January 25, 2008

CSPP Announcements

Attention CSPP PhD Students:

The Spring 2008 Written Prelim Sign Up is now available in 250 Education Sciences Building at Emily's desk. It will take place on the morning of February 25 and the afternoon of February 26, 2008. Please consult your adviser with any questions about your eligibility.

Note you must sign up for the written prelim exam on/by February 5, 2008.


Reminder: Proposals for Graduate Student Research Day are due on February 4. Proposal forms are available at http://cehd.umn.edu/EdPsych/forms/GSRDProposal.doc.

Download file
Kathleen Walter
Student Personnel Coordinator
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Minnesota
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612 624 1698 (phone)
612 624 8241 (fax)


Save the date! The spring 2008 Graduate School Commencement Ceremony will be on on May 9 at 1:00pm. Details about required forms and deadlines will be posted on the blog in coming weeks. Also, information is available on the Graduate School website at: http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/degree_completion/commencement/index.html

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Employment Opportunities

See note below from CSPP alum Trena Bolden-Fields whose company is hiring a researcher:


I hope you are well! I am emailing as my company, Mosaic Diversity Consulting, LLC, is in need of a researcher--a person who knows SPSS, data anaylsis and systems reporting very well. This is a paid position (consultant/independent contractor). Please share this with students in the graduate and Ph.D. programs. Individuals can contact me at trena@mosaicdiversity.com or 612-396-8190 for more information.

Thank you!

Trena Bolden Fields


Assistant Professor opening in Behavior Analysis in the Department of Educational Leadership and Community Psychology at St. Cloud State University, for full posing see: Download file

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Congratulations to CSPP Instructor Dr. Caroline Burke whose research was referenced in the January 2008 issue of Monitor on Psychology: "A survey by University of Minnesota–Twin Cities psychologist Caroline Burke, PhD, found that all 52 psychotherapists surveyed had either been lied to by clients, or suspected they had been lied to." For full article, see "An elephant in the office: Experts discuss why clients withhold truth, and what practitioners can do about it" at http://www.apa.org/monitor/jan08/elephant.html


Congratulations to CSPP Program Affiliate, Professor Eli Coleman (Medical School). Dr. Coleman was elected president of the International Academy of Sex Research IASR. Dr. Coleman is Director of Program in Human Sexuality, has an endowed chair in sexual health, and has held leadership roles with the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and the World Association for Sexual Health. See the news release (http://www.ahc.umn.edu/news/releases/coleman081707/home.html). Dr. Coleman also received the 2007 Gold Medal Award at the XVIII World Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health. See the news release (http://www.ahc.umn.edu/news/releases/coleman042407/home.html).


Research by CSPP faculty members Michael Goh and Pat McCarthy Veach is featured in the CEHD annual report! See the entire report at: http://cehd.umn.edu/Pubs/AnnualReport/2006-2007.pdf and note references to Dr. Goh's work in the area of Hmong mental health on page 5 and Dr. McCarthy Veach's research in the genetic counseling field on page 9.

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Research Day (http://intranet.cehd.umn.edu/researchdev/ResearchDay/2008ResearchDay.html)
McNamara Alumni Center
Thursday, February 27, 2008
11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Call for posters: Due Friday, February 8, 2008. Download the poster application form at (http://intranet.cehd.umn.edu/researchdev/ResearchDay/PosterApplicationForm.doc)

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. – Poster Session (Memorial Hall)
All faculty, staff, and students are invited to view poster presentations highlighting research projects and initiatives being conducted throughout the College. This relaxed setting offers an opportunity to exchange information, identify strategies for collaboration, and renew friendships. Refreshments and over 30 poster presentations. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! For more information about the poster session and to RSVP contact Ellen Freeman (efreeman@umn.edu).

1:15 to 2:30 p.m. – Ethical considerations for conducting research with schools (Johnson Room)
Good ethics makes for good research! This is a statement that everyone can agree with when it comes to engaging in research with schools. You are invited to attend a panel presentation and discussion with representatives from area Twin Cities’ public school districts. Directors of Research from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, and Osseo School districts will be presenting on the topic of “The Ethics of Conducting Research in Schools.? This event is sponsored through the OVRP Continuing Education Awareness/Discussion Small Grants Program and will fulfill your RCR Continuing Education Requirement (optional). Come and join us for what we hope will continue to be an on-going and fruitful conversation! For more information, contact Randi Lundell (rmlunde@umn.edu)

You may pre-register for this training online at: https://onestop2.umn.edu/training/courseDetail.jsp?course=RC9110


The Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Seminar Series continues this spring with four sessions, with the first on February 6. We invite you to attend and join in the discussions in person or online via UMConnect Meeting. The schedule is below.

To prepare for the seminars, please see http://dmc.umn.edu/issues.shtml. For each session, we provide a description that includes: an overview of each topic with citations to related readings; information about relevant campus resources; and instructions about how to participate via UMConnect Meeting. After each session, we will add to this page a link to the UMConnect recording of the event. Video and audio podcasts are also available after each event.

The TEL Seminar Series is sponsored by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and organized by Academic and Distributed Computing Services (ADCS) and the Digital Media Center (DMC). Sessions are cosponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and collegiate/departmental units. All University faculty members, staff members, students, and members of the general public are invited to attend at no charge.

If you have questions and/or need disability accommodations (e.g., information in alternative formats, event-related assistance, etc.), please contact Cristina Lopez at (612) 626-6639 or clopez@umn.edu.

The Secret of My (Simulated) Success
February 6, 2008, 12:00–1:30 p.m. - 101 Walter Library, Minneapolis (East Bank)

Instructors discuss the successes (and potential failures) of different learning simulations, from game-like immersive environments to replications of real-life laboratory and professional work.

Moderator: Kurtis Scaletta, DMC/OIT
Panelists: Peter Moore, ADCS/OIT • Henry Liu, Civil Engineering • Murray Jensen, Postsecondary Teaching & Learning • Janet Schottel, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics • Julie Sykes, Spanish & Portuguese Studies

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Presenting Scenarios and Telling Stories with Online Video
March 5, 2008, 12:00–1:30 p.m. - 101 Walter Library, Minneapolis (East Bank)

Instructors discuss how online video can humanize learning content, illustrate concepts, and motivate students.

