May 8, 2009


Last Friday in a ceremony at the MCDA Kelly Jordan was awarded the Sunny Hansen Graduate Student Award for the State of Minnesota. Joan Ostergren was the person who nominated her. Kelly is graduating today with her MA.


Congratulations to Chia-Chen Tu who has been awarded a CEHD Hauge Fellowship.


Dan Hess is being selected as a co-winner of the Graduate Student Research Award for 2009. This award has become very competitive. Dan Hess should be commended for his hard work and dedication to internationalizing counseling psychology. Dan Hess will be awarded a plaque at the APA convention in Toronto during the International Section business meeting.

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May 6, 2009


CSPP Practicum Students: Two Position Descriptions, 2009-10 Women’s Center, University of Minnesota

We are seeking two CSPP Practicum Students to work with the Women’s Center next year. Some work would involve supporting existing programs and helping to launch some new ideas, but there is also ready for an Practicum Student to shape the experience based on your interests, expertise and desired areas for professional growth. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Women’s Center, one of five departments in the Office for Equity & Diversity (OED), serves as a catalyst for the University to achieve equity for women. Practicum Students report to the director of the Women’s Center and also maintain a close working relationship with the Student Programs Coordinator. Practicum Students attend the Women’s Center’s weekly meetings and a weekly individual meeting. For more information, or call 625-9837.

• Current graduate student
• A passion for achieving women’s equity and social justice.
• Demonstrated commitment to, and experience working with diverse students and communities.
• Effective written and interpersonal communication skills.
• Strong organizational skills. Ability to establish goals and priorities that integrate organizational objectives (University, OED and WmC) and to evaluate program progress and results.
• Ability to take initiative and work independently. Flexibility and a sense of humor.
• Ability to work as part of a diverse team.
• Prefer prior programming experience and prefer knowledge of issues of privilege.

Major Responsibilities - CSPP Practicum Student I
• Assist in the continued development and implementation of a leadership program for undergraduate women
• Author, or co-author, an article for publication on your work at the Women’s Center.
• Engage in work consistent with the mission of the Office for Equity & Diversity to create and sustain a campus environment that values and actively supports an inclusive, diverse and equitable University community.

Major Responsibilities - CSPP Practicum Student II
• Coordinate the development and implementation of groups for women students of color, particularly for Somali women students, African American women students, multi-racial women students, Chicana/Latina women students, and Native American women students. This project includes recruitment and support of facilitators, as well as planning for sustainability.
• Author, or co-author, an article for publication on your work at the Women’s Center.
• Assist in the coordination of a one-day conference for women of color.
• Engage in work consistent with the mission of the Office for Equity & Diversity to create and sustain a campus environment that values and actively supports an inclusive, diverse and equitable University community.

Other Possible Responsibilities (depending on the Practicum Student’s skills and goals)
• Coordinate and offer workshops in an area of expertise
• Explore ways to increase collaborations across campus (especially with women of color, women in the STEM fields, transwomen, lesbians, white women learning more about privilege and men)
• Assist with development of women student activist group
• Assist with our 50th anniversary events
• Assist in the development of men’s programming (survey, coordinate programs)
• Develop and staff a St. Paul office (in collaboration with MCAE and GLBTA).
• Employ technology to increase our educational outreach and resource efforts.
• Offer drop-in hours for women students to receive academic support and career planning advice. Track and report student participation, satisfaction, and progress through evaluations and other metrics and prepare an end-of-semester report

Laura Dalman, our '08-09 CSPP Practicum Student said she would be glad to answer questions if anyone wanted to e-mail her at

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Student Info

Faculty Reading List
Recommendations for graduate students to read before graduation.

Caroline Burke

1. An article by P. McIntosh. (1990). White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack.
Independent School. 49(2), 31-36.
2. I. Yalom. Existential Psychotherapy.
3. J. Conrad. Heart of Darkness. 1899.
4. N. O’Faolain. Are You Somebody?: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman
5. A. Wheelis. How People Change

Michael Goh

1. Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. Toni Morrison. Beloved
3. Jean Pfaelzer. Driven Out
4. Norman Maclean. A River Runs Through It
5. Jhumpa Lahiri. Interpreter of Maladies
6. Kent Nerburn. Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Sunny Hanson

1. C. Gilbert Wrenn. The Culturally Encapsulated Counselor
2. Carl Rogers - On Becoming a Person: A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy
3. Donald Super & B. Sverko. (EDs) Life Roles, Values and Careers (1995)
4. Mark Savickas, “Convergence in Career Development Theories. Implications for Science and Practice.” Consulting Psychologists Pess, 1994
5. Mark Savickas, Constructionist Theory in Career Development, 2009
6. DW Sue and D Sue. Counseling the Culturally Different, 6th Ed. 2009.
7. N. Betz & Fitzgerald, The Career Psychology of Women.
8. P. Pedersen, Draguns, Lonner & Trimble Counseling across Cultures. 6th Ed. Sage
9. N. Schlossberg, J.Goodman.Counseling Adults in Transition. (2007?)
10. S. Hanson. Integrative Life Planning (for those interested in holistic counseling)

John Romano

1. V. Frankl. Man's Search for Meaning
2. Carl Rogers. On Becoming a Person
3. I. Yalom. The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
4. Realizing Social Justice: The Challenge of Prevention Interventions (published by APA in 2009, by Kenny, Horne, Orpinas, Reese)

Tom Skovholt

1. J.Bowlby. Attachment and Loss
Vol.1 Attachment
Vol. 2 Separation, Anxiety and Anger
Vol. 3 Loss, Sadness and Depression
2. M. McGoldrick. Ethnicity and Family Therapy
3. C. Rogers. On Becoming a Person
4. M. Lambert. Bergin and Garfield's Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behavior Change
5. V. Frankl. Man's Search for Meaning

Pat McCarthy Veach

1. Jerome Frank. Persuasion and Healing
2. Viktor Frankl. Man's Search for Meaning
3. Barbara Ehrenreich. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
4. Anything that Oprah recommends for her book club (Oprah always selects books steeped in psychological processes)
5. Lorna Landvik. Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
6. Sarah Jeter Naslund. Ahab's Wife

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