 2008.


The Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Seminar Series continues this with the December 5th session. We invite you to attend and join in the discussions in person or online via UMConnect Meeting.

In preparation, check out It will include links to an overview of each topic with citations to related readings and information about relevant campus resources, plus instructions about how to participate via UMConnect Meeting. After each session, we will add on this page a link to the UMConnect recording of the event. The seminars also will be podcast after each event.

The TEL Seminar Series is sponsored by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and organized by Academic and Distributed Computing Services (ADCS) and the Digital Media Center (DMC). Sessions are cosponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (SVPP) and collegiate units. All University faculty members, staff members, students, and members of the general public are invited to attend at no charge.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 12:00-1:30 p.m., 402 Walter Library, Minneapolis (East Bank)

This seminar will be an opportunity to learn more about institutional learning outcomes, hear from faculty members involved in a pilot program to integrate these outcomes into their specific courses, and explore the role of technology in facilitating assessment and achievement of learning outcomes. This session is cosponsored by the Provost's Council for Enhancing Student Learning.

Moderators: Arlene Carney, Faculty & Academic Affairs, SVPP, TC * Ann Hill Duin, OIT, TC
Panelists: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, Writing Studies, CLA, TC * Ron Aminzade, Sociology, CLA, TC * Kathleen Krichbaum, School of Nursing, AHC, TC * Kurtis Scaletta, DMC, OIT, TC

Digital Media Center, Office of Information Technology, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis: 612/625-5055
St. Paul: 612/625-8030

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This material can be made available in alternative formats for people with disabilities. To request this or disability accommodations at DMC events, please contact the DMC Communications/Marketing Coordinator at (612) 625-5055 or

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Open·Up Magazine - Deadline for Submissions Is Now January 25, 2008

Have you heard? MACMH is starting a new magazine called Open·Up!

Our first issue, to be published Spring 2008, will feature visual and literary art works (including paintings, drawings, poems, essays, posters, photographs, cartoons, and stories) created by youth ages 5- 21.

We know art takes time to create and we want everyone who would like to submit something to be considered to have plenty of time for the creative process. So we have extended the deadline to January 25, 2008.

If you or someone you know has a piece that expresses emotion or has to do with mental health, encourage them to send it in for consideration. We are also accepting works done within the past 3 years. Complete Submission Guidelines,

Submitting is as easy as 1 · 2 · 3 -
Just send MACMH these 3 things by January 25, 2008:
1 · The Work of Art (original or electronic)
2 · An Artist's Statement (3-5 sentences describing what inspired the Work of Art)
3 · A Completed Submission/Release Form

For complete submission guidelines and to access some great informational materials about children's mental health, visit our Open·Up home page. (

Mental Health Is About How We . . .
Express Our Feelings · Get Along With Others · Cope With Life

About Open·Up Magazine: Open·Up offers children, youth, and young adults ages 5 - 21 a forum to express their thoughts and feelings through paintings, drawings, poems, essays, posters, photographs, cartoons, and stories. The focus of Open·Up is mental health or, in other words, the way you express yourself, how you cope with everyday life, and how you get along with others.

Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health - MACMH
165 Western Avenue N, Suite 2
St. Paul, MN 55102

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Special Programs

U of M Office for Equity and Diversity IDEA Grants
IDEA (Innovation, Diversity, Equity, and Achievement) Grants are designed to support projects, programming, events, and research that support underrepresented and marginalized students, faculty, staff, and communities. FFI:

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November 16, 2007

CSPP Announcements

Need to review the 1 credit courses offered outside the Department of Educational Psychology?

Check out these class lists that Fengqin has generated for Spring 2008 classes:
"Adolescent" Download file
"Child" Download file
"Family" Download file

Check your handbook for more about this and all other degree requirements.


First Student Representative Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2007

We began the meeting by discussing the format of the meetings and our specific roles as student representatives.

1st year Master’s cohort:

-First years are frustrated with the change of class times from first semester to second semester. Class during the fall semester has been mainly in the morning and during spring semester classes are for the most part in the afternoon/evening. This change makes it difficult for students to arrange work and personal schedules. While class times for the upcoming spring semester cannot be changed, faculty noted this grievance and will be mindful when scheduling classes for upcoming cohorts.

-There is interest in organizing a Brown Bag lunch or discussion regarding the role of race in therapy. Tricia plans on getting more information from her cohort on what exactly they are looking for and going from there.

