July 29, 2011

Workshop for Concerns of Bilingual Mental Health Professionals will be held during APA 2011

Workshop held during APA 2011:

Concerns of Bilingual Mental Health Professionals

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

1. Meet and greet with other bilingual mental health professionals.
2. Move forward with the development of a Special Interest Group and
Section within NLPA and APA, respectively.
3. Generate ideas to support bilingual mental health professionals.

Division 45 Hospitality Suite
Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel
1000 H Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Questions? Contact Lorena: 8:00am-9:15am

APA Concerns of Bilingual Mental Health Professionals.pdf

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July 27, 2011

Division 17 International Students' Mentoring Meeting at APA

*** Please note corrected location ***

International Students' Mentoring Meeting at APA in DC (IMOC; Tzou)

Date: Thursday Aug 4th

Time: 12:00- 12:50 pm

Location: Suite 1138, Renaissance Hotel, 999 Ninth Street NW, Washington, DC [Corrected location]

During this meeting, we invite all IMOC members and subcommittee chairs, and all international students who are attending APA convention to join us for a mentoring meeting. The meeting will be divided into four group discussions including:

1. Internship Application (Joyce Illfelder-Kaye, Ph.D.)

2. Career Choices: academic vs. Clinical practice (Jean Tzou, Ph.D. & Michael Lau, Ph.D.)

3. Research mentoring (Kenneth Wang, Ph.D.)

4. Cultural and academic adjustments (Sayaka Machizawa, Psy.D. & Hung Chiao, M.Ed.)

Please also check out the IMOC website at http://apadiv17imoc.wordpress.com/

Michael Y. Lau, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Counseling Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia Univ.
525 W. 120th St., Box 102
New York, NY 10027-6696

tel:(212) 678-7409
fax:(212) 678-3275

Always have my latest info

Visit us at http://www.div17.org/SERD/

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July 21, 2011

Employment Opportunities



Requisition Number: 172916

Working Title: Academic Advisor

Department Name: CLA Access to Success Program
All applicants must apply online at employment.umn.edu and include a cover letter, resume, and three
Priority will be given to completed applications received by August 5, 2011. Applications will be
accepted until the position is filled.
Application Link: employment.umn.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=95978
The University of Minnesota supports high potential students through its Access to Success (ATS)
Program, an intensive advising support program for a cohort of incoming freshmen in the College of
Education and Human Development (CEHD); the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource
Sciences (CFANS); and the College of Liberal Arts (CLA).

The mission of the Access to Success Program is to help ensure the academic success of its participants.
It is designed for a cohort of freshmen whose experiences and high school records indicate strong
potential for success through the ATS Program, but whose high school rank and test scores may not
meet the typical profile of students admitted to CEHD, CFANS, or CLA. ATS students in CLA will be
welcomed into a specialized program of advising devoted to enriching their first-year experience and
ensuring academic success through access, support, and opportunity. ATS students will receive intensive
advising, student-to-student mentoring, tutoring, and career counseling. There are separate and unique
programs for the ATS student admitted to CFANS and CEHD.
With rare exception, CLA students who participate in the first-year ATS program will remain in the ATS
Advising Community, and assigned to the same advisor, for the duration of their academic careers.
Through individual and group advising, the program provides students with the tools to address
academic and related issues.

Academic advising: Serve as advisor to Access to Success students enrolled in CLA. Advise students on
degree program planning, registration, and transition to other programs or offices;
develop/initiate/refine proactive advising techniques to enhance advising efforts; maintain student
records on advisees and monitor academic progress in order to intervene, advise, and recommend
solutions to improve students' progress and success. Assist with coordination of advising schedules and
assignments; implement the advising philosophy and policies of CLA Student Services; provide advising
support as needed; act as referral for front desk questions.
Programming and Teaching: Develop specialized programming focused on retention and development
throughout the academic year. Teach assigned sections of introductory courses specifically designed for
ATS students. Work with the coordinator to assess and make appropriate adjustment to the courses and
work with teaching assistants to ensure success.

Orientation/Registration: Help plan and revise new student orientation program and materials;
orientation programming; select, create, and present information during orientation; assist students
with registration process.
Outreach and liaison: Function as a liaison with academic departments, programs, and units; participate
in University advising organizations and programs. Represent the CLA ATS program within the college
and the University community as needed.
Additional Duties: Other program duties and responsibilities as assigned/required. Participate in the
development of co-curricular and extra-curricular student programming designed to build community
and provide continued support.

Master's degree. Two years of college-level advising or teaching experience. Commitment to equal
opportunity and diversity issues.

Master's degree in liberal arts discipline. Academic advising experience in higher education. Familiarity
with liberal arts programs and with student support services. Leadership experience. Program
development and planning experience. Experience with career enrichment programming.
Strong computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft programs, PeopleSoft, and web-based
advising software. Experience interpreting complex policies and ability to learn and disseminate detailed
information. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to
relate meaningfully with undergraduates. Ability to work independently, collaboratively, and under
supervision. Excellent time management, organizational, and problem solving skills. Ability to work with
complex systems in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
The University of Minnesota

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July 14, 2011

Employment Opportunities

Mark Stellmack the course instructor for PSY 3001W Research Methods has two 37.5% Section Leader appointments for the Fall semester, which requires the SL to guide one ~2-hr lab section a week. The SL also has to host 1 office hr/wk, as well as attend the weekly SL meeting (usually an hour). The SL will also do all the grading and what not for his/her section. The person to talk to about applying is Judy Peterson; her email is erick005@umn.edu.