Moderator: Tonu Mikk, DMC/OIT
Panelists: Kristin Janke, Educational Development (Pharmacy) • Katie Granholm & Bill O'Connor, Orientation & First-Year Programs • Cari Michaels & Nicholas Leonard, Children's Mental Health

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Authentic Learning with Online Video
April 3, 2008, 12:00–1:30 p.m. - 105 Cargill Building, Saint Paul

Instructors discuss how online video can demonstrate concepts and skills and support self-assessment in preparing students for professional contexts.

Moderator: Keith Brown, DMC/OIT
Panelists: Michael Brown, Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems • Peter Dimock, Social Work • Misty Sato, Curriculum & Instruction • Michelle Everson, Educational Psychology • Yelena Yan, Academic Technology Services (Education & Human Development)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Real Students, Real Teachers, Virtual Learning Spaces
April 23, 2008, 12:00–1:30 p.m. - 101 Walter Library, Minneapolis (East Bank)

Five faculty fellows from diverse disciplines address opportunities and obstacles students and teachers encounter as they interact in the changing spaces of the classroom.

Moderators: Kim Wilcox & Lauren Marsh, DMC/OIT
Panelists: June LaValleur, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health • Josephine Lee, English • Anne Minenko, Rheumatic & Autoimmune Diseases • Gillian Roehrig, Curriculum & Instruction • Polly Szatrowski, Linguistics, English as a Second Language, and Slavic Languages & Literature

Digital Media Center, Office of Information Technology, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis: 612/625-5055
St. Paul: 612/625-8030
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


Dear all,

We are currently looking for students to apply for the Intercultural Leadership Retreat. I've attached the flyer, so please share this information with your students or colleagues.

This retreat is for international and U.S. students who want to learn to become more effective in international environments. This highly interactive, high-energy retreat becomes a living laboratory of what it takes to work with people from vastly different cultures. You will meet other students, begin friendships with people from all over the world, and discover your own leadership potential.

A cutting edge cross cultural leadership model, Personal Leadership, will be used to develop participants' cross cultural skill-set that is needed for professional and personal lives in the 21st century.

WHEN: Friday, February 22nd from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and
Saturday, February 23rd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Space is limited so hurry up and apply online before February 5 2008 at:

If you have questions, please contact Thorunn Bjarnadottir at thorunnb@umn.edu.

Thank you!
Download poster: Download file
Yuki Tokuji
International Student Advisor
International Student and Scholar Services University of Minnesota 190 Humphrey Center, 301 19th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel: 612-626-7194
Fax: 612-626-7361
email: yukit@umn.edu
web: http://www.isss.umn.edu


The 2008 Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute (MESI) will open Wednesday, March 5 with keynote Ross Conner, founder of the Center for Community Health Research at the University of California, Irvine. Jennifer Greene, from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, will present on Thursday morning, and there are break-out sessions ranging from NVivo to storytelling to Cultural Issues in Evaluation.

If you haven't registered yet fax, 612-624-9344, or mail your registration today - go to http://education.umn.edu/EdPA/MESI/default.html.

Questions - contact Ann Mavis, 612-624-1489 or mavis001@umn.edu



Introducing a new multidisciplinary MN Futures Symposium sponsored by OVPR with support from the College of Education and Human Development, the Digital Technology Center, Digital Media Center, ADCS-OIT, Institute for Advanced Studies, and the College of Liberal Arts. Please pass along the following event information to any other faculty, staff or graduate students that might be interested.


Facebook, Linkedln, MySpace -- these and other online networks connect millions of people every day. But how do online networks affect learning and communication? What are the educational, cultural, political, commercial and ethical implications of intersecting virtual and physical communities? How can research relationships in academic settings be better facilitated and structured by modern technologies?

Join us as we explore the brave new world of “Networks & Neighborhoods in Cyberspace?
February 11, 2008 from 8-4:30pm
Walter Library - 4th floor, Digital Technology Center (U of M East Bank campus)
Registration is FREE and includes continental breakfast, lunch buffet and refreshments.

Note: Only attendees can apply for $250,000 MN Futures Grants!

REGISTER NOW! at:www.networksincyberspace.org
FREE REGISTRATION DEADLINE: January 31, 2008 (limit to first 100 participants).

The symposium is convened by Christine Greenhow (Chair)- Learning Technologies, College of Education + Human Development; Ann Hill Duin and Linda Jorn – Digital Media Center and Office of Information Technology; Joanna O’Connell - Spanish and Portugese Studies, College of Liberal Art.

We hope you can participate and enrich our thinking about the formation, facilitation and investigation of online networks and make valuable contacts across disciplines to enrich and promote your own work.

If you have questions or need more information, please email greenhow@umn.edu.

Thank you for considering this invitation!

Christine Greenhow, Ann Hill Duin, Linda Jorn, Joanna O'Connell,

More information at: www.networksincyberspace.org
*View in Internet Explorer for best results
For more info download postcard: Download file
Networks and Neighborhoods Symposium: www.networksincyberspace.org- FREE REGISTRATION BY 1/31/08
Research Group: www.socialnetresearch.org


TUESDAY 01.29.08, NOON –1 PM, 40 Peik Hall
Audrey Appelsies

The Complex Social Production of White Racial Identities: Dilemmas of (Re)presenting

In this presentation, I highlight the dilemmas of (re)presenting white research subjects as part of ongoing social justice work. Specifically, research participant Darrin’s stories evoked methodological and theoretical dilemmas because of the particular power dynamics encapsulated in his relationship to his student Antonio and my hope to complicate prior conceptions of white teachers represented in the research. This presentation will build descriptions of, and theoretical insights about, the racial identities of white educators and their students, and how these identities play out and are constituted in teaching and learning.