2nd year Master’s cohort:

-Questions have been raised as to why the Assessment course (EPsy 8407) is taken during the fourth semester of the program, when so many students feel it provides knowledge that is necessary to learn before practicum begins. Faculty mentioned that the course has recently been added to the program and during the fourth semester was simply where it fit best. We discussed possibly switching the Personality Development (second semester) and Assessment (currently fourth semester) courses in the future. Faculty agreed to bring this issue to other faculty when working on scheduling in upcoming years.

-As a result of the move to the new building, students are disappointed to no longer have a student lounge (with a microwave and refrigerator). Faculty mentioned that other programs in Ed Psych were somewhat envious that CSPP had their own lounge and mentioned the potential of having a lounge in Burton that provides for all students in the Ed Psych programs. This issue will be brought to the Graduate Student Advisory Committee (where all Ed Psych departments represented) on November 21st.

-We discussed having a workshop on self-care techniques and applications. Students have mentioned that while they hear an awful lot about the importance of self-care, rarely are they learning practical, hands-on activities. We discussed the idea of having alumni lead this workshop and the faculty agreed to bring this up at the 1st Alumni Open House. In conjunction with a self-care workshop, we also talked about having an all-CSPP (faculty and students) end of the semester potluck. We talked about doing this Thursday, December 13th, having the self-care workshop from 3:30-5:00, and the potluck following from 5:00-6:30.

PhD Cohort:

-Concern was voiced regarding credits from Master’s programs not being transferred, resulting in an added year or two of coursework. A main frustration was that letters of acceptance go out to applicants before previous coursework can be evaluated (to see if credits can transfer) and students are sometimes given false ideas around the length of the program. Students are wondering if it is possible to have a better approximation of the length of the program before accepting. Faculty responded that it is an involved process to evaluate the equivalency of courses from other programs to the U’s program, which is why it is done after students provide acceptance.

-Faculty response: It was discussed and recognized at the faculty meeting that the letters of acceptance do contain a list of the courses that are missing from their previous Master’s coursework. Applicants are also told in their letter that they may petition courses for acceptance, and that if courses need to be taken, they will have additional semesters in which to complete the courses. Only when students are accepted after the April 15th deadline for acceptance are the letters later than April 15th, but the letters do contain the course information before students need to accept their invitation to join the program.


-Faculty was excited to announce that the application is being streamlined and can be completely done on-line.

-There is discussion of hiring a student personnel coordinator to help students better understand the higher education track and discipline. Faculty mentioned that some students still seem unsure of what the higher education track entails and that by hiring someone we can help develop this track within the CSPP program.

-Faculty has also been discussing how prepared students are to take the LPC and LPCC exams, wondering if the CSPP courses are providing the right information and tools for students to succeed.

-Fifty people attended the CSPP Open House this fall. People are still interested in our program!

-APA is coming to evaluate our doctoral program next year, which demands rigorous preparation, but ultimately ensures that our program is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) professional and educational standards.

-The new building is beautiful!!

Next Meeting: Monday, December 3rd at 1:00 pm in 225E.

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Employment Opportunities

Excellent opportunity for students interested in organizational development, human resources, etc.

Hiring 2 full-time Associate Consultants and many on-call people to build resource pool. As of now Report Writer needs are for part-time/on-call positions but that might turn into full-time opportunities down the road.

Looking for people with a couple years of good business experience - ie. basic financial experience, supervisory experience, retail, corporate experience. People who can assess candidates who are going to be hired into a front line leader type of role. Great for people with a knowledge or background in Psychology or Human Resources as well.

Complete Job Postings: Download file and Download file

For further information contact:
Allison L. Gredesky
Operations Recruiter
Personnel Decisions International - PDI Minneapolis
Expert Partners. Real Leadership Advantages.
Direct 612.373.3542


Advising positions in the University Honors Program

Positions in the University Honors Program have now been posted; the requisition number is 152137. A copy of the job description is attached.
For complete description: Download file

Kit Gordon
Honors-CLA (transitioning to UHP)

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November 9, 2007

CSPP Announcements


For: All CSPP M.A. and Ph.D. Students who plan to register for practicum or advanced practicum during Fall 2008-Spring 2009.

Time and Place:
Thursday, November 29th, 2007
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
325 Education Sciences Building

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Large Group Meeting (325 Education Sciences Building)
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Specialization Meetings:
School (320 Education Sciences Building)
Community/Student Personnel (10 Education Sciences Building)
Ph.D. (250J Education Sciences Building)

NOTE: ALL students who will be in practicum 2008-2009, MUST purchase a handbook regardless of which track (School, Community, Student Personnel, or Ph.D.). Handbooks cost $3.00. Please bring the money with you to the meeting. Correct amount will be appreciated.

