August 17, 2005

Faculty Awards

On Tuesday, August 9, 2005, at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the American Statistical Association recognized several outstanding statisticians during the ASA Presidential Awards and Address session. One of these was the ASA 2005 Foundersí Award, presented by the ASA past-president Brad Efron and current president, Fritz Scheuren. The Founders Award is given for extended, outstanding service to the profession in a variety of leadership roles. Joan Garfield won the award for extraordinary contributions to the advancement of statistics education, through research into how students learn and through development of effective teaching methods; for leadership in statistics education through ASA and other professional organizations; and for outstanding teaching and service to the profession. Congratulations Joan!!

Sandy Christenson has been awarded the 2005 Blanche F. Ittelson Award of the American Orthopsychiatric Association for her groundbreaking scholarship and public service to strengthen family-school relations. Congratulations Sandy!!

Of the top 100 individuals, Jim Ysseldyke is the 5th most cited and Sandy Christenson is the 11th most cited author in School Psychology journals according to a recent study of citations in the field of school psychology.

Bill Bart was chosen to receive a second Thanks for Being a Great Teacher! Certificate from the University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services (UMCTLS) for his teaching during the Fall Semester of 2004; this new recognition was in appreciation of his teaching style and dedication to helping students learn in the Fall, 2004 offering of the course, Intelligence and Creativity (EPsy 5101). His first UMCTLS Certificate recognized his outstanding teaching in Introduction to Critical Thinking (EPsy 3111W).

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