Audrey Appelsies is a fellow working on the issue of educational disparities at the University of Minnesota's Children, Youth and Family Consortium. Her research focuses on white teachers' experiences working in urban schools with students of color. At CYFC, Dr. Appelsies is directing a research working group to inform the Minnesota State Legislature on best practices in education to end the achievement gap. She also works with community groups, school board leaders, educational activists, and researchers throughout the university to address equity and access in K-12 school systems.

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January 18, 2008

CSPP Announcements

Attention CSPP PhD Students:

The Spring 2008 Written Prelim Sign Up is now available in 250 Education Sciences Building at Emily's desk. It will take place on the morning of February 25 and the afternoon of February 26, 2008. Please consult your adviser with any questions about your eligibility.

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Practicum Info

Looking for a practicum site? Have you considered Gustavus Adolphus College?

As a recent CSPP graduate, I would love to have another CSPP student here at Gustavus - and can whole-heartedly recommend Gustavus as a great training experience. We have a small counseling center with three full time staff and a great collegial and supportive atmosphere. Practicum students are welcomed as important and contributing members of staff and participate fully in the daily life of a college counseling center. You will be expected to take on a full and varied client load, will take part in staff meetings and case consultation and will have the opportunity to take part in group work and in outreach and educational programming. You have an office shared with our part-time counselor. A strength of this site is the opportunities you have to build relationships with other Student Affairs offices (Career Center, Health Services, Residential Life) and to really learn how a college counseling center functions within a college.
Supervision is excellent - and it may well be possible to car pool from the Twin Cities!

We are looking for practicum students with some experience: a doctoral level student or master's student with experience in a related field would be ideal. Feel free to email me or to call if you any questions about the site.

Rachel Slater


Graduate School Intern Position Opening, Career and Community Learning Center
University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts

The Career and Community Learning Center (CCLC) in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota announces 1-2 openings for a master’s level graduate school intern for the 2008-2009 academic year. We are seeking graduate students who are interested in experiencing the creation, planning and delivery of a variety of career services in a dynamic, cutting edge environment.

About CCLC
CCLC offers resources and services to help undergraduate College of Liberal Arts students choose a major, get an internship or volunteer opportunity, choose a career, find a job, apply to graduate/professional school, and prepare for the world of work. Further information about CCLC can be found at www.cclc.umn.edu.

1. Deliver workshops on resume and cover letter writing, effective interviewing skills, job-search strategies, or additional topics as appropriate.
2. Conduct individual career counseling sessions to assist students in major and career exploration, job or internship searching, and researching graduate school. Individual appointments may also include personal statement critiques/feedback and interpretation of various career assessment instruments, including the MBTI and SII and Skills Confidence Inventory.
3. Conduct individual and group mock interviews and feedback sessions with students.
4. Co-teach a credit bearing career course. Courses offered by CCLC include Major and Career Exploration (ID 1201, for freshmen and sophomores) and Career Planning (ID 3201, for juniors and seniors). Co-teaching may include developing lesson plans, grading assignments, facilitating lectures and discussions, and other responsibilities as appropriate.
5. Assist with resume and cover letter critiques and general career counseling questions in the CCLC Resource Room (through walk-in assistance).
6. Plan, organize, and implement new or existing CCLC events, including the CLA Internship Event, Exploring Interests and Majors, Job Search Jump Start and other events as appropriate.
7. Involvement in appropriate professional associations, events, and workshops.
8. Additional opportunities may be available depending on a student’s background, interests, and skills.
Eligible candidates must be enrolled in a graduate program in counseling, student personnel psychology, or a related field, and should have completed at least one year of study, including a course in career counseling. Candidates should also have a desire to focus on career counseling in a higher education setting; CCLC does not offer personal counseling as a service.

Additional Information
The position begins September 2008 and continues through May 2009. The intern should expect to work 20-25 hours per week, or as required by their graduate school program. Videotaping of sessions is allowed with consent of student(s). Supervision will be provided on a weekly basis by one of the professional MA level career counselors on-site; supervision by a licensed psychologist is not available through the CCLC experience. The trainee will begin with observation of appointments, workshops, etc; proceed to supervised sessions, and then independent sessions.

A stipend will be available for both fall and spring semester in addition to membership in a local professional association and opportunities to attend appropriate professional development event(s).

Application Procedure
A completed application will contain the following materials: (1) a resume and cover letter that describes your interest in the position and explains how your experience has prepared you for the above opportunities, and (2) the names, titles, and phone numbers of at three persons who can provide professional references.

Send these materials to:

Search Committee Chair, Career Services Intern
Career & Community Learning Center
University of Minnesota
135 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until position(s) are filled. Direct questions to Robin Stubblefield, Career Services Coordinator, at rstubblefield@class.cla.umn.edu or 612-624-7577.

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.


Career Development - Internship Opportunity

The St. Paul Campus Career Center at the University of Minnesota is seeking a graduate student to serve as a Career Intern for the 2008-2009 academic year. The St. Paul Campus Career Center provides career assistance to both undergraduate and graduate students in several colleges, for a variety of majors ranging from applied economics to environmental science to design . These services and resources include:

• Resource Library
• Web Site
• Individual Career Counseling
• Career Courses
• Job and Internship Search Assistance
• Professional Networking Assistance

• Student E-newsletter
• Career Fairs
• Resume, CV and Cover Letter Review
• Mock Interviews
• On Campus Interviews
• Graduate School Essay Review

Internship responsibilities may include co-teaching a career development course, facilitating workshops on career related topics, one-on-one appointments with students, opportunities to use career assessment instruments and other projects as agreed upon by the intern and internship coordinator. Responsibilities will be negotiated based upon the intern’s learning goals and office needs. Prospective interns should be able to work 10-20 hours per week. The position is unpaid.

Qualifications: Applicants should be currently seeking a Master’s level degree in counseling, higher education or a related field. Experience with job search skills, career development, teaching or advising is preferred, but not required.