Topics to be covered: Student expectations of practicum, On-Site supervisors’ expectations of practicum counselors, Timeline, Requirements, Ways to find information about practicum sites, Application procedure, Cover Letters, Interview, Insurance, Qualification of supervisors, Taping, Class registration, Practicum handbook, Procedures for applying for a practicum position.

If you have any questions please contact Fengqin Lian at


You are invited to the CSPP Alumni Reception, Wednesday November 28, 4:00-7:00pm, brief program at 5:30pm.
Network with program alums, tour the new building, and learn about CSPP alumni initiatives.
RSVPs appreciated, download invitation for complete details.
For invitation: Download file


We are pleased to announce that the Educational Psychology Department is allocating funds for reimbursement of student travel this year. Award amounts will be up to $250 per student per year.

To qualify for these funds:
· You must be an active Educational Psychology graduate student.
· You must travel to and present at a national or international conference or professional meeting.
· Your faculty advisor must approve the travel.

Please note that these funds may not be used for state or regional conferences nor can they be used for training or workshop participation.

Funds will be awarded twice each year.
· For travel between July 1 and December 1, 2007, submit requests and required documentation by December 1, 2007.
· For travel between December 2, 2007 and June 30, 2008, requests and documentation must be submitted by June 4, 2008.

No late requests will be considered.

To receive reimbursement, you must submit the following:
· student travel funding request; be sure to have your advisor sign the form.
· proof of conference attendance
· a copy of the conference program showing your presentation
· original receipts for all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.
· a completed expense reimbursement form (
· download student travel funding request here: Download file

Submit all of the above to the staff member in your area (PsyF/QME -- Sharon; SpEd – Alicia; CSPP – Emily; SchPsy –Sarah).

Kathleen Walter
Student Personnel Coordinator
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Minnesota
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612 624 1698 (phone)
612 624 8241 (fax)


November Dialogue on the Intersections of Identity


Living in a multicultural society, we cross into each others worlds all the time. We live in each others pockets, occupy each others territories, live in close proximity and in intimacy with each other at home, in school, at work. We are mutually complicitous: us and them, white and colored, straight and queer, Christian and Jew, self and Other, oppressor and oppressed. We all of us find ourselves in the position of being simultaneously insider/outsider
-- Gloria Anzaldua

The OFFICE FOR EQUITY AND DIVERSITY invites University faculty, students, and staff members to join in candid conversations about the tensions, complexities, and opportunities created by the intersections of various forms of identity.

Monday, Nov 26th 2:30-4:30 p.m. Campus Club Conference Rooms ABC

Building on the October thought provoking presentation by Cherríe Moraga, Chicana writer, teacher, and activist, this November 26th Identity Series conversation is titled:

This conversation focuses on the power of assigning identity and who in society wields that power. Exercises and discussion explore the complexities and nuances of multiple identities, how they intersect, and how they often do not fit neatly into boxes. To optimize discussion, the dialogue is limited to 50 participants. We seek to engage the University community, senior and junior faculty, professional & administrative staff, civil service and bargaining unit staff, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Lead facilitators of this discussion will be Assistant Professor Marianne Bueno in Chicana/o Studies and Mica Anders, graduate student and teaching assistant in the MFA program in photography.

This program is intended to provide a safe, respectful space for honest, challenging, energetic, and informative dialogues designed to increase understanding about difference. (Note: attendance at the C. Moraga event is NOT a prerequisite for engaging in these conversations.)

We enthusiastically welcome your participation! Join us!
To REGISTER, please RSVP to: or call 612.624.0594.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer For accommodations or alternative formats: 612.624.0594

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Conference Participation

The Thursday, November 15, 2007 deadline is fast approaching!
MACMH's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference
April 28 - 30, 2008

The conference provides parents, caregivers, and professionals a unique opportunity to learn and share new information, state-of-the-art techniques, and strategies proven to be successful when working with children who have mental health needs and their families. Held in picturesque Duluth, Minnesota, it is the largest of its kind in the nation and includes over 75 breakout sessions as well as national keynote speakers.

All presenters receive complimentary registration for the day of their presentation and a special rate to attend an extra day.

Download the Call for Presentations form ( or visit MACMH's website
Deadline: November 15, 2007

MN Association for Children's Mental Health
651-644-7333 · 800-528-4511·
MACMH reserves the right to substitute workshops/presenters and/or reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

MACMH is an education and advocacy group whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for children with mental health disorders and their families. MACMH does not render medical, legal, technical, or therapeutic advice or services and assumes no liability for errors or the ways in which this information is used.