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July 11, 2011

Career and Internship Services are seeking applicants for Office Manager/Technology Specialist

Career and Internship Services are seeking applicants for Office Manager/Technology Specialist. The position is posted below and also posted on the University of Minnesota website at employment.umn.edu. The requisition number is: 172610

Office Manager & Technology Specialist
Career and Internship Services
Job Description

Position Overview:
The Office Manager and Technology Specialist serves a dual role in Career and Internship Services. The incumbent serves as the local expert on the technology applications underlying the operation of the center and oversees the daily functions and customer services of the center. He/she is expected to develop a deep understanding of the business processes of the center in order to leverage technologies to improve services to students and to bring administrative efficiency to the work of the center. Other tasks include front desk staffing, response to student and employer inquiries about job postings and on-campus interviews, maintenance and organization of print and on-line resources and limited administrative support to the director. The quality delivery of these services is critical achieving the excellent customer service standard set for the office.


Technology Coordination - 40%
• Leverage technology applications available through the CSO-powered GoldPASS career management system to improve the quality and efficiency of various career services. Services involved include on-campus recruiting, internship agreements, client tracking, job postings and electronic communications to selected student audiences.
• Serve on campus-wide committees/subcommittees charged with development and maintenance of the GoldPASS system.
• Oversee all decisions related to the Center's website in partnership with the Center's communications coordinator. Oversee upgrades and coordinate ongoing content updates.
• Oversee, coordinate, and/or assist with new technological developments incorporated by the Career Center (e.g. the Center's videos and Facebok page).
• Coordinate follow-up phoning of recent graduates to collect employment data. Prepare phone lists, collect results, create reports, and coordinate the data return to the central system.
• Serve as the resident expert on data systems including UMReports, Peoplesoft, Donor Management and Excel. Analyze data and develop reports from these systems as needed to support the needs of the center.

On-campus interviewing support - 15%
• Arrange for on-campus interviews in cooperation with Employer Relations Coordinator.
• Communicate with employers to prepare for on-campus recruiting visits and set up GoldPASS system to facilitate interview sign-up.
• Troubleshoot problems which may arise for students or employers in their use of the GoldPASS system for on-campus interview coordination.
• Coordinate all logistics, parking, and room scheduling related to employer visits to campus for information sessions or on-campus interviews.
• Collaborate with other career centers to optimize on-campus interviewing services for students and employers.
• Initiate and prepare marketing pieces to ensure that students learn about opportunities available through the on-campus recruiting program.
Customer Service and Supervision- 25%
• Assist in supervising peer staff and oversee their work related to recruiting and job posting services.
• Provide training to student staff on the GoldPASS system, office procedures and technology applications.
• Coordinate responses to student, alumni and employers.
• Provide limited administrative support (scheduling, billing and mailing coordination) for the director.
• Provide coverage for the front desk when student staff is unavailable.
Publications - 20%
• Oversee development and distribution of the 7 monthly career newsletters (6 undergraduate and 1 graduate) and semiannual faculty newsletter
• Write or edit content for website, such as alumni profiles or calendar information.
• Manage mailing lists of students
• Maintain the office policies and procedures manual. Take initiative in updating it as policy decisions are made.

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July 8, 2011

2011-12 Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Psychology

The Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistant (Section Leader) positions for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. Applicants must be UMN Graduate Students with a B.A. or B.S. degree in Psychology. Requirements include an excellent academic record and coursework directly related to the Section Leader position. Some teaching related experience is preferred. Non-native English speakers must have a UMN English Language Proficiency Rating of 1.
Semester appointments include salary and tuition/health insurance benefits. See the Graduate Assistant Employment website http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/gae/ for GTA requirements and benefit information.
Section Leaders teach weekly discussion or laboratory section(s). This usually involves lesson preparation for mini-lectures, activities/assignments, and class discussion/questions, as well as grading student work. Usually there is an overall course plan or structure within which you will operate. Section leaders should be available to work on the course for both semesters AND to attend a mandatory planning meeting the week before classes begin each semester.
- PSY 1001 Intro Psych Discussion Leaders (.50) teach either two consecutive (50 minute) discussion sections per week of 38 students or one section per week of 72 students. In addition to leading their sections, leaders grade weekly writing assignments, attend staff meetings, hold office hours, assist with final grades and share lesson planning, 1001 exam proctoring, and some administrative duties.
- PSY 3801 ¬Intro Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis Section Leaders (.50) teach two back to back 75 minute lab sections per week of 36 students each, grade assignments and computational portions of exams, attend a weekly staff meeting, proctor exams, maintain grade books (in Excel and Moodle), and hold an office hour. Section leaders should be proficient in basic statistical and psychological measurement concepts, methods, and techniques. The position will also include some administrative duties.
- PSY 3001W Intro Research Methods Section Leaders (.375) teach one two-hour lab each week of 22 students, grade assignments, hold one office hour per week, attend a weekly planning meeting, proctor exams, and enter grades. Detailed descriptions of weekly lab activities will be provided. Good background in research methods, statistics, and writing is required. Leaders should be comfortable with the idea of teaching using small group activities and active learning techniques. Some lab activities will be administered using computers, requiring section leaders to call up programs and compile student data. Working knowledge of SPSS and Excel is desired.
Applicants should submit the following to Judy Peterson, Coordinator of Instructional Services, via email (erick005@umn.edu) by July 15:
1. Psychology Section Leader Application Form (page 2) including a summary of your qualifications for each position;
2. Undergraduate and current Graduate Transcripts (unofficial copies are fine).

2011-12 Psych Section Leader Application .pdf

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