A completed application will contain the following materials: (1) a resume and cover letter, and (2) the names, titles, and phone numbers of at least three persons who can provide references (please indicate the length and nature of the relationship with each reference). Send these materials to: Intern Search Committee, St. Paul Campus Career Center, 198 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108. For more information contact 612-624-2710. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.


RADIUS Girls Program
Position: Clinical Counseling/Social Work Intern (Unpaid)
Location: Minneapolis/Saint Paul

This is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual to gain experience working with adolescent females in the juvenile justice system. This individual will gain knowledge and understanding of trauma and grief issues that impact girls in the juvenile justice system, and an opportunity to develop skills in group facilitation, individual counseling, family work, and restorative justice. Additionally, the individual will gain experience in case management, gender-specific programming, and working with an inter-disciplinary team.

The RADIUS Girls Programs provide services for adolescent girls in the juvenile justice system. The programs provide psycho-educational groups, individual counseling, and restorative justice circles. The goal of the programs are to provide a safe forum for juvenile females to process prior victimization, make amends for harm they have made, and provide support for girls to get off probation. The RADIUS staff work from a client-orientated perspective that includes influences of narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, attachment, and family systems theory.

* Please note: There is an LPC and MSW on staff.

The ideal candidate will be in a graduate program for counseling or social work.
• Having access to a car is strongly preferred.

Knowledge and Skills Preferred:
• Experience with group facilitation or an understanding of psycho-educational group process.
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Experience working with young people, preferably girls, who have trauma and grief in their lives.
• Understanding of youth developmental stages and how issues of adolescence manifest for girls.
• Ability to work effectively with girls from diverse cultures.

Time Commitment: 20-25 hours per week, Fall Semester 2008 and Spring Semester 2009. There is opportunity to begin the Summer of 2008.

• Assist program coordinator in facilitation of 15 week psycho-educational group; this may include transportation of girls to and from group.
• Observe/provide individual counseling to clients.
• Observe/facilitate family circles as needed.
• Assist with quarterly newsletter.
• Assist with case management aspects of the program; which will include developing treatment plans and providing resource referrals to clients.
• Assist with Graduates Group.
• Attend any required trainings/workshops.
• Assist with ongoing program development.
• Attend weekly individual supervision with Program Director.
• Attend weekly team meetings.

Please submit letter of interest and resume by February 15th, 2008 to:

RADIUS Program
555 Park Street, Suite 200
St. Paul, MN 55103

You may email applications to: amelia@amicususa.org


2008-2009 Training Opportunity, Career Counseling, Career Development Center

The Career Development Center at Hamline University is currently accepting applications for the 2008-2009 academic year. We are seeking a student for a practicum, advanced practicum, or internship position who is interested in experiencing the delivery of career services in a dynamic, cutting edge environment.

Assist career counselors and office staff with the delivery of services to students and alumni. Conduct individual career counseling sessions. Administer and interpret various assessment instruments including the MBTI, SII and CISS. Assist with drop-in service by answering questions on various topics such as career decision-making, job search, internships, etc. Work with staff to plan and present career development programs. Assist with a career development course geared for undergraduate liberal arts students. Participate in staff development meetings, student affairs divisional meetings and counselor meetings as time permits. Additional opportunities may be available depending on the trainee’s interests and skills.

Eligible candidates must be enrolled in a graduate program in counseling, student personnel psychology, or a related field, and should have completed at least one year of study, including a course in career counseling.

The position begins September 2008 and continues through May 2009. The trainee should expect to work approximately 20-24 hours per week. Some evening hours may be required. The position is non-paying. The individual providing training and supervision for this position is a Ph.D. level, licensed psychologist, who is also
approved as a supervisor by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health.

Hamline University is a private, metropolitan university grounded in the liberal arts and dedicated to fostering ethical leadership in service to society. Founded in 1854 and enriched through its historic connection to the United Methodist Church, Hamline University currently offers baccalaureate, graduate and juris doctorate degrees, as well as continuing education courses, to a diverse and select group of women and men.

The Hamline University Career Development Center is committed to ensuring that students are prepared to thrive and excel in their life’s work and career. The Center provides a variety of services including career counseling, internships, interviewing and job search assistance. The Center also has an employer relations program focused on diverse, high-quality organizations. Visit our web site at: www.hamline.edu/cdc .

Direct questions and applications (cover letter and resume) to Joan Ostergren. Review of applications will begin February 21, 2008, and will continue until the position is filled.

Joan Ostergren, Ph.D., L.P.
Senior Career Counselor
Career Development Center
Hamline University, MS-B1802
1536 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284

Phone: 651-523-2302
Fax: 651-523-3085
Email: jostergren@gw.hamline.edu

Hamline University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

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Dear CSPP students: Anna Mraz, a CSPP grad, was just hired by CSPP to strengthen the CSPP student personnel/higher education track in response to feedback given by students interested/exploring this area. We are very pleased to welcome Anna! Based on your input and the input of your student reps this past fall semester, we approached the Educational Psychology department and chair and are grateful that they allowed us to search and create this position on such short notice and, hence, a new pilot course has been created so suddenly. This spring semester, Anna will be supervising student personnel/higher education practicum students in addition to teaching the course listed below. Anna brings a wealth of experience in college student development, understands the needs of CSPP students, and has created an exciting contemporary course filled with seasoned college student development guest speakers. Because CSPP and the dept of Educational Psychology are trying to gauge the interest and viability of future courses like this, I urge you to seriously consider registering for this course to represent student interest in this area so that we can justify enhancing this area of CSPP in the future. Thank you for your consideration. Michael Goh.

Interested in college student development and careers in student personnel?

Register for EPsy 5400 (reg#92419)!

EPsy 5400: Current Issues in College Student Development
Registration # 92419
3 credits – Spring 2008
Tuesdays, 4:40 – 7:20pm
226 Appleby Hall

Anna Mraz, M.A.
Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology
143 Education Sciences Building - 56 East River Road

This course will aim to address issues that current student affairs professionals may encounter on the job and will introduce future student affairs professionals to issues in the profession. Students will also have the opportunity to practice and refine their counseling and interviewing skills through case scenarios and role plays.

