January 29, 2007


IWhen: Monday, February 5, Noon to 1:30pm
Where: 250 Wulling Hall

Join Us for Free Pizza and Talk on:
New Initiative in the Kingdom of Jordan

Presented by:
Rosemarie Park & Shari Peterson
(Work and Human Resource Education)

Sponsored by the International Committee for the College of Education and Human Development.

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January 17, 2007


Professor Sherri Turner will be presenting her research on "Preparing Inner-City Adolescents to Transition into High School" at the Diversity Through the Disciplines event on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 332 Coffman. This research was funded through the President's Multicultural Research Award.

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January 11, 2007

MIDYEAR TRAVEL FUNDS: January 22 deadline

The Educational Psychology Department is allocating funds for reimbursement of student travel this year. Award amounts will be based on the number requests received, up to a maximum of $250 per student. In the past these funds have only been distributed at the end of the academic year. This year, awards will be made in the winter and in spring.

To request mid-year funds, you must be an active Educational Psychology graduate student and travel to and present at a national or international conference or professional meeting between July 1 and December 15, 2006. Your faculty must approve the travel. Send your advisor a letter noting the title of the paper presentation, including all authors and presenters, and the name date and location of the conference. Also include proof of attendance, a copy of the conference program showing the presentation, original receipts for all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement. Your advisor should sign the letter, noting his/her approval.

Submit all of the above and a completed expense reimbursement form to Lori (PsyF), Mary (SpEd and CSPP) or Deb (SchPsy) by January 22, 2007. Requests after that date will be considered with spring awards.

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Graduate Women in Science of Minneapolis (Xi chapter of Sigma Delta Epsilon) has established several travel awards to defray some of the costs that female graduate students incur while traveling to national or other major scientific meetings where they are presenting the results of their research. Any female graduate student in Minnesota engaged in scientific research is eligible to apply but, other factors being equal, preference will be given to active members of Xi Chapter. The applicant should have limited other support for attending scientific meetings. The funds may be used for travel expenses and registration fees, not for room and board. The usual award is in the range of $200 to $300. Applications are now being accepted for the Mary Haga Award and are due February 5, 2007. Please email Amy Kalia at awards.xi@gwis.org for details about applying.

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January 3, 2007


A reminder: Graduate students are required to register every fall and spring semester in order to remain active.

• Be sure to register by January 15 in order to avoid paying a late registration fee. Courses with low enrollment are often cancelled prior to the start of the semester; don’t lose your chance to take a course because you didn’t register in time. See the Spring 07 Refund and Drop/Add Deadlines for details on making registration changes.

• If you are working as a graduate assistant, are an international student, or are receiving a fellowship, you are required to register full-time (6-14 credits each semester).

• Advanced masters or doctoral students may register using the full-time equivalent registration (EPsy 8333 or 8444). If you have completed all coursework and registered for all thesis credits, you may qualify. Please note that masters students must apply for this status in advance. Each semester you register under this status you’ll need to submit the “application for full-time status with one-credit registration? form. Details and forms are available at http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/registration/FTE_procedures.html

• If you only need to register in order to remain active in the Graduate School, you may register for Grad 999, a no-cost/no-credit registration option. However, please note that EPsy students are only allowed to register for Grad 999 four times. More information about this registration option is available at http://www.grad.umn.edu/current_students/registration/grad_999.html.

• Ed Psych graduate students may not register for more than 24 credits of EPsy 8666 (pre-thesis credits) during their graduate career. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST CONTACT KATHY WALTE R (kwalter@umn.edu) IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR EPsy 8666.

• If you are taking your oral prelim by Janury 29, be sure to return the Prelim Oral Examination Report to the Graduate School (316 Johnston Hall) immediately following the exam so that you can change your registration to EPsy 8888 (thesis credits) for Spring 2007.

• If you are planning to take the written prelim exam in the spring, be sure to check with your program area for their registration deadline. You need to have submitted a degree program in order to register for the written prelim.

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