October 17, 2012

CSPP Representative Meeting Minutes 10/11/12

Kay Herting Wahl, Caroline Burke, Sandy Newton, Drew Benson, Tom Allen, Krista Redlinger-Grosse, and Dustin Brockberg

Topics of discussion
1. Updates from CSPP classes
a. First year MA students (Dustin)
i. Positive collaboration/bonding amongst students through social gatherings and online groups (Facebook).
ii. Concerns for CSPP changes
1. There are questions regarding what faculty are leaving and/or retiring.
2. PhD program
iii. Area of potential improvement
1. 1st year MA students would like greater exposure/interaction with other student/faculty.
b. Second year MA students (Tom)
i. Tom has started a Google document for 2nd year MA to anonymously voice feedback.
1. Issues/Feedback listed by students:
a. Positives from last year courses - highlights were pre-practicum and multicultural courses.
b. Students are starting practicum experiences and settling in.
c. Request for more role plays in Dr. Romano's theory course as a means to help students apply theory to work with clients. Would help in practicum preparation.
d. Continued clarification regarding LPC/LPCC requirements was requested.
i. Kay mentioned a meeting will be scheduled in late November.
e. Discussion of CSPP program and PhD program
i. Request for meeting on 10/16/12 with Dean Quam and Department chair be recorded so information can be shared.
1. Kay/Carrie will discuss at faculty meeting.
2. Carrie stressed that CSPP faculty will continue to be a resource for MA students that are applying to PhD programs.
c. Doctoral Students (Sandy, Drew and Krista)
i. Status of PhD program is a present concern for students
1. Several questions remain regarding APA accreditation given halted admissions to PhD.
2. Questions were also raised regarding upcoming meeting on 10/16/12.
a. Format of meeting and potential outcomes unknown. It is anticipated that there will be time for questions.
b. Discussed trying to clarify concerns and information amongst students to present at meeting.
ii. Potential for establishing a CSPP Listserve
1. Questions were raised: What is the process to set this up? Does it need to be sanctioned by the U of MN? Or the Department of Ed Psych?
a. Drew will check with Shawn to look into feasibility.
d. Faculty Discussion/Topics
i. Kay asked about the convenience of meeting times to discuss program issues. This is typically centered around 1st year MA class schedules.
ii. Upcoming student meetings:
1. November 1st - Practicum Meeting for MA and Advanced Practicum Students
2. November 3rd - Practicum Fair to be held at St. Thomas (downtown location). Mainly focused on career/community counseling for practicum and advanced practicum opportunities.
3. Degree programming - meeting to be scheduled but if questions regarding class planning for spring semester, talk to advisor.

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