Objectives for this course will include:

1. Students will gain an increased understanding of the current issues in college student development.
2. Students will practice and discuss counseling and interviewing techniques relevant for working with students facing various issues during their development in college.
3. Students will learn how and where to access information in order to stay informed about current issues in the profession.

Guest speakers, lectures, class projects, relevant readings and discussion will be used. Topics to be covered may include (this list is subject to change):

• College Student Development as a profession • Effective interventions for academically underprepared or at-risk students • Crisis Intervention for Student Affairs Professionals • Effects of parent involvement on college student development • Working with Non-Traditional Students: Issues for Student Affairs Professionals • Unique concerns affecting the development of international and multicultural students • And more!

For questions about this course, contact the instructor at mrazx002@umn.edu or 612/626-7907.

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Northside FIPSE graduate research positions

I think you all know about the recent FIPSE grant that we received. In case not, a summary of the project appears below.
We now are looking for 3 graduate assistants, one to work with each of the three working groups (out of school time, youth entrepreneurship experiences, and nutrition/obesity/healthy foods). So we are looking for graduate assistants with widely varying experiences and backgrounds. We hope to find graduate assistants familiar with North Minneapolis, ideally even ones who can couple their graduate training skills and experiences with experience in North Minneapolis. The jobs are posted for spring, but the project will run through October 31, 2010, with some possibility of extension beyond that. So the project could provide longer term support for students whose interests and skills are a good fit for the project and who can work effectively in the project.
Please help us find outstanding students for the project, for they play a key role in the project.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Geoffrey Maruyama
University of Minnesota
Professor, Educational Psychology
Associate Vice President for System Academic Administration
110 Morrill Hall, 100 Church Street SE
(612) 625-5861 fax: 626-8388
MPLS, MN 55455

Key Elements of "Re-envisioning Land Grant and Urban Research Universities for an Urban Age"

. Supports development of an Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement
Center (UROC)

. The UROC provides a model for universities across the U.S. of how
urban research and land-grant universities can be strategic, deliberate,
intentional, and effective in addressing urban issues

. Represents logical and necessary progression of the land grant
university mission for an urban age, adapting Experiment Station and
Extension principles for urban communities

. Intended to be a model for transforming land grant and research
universities for the 21st century world and its core issues

. Focused on creating interdisciplinary faculty teams to work
collaboratively with practitioners to develop ways of addressing key issues
of urban communities and assessing their effectiveness

. Built around a physical presence in the community

. Guided by principles that underlie and direct the efforts

. Focused on needs-education, economic and community development, and
urban health-identified through a community input process

. Seeds efforts of teams in each area of need, selecting where
expertise exists and opportunities for greater collaboration and coherence
also exist: education focuses on out of school time, economic development
on youth entrepreneurship programming, and urban health on healthy foods,
nutrition, obesity, and exercise, including healthy food availability and
consumption in North Minneapolis

. Tracks the change process as the UROC is developed and as the work
teams develop and mature

. Funding over a 3 year period (Nov 1, 2007- Oct 31, 2010); $250,000
per year in total government support (includes 31% indirect costs). It
supports a project coordinator (75-100% time), a part-time grant evaluator
($10,000), four half-time graduate students to staff the three groups (3)
and work on the grant evaluation (1), $7,000 for a community attitude survey
done through U Relations, modest money for an annual retreat ($1,500), and
travel money for the project director to attend the annual FIPSE project
director meeting.

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Employment Opportunities

Paid part-time temporary position:

Truancy Case Manager - 4 month position

ORGANIZATION: The Storefront Group
CATEGORY: Health/Human Services/Workforce
The Storefront Group is a multi-faceted human service and mental health provider focused on promoting the positive growth and development of school-aged children and their families in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. Our commitment is to provide services that result in school success, positive skill building, overcoming challenges and enhancement of family stability, all leading to stronger communities. The mission of Storefront is to transform lives by providing hope, healing, and empowerment through treatment, intervention, and education. Each year we provide services to thousands of children, teens and individuals, impacting more than 25,000 families in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.
WEB SITE: www.storefront.org
JOB TITLE: Truancy Case Manager - 4 month position JOB LOCATION: Twin Cities Metro
TYPE: Full Time / 40 hours DEADLINE: 2/13/2008
Provides assessment, case planning and intervention thru individual and family support services, mentoring and monitoring for students and families identified as truant by local school districts.
BA in social work, psychology or relevant field or 3-5 years experience in social services field.
This is a 4 month position to cover a leave of absence. The position will run from March 1, 2008 - June 30, 2008.
Please send resume, cover letter and salary expectations to hr@storefront.org


Monday, February 25, 2008
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Minneapolis Convention Center, downtown Minneapolis www.umjobfair.org

Come to the biggest student career fair in Minnesota! Nearly 200 organizations will be there recruiting for hundreds of jobs and internships. Check the Job Fair site to see which organizations are attending. The Fair is free and open to all U of M undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni. To register for it, go to www.umjobfair.org , where you'll also find preparation tips and info about free transportation. BONUS: If you register and attend, you could win great prizes!

If you would like an event poster, please email me directly at: p-neim@umn.edu

Patti Neiman
Associate Director
Exploratory, Transition, and Career Services (ETC Services)
College of Education and Human Development

Contact Information:
612-625-6826 (direct)
612-625-3339 (appointment line)

U of M Job Search Database: Goldpass


Careers in Student Affairs for New Professionals and Graduate Students

Learn about Careers in Student Affairs - program topics include career options in higher ed, campus politics, interview tips, institutional fit, marketing your experience, professional involvement, and first year transitions. A career panel will highlight senior student affairs professionals from Century College, St. Cloud State University, St.
Thomas, and Metro State University. Get your resume reviewed or participate in a mock interview! Continental breakfast and lunch are included.