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Grants available to graduate students, faculty, and staff:

Public Engagement Seed Grants
This grant recognizes and aids in funding projects established by members of the University community that will engage and serve the greater community. These projects contribute to the community in numerous ways: research that responds to public needs and concerns, developing motivation and capacity for citizenship and leadership in students, and partnerships with community groups or organizations. The efforts and contributions of these innovative projects will impact the community and provide sustainable and long-lasting change.

Eligibility: All University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students, except those who have received grants in the past two years, are eligible to apply for a grant. Students must have a faculty/staff sponsor.
Due Date: Applications are due Friday, December 7, 2007. Send an electronic copy to Michelle Kuhl,
Award Amount: Grants will range up to $5,000. Size of awards may be lower than the amounts requested.
Timeline: Grants will be awarded in December 2007. Projects may be proposed for Spring Semester 2008, Summer 2008, or Fall semester 2008.

Seed Grant Request for Proposal Guidelines, Application, and Budget (



The University offers several intramural grant and award opportunities for faculty, staff and students throughout the year. All are posted at:


The President's Award for Outstanding Service was established in 1997 to recognize faculty and staff who have provided exceptional service to the University. This award is presented each year in the spring and honors active or retired faculty or staff members who have gone well beyond their regular duties and have demonstrated an unusual commitment to the University community. Nominations for this award are due by March 7, 2008 and should be submitted to:

President's Award Committee
c/o Vickie Courtney, program director
University Honors and Awards
427 Morrill Hall
100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Nominators must be current members of the University of Minnesota faculty or staff or alumni of the University. Nomination letters should focus on the nominator's personal knowledge of the nominee's exceptional service, such as innovative service to students, the University community, individual units of the University, or outreach beyond the University.

A full description of the award and nomination requirements follows this announcement.
For further information about this award or the nominating process, please call the University Senate Office at 612-625-9369 or go to:

I urge you to bring forward nominations so that individuals providing outstanding service to the University will receive the recognition they deserve, and the University will continue to be a leader in setting our community's standards of excellence.


This award recognizes exceptional service to the University, its schools, colleges, departments and service units by any active or retired member of the faculty or staff.
Such service must have gone well beyond the regular duties of a faculty or a staff member, and demonstrate unusual commitment to the University community.

A nomination for a President's Award for Outstanding Service should be submitted to the President's Award Committee. The following format is to be used:

Nominee -- must be an active or retired member of the University faculty or staff and has not already received this award.
Nominator -- must be an alumnus or alumna of the University or a current member of the faculty or staff.
Letter from nominator -- should focus on personal knowledge of the nominee's exceptional service, i.e., innovative service to students, the University community (broadly interpreted), individual units of the University, or outreach beyond the University.
Biographical Information -- to include nominee's address, telephone/fax number, University background such as current job title and classification or last job title before retirement.
Vitae and/or job description -- appropriate for the position
Supporting Letters -- three (in addition to the letter from the nominator) from the nominee's peers in and outside the University; again, these should focus on personal knowledge as above.

Number of Copies - 8 (please, no folders or binders)
Deadline for Submission -- March 7, 2008
Submit To -- The President's Award Committee, c/o Vickie Courtney, program director, University Honors and Awards, 427 Morrill Hall, 100 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455.

The President's Award Committee, appointed by the President, recommends candidates for this award to the President. The President will have final authority to grant the award, which does not require action by the Senate All-University Honors Committee or approval by the Board of Regents.

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November 2, 2007

CSPP Announcements

As you may already know, all CSPP students are required to successfully complete three online HIPPA courses as training for handling the data which you will encounter in your work as counselors/counselors-in-training. All new CSPP students ought to have received an email informing them about these trainings. Please follow the directions provided and complete all required trainings. If you have any questions, contact me at Thanks!

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1. Coffee Break for Grants – Research Design/Methodology
2. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) – Continued Awareness/Discussion
3. Grant Funding Resources Workshops

Coffee Break for Grants – Research Design/Methodology

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - 10:30 am to 12 noon
325 Ed Sciences Bldg

Dr. Rodriguez (EdPsy) and others providing support through the Office of Research Consultation (ORC) will facilitate a guided discussion through selected critical phases of research projects, from design to analysis, delineating important decision points by providing guidelines and criteria for avoiding problems down the road. The ORC provides support to faculty, staff, and students engaged in all phases of research, including idea generation, clarifying hypotheses, design, data collection and management, analysis, software selection and use, and interpretation.

The “Coffee Breaks? are a series of monthly information sessions sponsored by the Office of Research and Policy (ORP) intended to help build capacity around proposal development issues. Topics include grant submissions to specific funding agencies (IES, NSF, NIH); developing external sales; research design and analysis; securing corporate and foundation funding; and developing a budget and budget justification.

