August 4, 2008

Grad 999 Registration Policy

The Graduate Advisory Committee reconsidered the current policy of allowing students 4 semesters of Grad 999 registration. Students will continue to be allowed 4 semesters of this registration. However, students will not be allowed any additional semesters of Grad 999 registration beyond the 4 semester limit, beginning Fall 2008.

The following procedure will be used to monitor Grad 999 registrations:
(1) When a student registers for a 4th semester of Grad 999, a hold will be placed on their record and will not be removed until the student submits a completion plan with objective benchmarks.
(2) A temporary hold release will be placed on the student’s record at the conclusion of the student’s completion plan.
(3) If the completion plan is not approved, the student will be required to register for credit or a request will be sent to Graduate School to suspend their ‘student’ status.

Each time a student registers for Grad 999, they will receive an email reminding them of this policy.

Posted by kwalter at August 4, 2008 9:38 AM