Friday, February 15, 2008
The Art Institutes International Minnesota
COST: $20 for MCPA members, $32.50 for student non-members (includes MCPA membership) More information:

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Colloquia in Interpersonal Relationships Research (IREL)
"Words, Words, Mere Words: Links to our Hearts, Souls, and Psychological States"

Day: FRIDAY, Date: JAN 25th
Time: 2-3pm, Room: N639 Elliott Hall

Dr. Jamie Pennebaker
Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

Co-sponsored by the Graduate School, the Department of Psychology, the Institute of Child Development, and the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota


Online Education Webinar * The College is sponsoring a webinar on developing effective online education efforts for global audiences. Because CEHD is sponsoring the registration fees, all you have to do is show up. Make sure to forward this to any of your colleagues who share your interests in online education. * Tuesday, January 22 * noon - 2:00 p.m. * Location to be determined. * For more information contact Chris Johnstone (john4810@umn.edu).


MCPA announcements from Leslie Mulder:
MCPA is sponsoring 2 workshops you JUST CAN'T MISS!

(1) Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible
Making Whiteness Visible is a powerful documentary that focuses on the experience of white people committed to challenging racism in the U.S.
Filmmaker, Dr. Shakti Butler will facilitate Heart to Heart Conversations following the film.

Friday, January 25, 2008 - 1:00pm-4:00pm - University of St. Thomas
COST: Free for student MCPA members, $5 for students On site registration is available More information:

(2) Careers in Student Affairs for New Professionals and Graduate Students
Learn about Careers in Student Affairs - program topics include career options in higher ed, campus politics, interview tips, institutional fit, marketing your experience, professional involvement, and first year transitions. A career panel will highlight senior student affairs professionals from Century College, St. Cloud State University, St.
Thomas, and Metro State University. Get your resume reviewed or participate in a mock interview! Continental breakfast and lunch are included.

Friday, February 15, 2008 - 10:00am-4:30pm - The Art Institutes International Minnesota
COST: $20 for MCPA members, $32.50 for student non-members (includes MCPA membership) More information:

If you have any questions about these workshops, please contact your
MCPA liaison, Leslie Mulder (muld0040@umn.edu).


FREE COMPUTER TRAINING: University Technology Training Center (UTTC) has online, self-paced learning materials to upgrade your computer skills. Topics include Gopher Messaging, Microsoft Office 2007, Moodle, M Key, myU Portal, NetFiles, UMChat, UMCal, and WebVista 4. See UTTC Tutorials (http://uttc.umn.edu/training/tutorials/index.jsp).

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More awards for outstanding students!

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: PRESIDENT'S STUDENT LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE AWARDS, which recognize accomplishments and contributions made by outstanding student leaders at UMTC. Awards will be presented at a banquet May 5. For more information on the award, e-mail Heather Mead at hmead@umn.edu. Online nominations will be available after Jan. 22 at the Student Unions and Activities Office (http://www.sua.umn.edu/leadership/awards/pslsa.php).

Graduate students are eligible specifically for the Mary A. McEvoy Award, a $1,000 scholarship. Check out the details at: http://www.sua.umn.edu/leadership/awards/mcevoy.php


CALL FOR JURAN FELLOWSHIP AWARD PROPOSALS. All U doctoral students may apply. Proposals due March 7. information session will be Jan. 30, 11:30 a.m., 324 Coffman Memorial Union. Food will be served. For more information or to RSVP, contact Meg Preston at 612-624-3225 or pres0139@umn.edu.

For more info go to: http://www.carlsonschool.umn.edu/Page5331.aspx

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January 11, 2008

CSPP Announcements

Remember Graduate School Research Day is coming up and there is still time to submit a proposal!
For full poster with details: Download file


Do you know an extraordinary instructor at the U? Do you have an exceptional adviser? Do you know a student who has made significant community impact? A student, staff, or instructor who has contributed to the promotion of multicultural perspectives? Do you think they deserve $1,000 and the admiration of their peers?

The areas described above are just a few of the award categories recognized each year by the CEHD awards committee which selects recipients for numerous annual awards.

So how does one ensure that deserving peers are considered for these awards, you ask...

The only way to ensure that the awesome work of the students, faculty, and staff within CSPP and Educational Psychology is recognized by the CEHD awards process is for their student, faculty, and staff peers to nominate them! As for how to do that, please read the announcement below.
To: CEHD Faculty, staff and students

The College of Education and Human Development Honors and Awards Work Group would like to announce that the awards offered by the work group are now open for nominations. Details concerning the available awards are posted on the following CEHD intranet website:


Please consider nominating a worthy colleague or student for one of these awards. All nomination materials are due no later than February 29, 2008. Please indicate your intent to submit a nomination via email: jdlane@umn.edu .

Direct all questions to Jill Lane, jdlane@umn.edu or 612.626.4810.

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Note CSPP Students: A master's degree is not required for this position.

Graduate Research Assistant (.5FTE) - “Five Hundred Under Five?
Center for Early Education and Development

Background and Position Description
The Center for Early Education at the University of Minnesota seeks two half-time graduate research assistants for the “Five Hundred Under Five? (500u5) research project, a new community-based research project that will be conducted in two geographic focus areas in North Minneapolis. The GRAs will join a multi-disciplinary team of researchers. 500u5 research is a longitudinal study of the factors that support and/or impede the early development of children and relevant social determinates of health leading to or impeding school readiness among children aged 0-5 in two geogrpahic focus areas. The research will use standard child development assessments and tailor-made surveys to gather relevant information from families. The research is one component ofa much larger initiative that seeks to increase school readiness, coordinate and enhance services to families with children age 0-5, reduce educational disparities, and increase life chances of children in neighborhoods challenged with povery, disinvestment, crime, and other negative factors. The whole 500u5 initiative is coordinated by a leadership team of five agencies: the Youth Coordinating Board, Hennepin County, Way to Grow, Minneapolis Public Schools and University of Minnesota-CEED. The research will be conducted via 500u5 Family Support Advocates (FSA) housed at Way to Grow. The FSAs are a novel approach to community engagement that draws on the skills and knowledge of peer paraprofessionals who will work with eligible families in the project focus area and identify possible research participants. The GRAs will work closely with the FSAs to conduct family-focused, meaningful research.

