August 17, 2005


Fall Retreat
Monday, August 29, 2005, 8:00-1:30 in the Ski-U-Mah Room located in the Gateway McNamara Center. Lunch will be provided for faculty and staff – RSVP requested

Steering Committee Meeting – September 7, 2005, 240 Burton
GAC Meeting – Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Faculty Meeting – Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 240 Burton

APA Alumni Night
For those of you planning to attend the annual APA Convention in Washington D.C. in August 2005, we encourage you to mark your calendars to attend the APA Alumni Night Social Hour, to be held Thursday, August 18 at 7:00 pm in the Independence Ballroom A at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel. Ed Psych will be partially sponsoring the event this year.

watch for posters announcing a series of informational meetings sponsored by Employee Benefits to help employees understand their new medical plan options for 2006. Information will also be available at the Employee Benefits Web site at


It is our preference that the tables in 240 and 329 Burton not be moved or reconfigured. However, we recognize that occasionally this may be required. To avoid having the tables bolted together, please follow these guidelines:

- When moving the tables, please pick the tables up and carry them, taking care not to slide them along the carpet which risks loosening or breaking the legs.

- The tables must be returned to their original configuration before vacating the room.

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Faculty Awards

On Tuesday, August 9, 2005, at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the American Statistical Association recognized several outstanding statisticians during the ASA Presidential Awards and Address session. One of these was the ASA 2005 Founders’ Award, presented by the ASA past-president Brad Efron and current president, Fritz Scheuren. The Founders Award is given for extended, outstanding service to the profession in a variety of leadership roles. Joan Garfield won the award for extraordinary contributions to the advancement of statistics education, through research into how students learn and through development of effective teaching methods; for leadership in statistics education through ASA and other professional organizations; and for outstanding teaching and service to the profession. Congratulations Joan!!

Sandy Christenson has been awarded the 2005 Blanche F. Ittelson Award of the American Orthopsychiatric Association for her groundbreaking scholarship and public service to strengthen family-school relations. Congratulations Sandy!!

Of the top 100 individuals, Jim Ysseldyke is the 5th most cited and Sandy Christenson is the 11th most cited author in School Psychology journals according to a recent study of citations in the field of school psychology.

Bill Bart was chosen to receive a second Thanks for Being a Great Teacher! Certificate from the University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services (UMCTLS) for his teaching during the Fall Semester of 2004; this new recognition was in appreciation of his teaching style and dedication to helping students learn in the Fall, 2004 offering of the course, Intelligence and Creativity (EPsy 5101). His first UMCTLS Certificate recognized his outstanding teaching in Introduction to Critical Thinking (EPsy 3111W).

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Note from the DGS

For information on APA Dissertation Research Awards and the APF/Todd E. Husted Memorial Award, go to

For information on Early Research Awards (pre-doctoral research), go to

Application deadline is September 15!

The Scholarly Community is cordially invited to share the following Final Oral Dissertation presentations by
Tacksoo Shin

In partial fulfillment of requirements for PhD in Educational Psychology
A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School Of the University of Minnesota

Effects of Missing Data Methods on Convergence Rate,
Parameter Estimate, and Model Fit in Latent Growth Modeling:
Students’ Mathematics Achievement
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
240 Burton Hall

Dr. Jean King (chair)
Dr. Mark Davison (adviser)
Dr. Jeffrey Long (adviser)
Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Jiyoung Choi

In partial fulfillment of requirements for PhD in Educational Psychology
A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School Of the University of Minnesota

Social Interdependence and Social Dominance:
Determinants of Elementary Children’s Bullying,
Victimization, and Prosocial Behaviors
Monday, August 22, 2005
2:00-3:00 p.m.
240 Burton Hall

Dr. William Bart (chair)
Dr. David W. Johnson (adviser)
Dr. Mark Davison
Dr. Nicki Crick
Dr. Geoff Maruyama

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Faculty Publications

McMaster, K.L., Fuchs, D., Fuchs, L.S., & Compton, D.L. (2005). Responding to nonresponders: An experimental field trial of identification and intervention methods. Exceptional Children, 71(4), 445-463.

van den Broek, P., Kendeou, P., Kremer, K., Lynch, J.S., Butler, J., White, M.J., & Lorch, E. P. (2005). Assessment of Comprehension Abilities in Young Children. In S. Paris & S. Stahl
(eds.), New directions in assessment of reading comprehension (pp. 107- 130). Mahwah: Erlbaum.

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Faculty and Student Presentations

Five students and faculty from the QME program in Educational Psychology participated in a Panel Presentation at the annual Joint Statistics Meetings, held in August 2005 in Minneapolis.

The title of the panel was “Implementing the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) in College Statistics Courses.” Joan Garfield was the chair of the session. The speakers and their topics were:

Andrew Zieffler (PhD candidate in Statistics Education): Using GAISE to Create a Better Introductory Statistics Course

Sharon Lane-Getaz: (PhD student in Statistics Education): Implementing GAISE recommendations at the University of Minnesota: Active-learning, big ideas & technology

Michelle Everson: (Instructor of Statistics): Implementing the GAISE Recommendations in an Online Course

Ann Ooms: (PhD candidate in Evaluation): Assessment in First Courses of Statistics: Today and Tomorrow

van den Broek, P., Kendeou, P., White, M. J., Butler, J., Murphy, A., Lynch, J. S., & Kremer, K. (2005, April). Predicting reading comprehension: A longitudinal study from Preschool to Second Grade. Paper presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Atlanta, GA

Steele, V. R., Marsolek, C. J., Bernat, E. M., Collins, P. F., Lando, E. A.H., Venables, N. C., van den Broek, P., Land, A. R., & Patrick, C. J. (2005, April). Does Alcohol Intoxication Affect Comprehension? An Event-Related Potential Investigation. Presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, New York, NY.

Lewis, A., Kendeou, P., White, M., Butler, J., & van den Broek, P. (2005, April). The Relations of Reading and Media Habits to Young Children's Comprehension: A Longitudinal Study. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada.

Kendeou, P., Bohn, C., Koch, A., White, M., & van den Broek, P. (2005, April). Inference generation and narrative comprehension in young children. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada.

Sung, Y. C., Tang, D., & van den Broek, P. (2005, January). The Cerebral Basis for Chinese Word Recognition and Mandarin Tone Identification. Presentation at the Third Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI, U.S.A.

Faculty Grant Awards

Lawrenz, Frances, PI, National Science Foundation, $499,002; Evaluation of the Noyce Scholarship Program

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Special Topic and New Courses

Special Topic and New Courses to be offered in Psych Foundations during Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 may be viewed at:

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