Coffee and bagels provided. RSVP to Laura Hagen (

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) – Continued Awareness/Discussion
Trying to Maintain Integrity in a Contrary Research Environment
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 4 - 5:30 p.m.
President's Room, Coffman Memorial Union

Discovering that someone in the laboratory or other research site has been engaging in misconduct has to be one of a researcher's worst nightmares. Researchers trust that rules, oversight, training, and mentoring will ensure that everyone behaves properly. However, certain aspects of the research environment exert strong pressures in the opposite direction. Competition, for example, is associated with higher levels of questionable research conduct. High expectations should promote responsible research, but counter-normative behavior tends to compromise integrity. Training and mentoring are important, but their actual effects are mixed at best. Dr. Melissa S. Anderson will discuss aspects of the research environment that threaten or compromise integrity, based on empirical evidence from a national survey of NIH-supported researchers. The presentation and discussion will concern ways of countering these pressures.

Participation in this session counts towards the University’s continued awareness/discussion requirements for all investigators. For more information and to register go to:

Grant Funding Resources Workshops

The University Libraries, in cooperation with the Office of the Vice President for Research, is now offering one hour workshops for faculty, staff and students called "Grant Funding: Search Tools and Resources". Learn how to use SPIN, Community of Science and the Foundation Directory to search for grant opportunities. Setting up e-mail updates on specific subjects will also be covered, as well as how to find internal U of M funding sources. To view workshop dates and register go to:

Laura Hagen
College of Education and Human Development
Office of Research and Policy
104 Burton Hall - 178 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-625-0317
Fax: 612-626-7496

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All are invited to the Transgender Commission Open House
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 4:30-6:30 PM
Coffman Memorial Union 332 - President¹s Room

Join us for the 2nd Annual University of Minnesota Transgender Commission Open House! Enjoy a spread of appetizers and desserts, learn about the work of the commission and opportunities to get involved, and network with people interested in creating change! A social hour will be followed by a short program, featuring remarks from commission members and Darlyne Bailey, Dean of the College of Education and Human Development. For more information, please contact Ross Neely at
For poster: Download file


To all faculty, staff, and students at the University of Minnesota

I am writing to invite you to consider nominating a colleague or fellow student for the Josie R. Johnson Award. The Josie R. Johnson Award honors faculty, staff, and students who, through their work at the University, exemplify Dr. Johnson's standard of excellence in creating respectful and inclusive living, learning, and working environments, and who demonstrate unusual commitment and passion in the areas of human rights and social justice.

The Josie R. Johnson Human Rights and Social Justice Award, administered by the University of Minnesota Office for Equity and Diversity, is named for Dr. Josie R. Johnson, retired associate vice president for academic affairs at the University, the first African American to serve on the University's Board of Regents, and a tireless community activist. Dr. Johnson's lifelong contributions to social justice, her years of community service, and her accomplishments during her tenure at the University of Minnesota are a testament to the power of an individual with a passion and commitment to making the University-and the world-a better place for us all.

The award is given to two individuals-one current faculty/staff member and one current student (graduate or undergraduate)-every year. For a full outline of nomination guidelines and procedures, please visit: .

Recipients of the Josie R. Johnson Award pursue work that accomplishes one or more of the following criteria:

* The development and implementation of initiatives, programming, and/orprojects that support individuals from underrepresented communities in developing skills, obtaining knowledge, and establishing support networks that are essential to promoting an inclusive community.
* The increase of educational or employment opportunities for individuals from underrepresented communities, and/or advocating for policy or procedural changes designed to improve the learning and working environments for individuals from underrepresented communities.
* The production of scholarly work which significantly enhances a wider understanding of the complex dynamics of difference in its various manifestations and multiple dimensions.
* The advancement of human rights and social justice through involvement on campus and/or in the external community.
* Demonstrating an ability and ongoing commitment to preparing and empowering others as effective advocates for social equality.
* Possessing strength of character that inspires others to continue personal development in the area of human rights and social justice.

I encourage you to consider nominating an individual from your college or unit for the Josie R. Johnson Human Rights and Social Justice Award. There is so much excellent work underway at this University in the areas of social justice, human rights, equity, and diversity, and this is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the passionate individuals engaged in that work.

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, January 22, 2008. For further information, please contact Sue W. Hancock, senior advisor for external initiatives in the Office for Equity and Diversity, at or 612 624-0594, or visit the Johnson Award web site at .

Nancy "Rusty" Barcelo
Vice President and Vice Provost
Office for Equity and Diversity

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