Desired Background and Experience
· Bachelors degree in relevant field and some graduate-level coursework
· Research experience is a plus
· Some familiarity with databases
· Ability to work with diverse populations and as part of a multi-disciplinary team
· Knowledge of early education and development a plus but not required

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
· Work with FSAs to recruit research participants
· Conduct consent processes with participants
· Day-to-day management of scheduling assessments and research contacts
· Manage hourly staff at monthly assessment/research events
· Responsible for monitoring data collection and data entry
· Facilitate returning assessment results to partners
· Data analysis

Application Instructions: To be considered for this position, please apply online at employment.umn.edu or click on employment.umn.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=69131. Click on "apply for this posting" and follow the instructions. In addition to the online application, candidates must provide a cover letter describing your background and what you think you could bring to 500u5 and a resume or academic CV. These materials may be attached to the on-line application or sent to: Lauren Martin (Ph.D.) by January 24, 2007.. Send your materials to: mart2114@umn.edu, or Lauren Martin, CEED, 56 East River Road, Room 40, Minneapolis, MN 55455. (Email submissions are preferred.)


Scott McConnell

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Two major events on racism and race relations coming up at St. Thomas
sponsored by the Minnesota College Personnel Association.
Download fliers for full details.

Workshop Overview
Making Whiteness Visible is a powerful documentary that focuses on the experiences of white people committed to challenging racism in the U.S.

Filmmaker Dr. Shakti Buter will facilitate "Heart to Heart Conversations" following the film.

Workshop Schedule
1:00 p.m. Check-In
1:15 p.m. View Film
3:00 p.m. Heart to Heart Conversations 4:00 p.m. Closing Remarks

For registration details and poster: Download file and Download file

Also, in February Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary will be speaking at St. Thomas on the topic of Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, for event details and poster: Download file

Contact Information
If you have questions please contact:
Denise Dieffenbach ~ University of St. Thomas ~


Are you a graduate student in search of grant funding? Learn how to locate internal and external funding sources, to search funding databases, and to set up alerts for new funding opportunities.

The Libraries, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-President for Research, will present a workshop, “Grant Funding for Graduate Students,? on January 15, 2008 (2-3:15p, 310 Walter Library).

To register, visit http://www.lib.umn.edu/registration/#eventidXX242.


Dear CEHD Colleagues,

We would like to offer you the opportunity to attend the Expanding the Circle (ETC) Two-day Training at a reduced cost. If you have ever thought about attending our ETC training session in the past, now is your opportunity. We have several spots remaining for the upcoming two-day training is January 17-18, 2008.

The cost is normally $350 per participant, but because you are CEHD faculty and staff, we like to offer the training to you for only $100. This cost will include one copy of the “Expanding the Circle, Respecting the Past, Preparing for the Future? transition curriculum, one copy of the video “Finding Our Voice,? continental breakfast, and lunch for both days of the workshop.

The Expanding the Circle training sessions are a unique and valuable resource that provide participants with insight and strategies on how to implement the Expanding the Circle curriculum in their school, organization, or community. Workshop presenters are curriculum co-authors Jean E. Ness and Dennis Olson. The workshops are held in the beautiful McNamara Alumni Center located on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. Two training sessions will be offered during the 2007-2008 school year. The available training dates are January 17-18 and April 24-25, 2008.

If you would like to register for the upcoming training session, please contact Dennis at etcnews@umn.edu Phone: 612-626-0335 or visit our website at http://ici.umn.edu/etc

Thank you for your interest!


Jean E. Ness and Dennis W. Olson, Jr.
Dennis W. Olson, Jr. (Fond du Lac Ojibwe)
University of Minnesota
Institute on Community Integration
6 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Dr. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
e-mail: olso1336@umn.edu
phone: 612-626-0335
fax: 612-624-9344

***Visit us on the Web***

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Special Programs

Small grants now available to support international scholars, cross-institutional collaboration, international travel for U.S. students, and distance education. See announcement below for details.
Dear College Community:

It is with great pleasure that I announce a small grants program for international activities in CE+HD. Please see the attached call for proposals for deadlines and application instructions.

Furthermore, colleagues who are interested in reviewing proposals should send a statement of interest to Chris Johnstone (john4810@umn.edu) along with a short CV highlighting international or proposal reading experience.
Because there are four Priorities of grants, you may review proposals for one Priority and apply for funding in another.

Best wishes,
For more information: Download file and Download file
Christopher Johnstone, Ph.D.
Director of International Initiatives and Relations, College of Education and Human Development Research Associate, National Center on Educational Outcomes

University of Minnesota
350 Elliott Hall
75 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612-626-1936 (phone)
612-624-0879 (fax)

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Improve your Spanish skills to build stronger relationships with Spanish-speaking clients!

Spring 2008 Medical Spanish Course

The College of Continuing Education will be offering a non-credit Medical Spanish course this spring to meet the growing need for bilingual health professionals. This course will help the medical community improve health care services for Spanish-speaking patients.

Spring 2008 - Span 0344: Advanced Medical Spanish
Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm to 8:30 pm; January 29, 2008 to April 1, 2008
Room 326 Folwell Hall

Span 0144; two years of college level Spanish or equivalent; department consent.

Course Description
An advanced course designed to help health care professionals communicate with patients who speak Spanish. It will further develop and strengthen the language skills and cultural awareness you already have.

You will:
• Explore more advanced and specific medical vocabulary and phrases to improve your skills in conducting patient interview and physical exams, recording medical history, and understanding the Latin American view of health and health care; and
• Perform individual work on WebCT and CD-ROM. These activities focus on vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, and exploring cultural issues about interviews to a significant number of health care providers who work with the Spanish-speaking community. This is a unique opportunity to get perspectives on health related issues from Chicano/Latino immigrants in the Twin Cities.

This is a zero-credit course with a grade basis of S/N. Academic credit will not be granted.

María Emilce López has an M.A. in both ESL and Hispanic Linguistics and teaches in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. A native of Jujuy, Argentina, she studied and worked as a teacher there. María Emilce develops materials for teaching Spanish for specific purposes as well as creating technology-enhanced learning experiences.

For more information on Span 0344 visit www.cce.umn.edu/creditcourses/courses/medspan/

To register contact the College of Continuing Education at 612-624-4000 or info@cce.umn.edu.

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Employment Opportunities

Counsel at sea! There is an opening for a mental health professional aboard the Scholar Ship as well as other open positions--see website below for details.

Teaching, Onboard Life and Support Staff, Scholar Ship (Multiple locations), (date posted: 1/7/2008)

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CEHD Research Day and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Opportunity * All faculty, staff, and students are invited to view poster presentations highlighting research projects and initiatives being conducted throughout the College. This relaxed setting offers an opportunity to exchange information, identify strategies for collaboration, and renew friendships. Refreshments and over 30 poster presentations. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! View the call for posters at http://intranet.cehd.umn.edu/researchdev/2008ResearchDay.html. Poster submissions are due on Wednesday, February 6 * Tuesday, February 27 * 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. * For more information about Research Day and to RSVP contact Ellen Freeman (efreeman@umn.edu). For more information on the University’s new RCR continuing education requirements visit http://www.research.umn.edu/first/ or contact your grant coordinator.

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Conference Participation

Dear CEHD Colleagues,
I am forwarding a call for proposals for workshops at Public Engagement Day at the University of Minnesota April 22, 2008. The Office for Public Engagement is looking for a host of proposals from both inside and outside the University.

Some of our CEHD colleagues have been asked to participate in the plenary sessions including Dean Bailey, who will be a speaker as well as facilitate the closing panel, and Martha Bigalow, who will be part of a faculty panel presenting in the morning session.

Please take a moment to look at the proposal text included below and see if you are interested in a submission. To obtain a copy of the call for workshops form, email Beth Gusenius at gusen001@umn.edu. Please also consider forwarding the call to anyone you think may have some good work to share. We do remarkable engaged work in the College so I hope we take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you,

Heidi Barajas
Associate Dean for Outreach and Community Engagement College of Education and Human Development
104 Burton Hall
(612) 625-4823
Call for Workshops
Public Engagement Day on April 22, 2007
Coffman Memorial Union
U of MN Twin Cities Campus (East Bank)

If you would like to submit an application or discuss an idea contact:
Michelle Kuhl
110 Morrill Hall, 100 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612-624-1562 (office); 612-626-8388 (fax)

Due: FEBRUARY 29, 2008
You will be notified by mid-March if your workshop has been accepted.

The over arching goal of Public Engagement Day is to provide an opportunity for community members and university students, faculty and staff to learn about the many dimensions of public engagement through examples and
discussion with community and university partners.

Who can submit a workshop:
. Community members . Community organizations. Students . Faculty or staff

Workshop Guidelines:
. 90 minute concurrent workshops from 11:00 - 12:30 or 2:00 - 3:30
. Up to three or four presenters recommended
. Workshop should be designed for interaction with the participants
. Workshops will have from 10-30 participants

We are looking for a variety of workshops to address the following themes:
. What is required to build a mutual, sustainable partnership
. Examples and discussion about the scholarship of engagement
. What is needed to build community knowledge and university knowledge
. Community-based experiences and their impact on student learning
. Impacts of partnership on universities and communities
. Perspectives from community members, university students, faculty and staff
. Other
Public Engagement Day - Workshop Proposal - Due: FEBRUARY 29, 2008

To obtain a copy of the call for workshops form, email Beth Gusenius at gusen001@umn.edu

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January 4, 2008

Employment Opportunities

Coordinator of the CLA Access to Success Program, College of Liberal Arts Student Services
University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota supports high potential students through its Access to Success Program (ATS), an intensive advising support program for a cohort of incoming freshmen in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD); the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS); and the College of Liberal Arts (CLA).

The mission of the Access to Success Program is to help ensure the academic success of its participants. It is designed for a cohort of freshmen whose experiences and high school records indicate strong potential for success through the ATS Program, but whose high school rank and test scores may not meet the typical profile of students admitted to CEHD, CFANS, or CLA.

The Coordinator of the CLA Access to Success Program will oversee all aspects of the CLA program, and will liaise with representatives from the CEHD and CFANS programs. Duties will include advising; communication in various forms; event planning; presentations within the University, the college, and the community; and the development of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that provide students with the tools for rich success in the university environment and for fulfilling and effective educational experiences. The position will report to the Assistant Dean for CLA Student Services, and the program will incorporate the participation of deans, faculty, staff, current students and alumni. Percentages of time listed below are estimates based on anticipated needs.

For complete job responsibilities and qualifications, download complete description: Download file

Application Instructions
All applicants must apply online at employment.umn.edu and include a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references.

Please reference requisition number 152982 in your cover letter.

Priority will be given to completed applications received by January 15, 2008.
Position is open until filled.

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, or sexual orientation.

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Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health
Educator Training with Eric Jensen - Learn to improve both behavior and student achievement
Fragile Brain Learning Recovery
With special focus on AD/HD, Oppositional Personalities, and Processing Deficits.

Gain a genuine understanding of the causes of brain differences and learn what you can do to help your students succeed. During this full-day workshop Eric Jensen relates leading-edge brain research that gives educators highly practical and classroom-tested tools for proven student achievement. Jensen's practical, scientific teaching has helped educators around the country create more successful learners.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 9am - 4pm at the Prom Center in Oakdale, Minnesota (Twin Cities metro, just off I-94)

Just visit our website (http://www.macmh.org/) to get all the latest information or click here to download the registration form (http://macmh.org/workshops_trainings/training_services/Jensen07f.pdf)

While this workshop is geared towards educators, anyone who works with children is welcome. In addition to CEUs for educators, CEUs will also be available from the boards of Nursing, Social Work, and School Administrators.

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