November 25, 2009


Each year the Graduate School awards Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships to outstanding final-year PhD candidates. The award provides support so that recipients can devote full-time effort to research and writing of the dissertation. The award includes a stipend of $22,500, academic year tuition for up to 14 thesis credits, and subsidized health insurance through the graduate assistant plan.

This competition requires nomination by the graduate program. The Graduate School informs programs of the number of nominations they are allowed for both the new student and doctoral dissertation fellowships. Programs are required to decide how many incoming students they will nominate and how many nominations they will reserve for doctoral dissertation fellowships. The Ed Psych Graduate Advisory Committee will decide how those nominations will be divided at their January meeting

If you will meet the eligibility requirements outlined below and think you may submit a proposal for the award, please notify Kathleen Walter (; 250 Ed Sci Bldg) by Friday, January 8. The Graduate Advisory Committee will review the pool of applicants and determine how many nominations will be held for the doctoral dissertation fellowship. You do not need to submit a proposal at this time; February 8 will be the deadline for proposals. Note that written and oral prelims and must be completed and the thesis proposal submitted by February 8. Details about the internal nomination process will be sent following the January 15 GAC meeting. NOTE: Only students who indicate their interest in this award by the January 8 deadline will be considered for nomination. (For more information on proposals and the nomination process, see

Eligible students must have:
• passed written and oral prelim exams by February 8, 2010
• an approved degree program on file in the Graduate School
• all program coursework completed (including internships and practica) by the end of spring semester 2010
• a thesis proposal submitted by February 8, 2010
• no incompletes in official program coursework from a prior term on transcript by March 12, 2010
• plan to graduate by the end of spring 2011 (or no later than fall 2011)
• notified Kathy Walter of their interest in this award by January 8, 2010.

Please note that the award is intended for students who, typically, will be entering their fifth or sixth year of graduate study, having entered the Graduate School in fall 2005 or later with a bachelor's degree (or 2007 or later with a master's degree). Students who entered before this date are eligible, but the program will be required to provide an explanation of individual circumstances that led to a lengthier program of study.

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November 18, 2009


The Graduate School has several fellowships that are supported primarily by private endowment income. Eligibility is limited to students who are currently registered in the Graduate School. Information is available from their web page

The Graduate School's deadline for 2010-2011 endowed fellowships is December 1, 2009. One with a close fit to EPsy students is the Eva O. Miller Fellowship.

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The Scholarly Community is cordially invited to share the Final Oral Dissertation presentation by

Cheryl Videen

In partial fulfillment of requirements for PhD in Educational Psychology

A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School Of the University of Minnesota

Longitudinal Look at Student Achievement and Psychological Engagement

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
1:00-2:00 p.m.
320 Education Sciences Building

Professor Mark Davison, chair
Professor Geoffrey Maruyama, advisor
Professor Sandra Christenson
Professor Kyla Wahlstrom

The Scholarly Community is cordially invited to share the Final Oral Dissertation Presentation by

Amy Mahlke

In partial fulfillment of requirements for PhD in Educational Psychology

A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School Of the University of Minnesota

Does Systematic Miscue Analysis Explain Variance in Struggling Readers' Oral Reading Proficiency?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
2:30-3:30 p.m.
320 Education Sciences Building

Professor Susan Hupp, chair
Professor Kristen McMaster, advisor
Professor Theodore Christ
Professor Scott McConnell

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A reminder: Graduate students are required to register every fall and spring semester in order to remain active.

• Be sure to register by January 18 in order to avoid paying a late registration fee. Courses with low enrollment are often cancelled prior to the start of the semester; don't lose your chance to take a course because you didn't register in time. See spring's cancel/add deadlines for details on making registration changes.

• If you are working as a graduate assistant, are an international student, or are receiving a fellowship, you are required to register full-time (6-14 credits each semester).

• Advanced masters or doctoral students may register using the full-time equivalent registration (EPsy 8333 or 8444). If you have completed all coursework and registered for all thesis credits, you may qualify. Please note that masters students must apply for this status in advance. Each semester you register under this status you'll need to submit the "application for full-time status with one-credit registration" form. Details and forms are available at

• If you only need to register in order to remain active in the Graduate School, you may register for Grad 999, a no-cost/no-credit registration option. However, please note that EPsy students are only allowed to register for Grad 999 four times. More information about this registration option is available at Upon registering for Grad 999 for the fourth semester, a hold will be placed on your record and you must submit a completion plan with objective benchmarks.

• Ed Psych graduate students may not register for more than 24 credits of EPsy 8666 (pre-thesis credits) during their graduate career. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST CONTACT KATHY WALTE R ( IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR EPsy 8666.

• If you are taking your oral prelim by February 1, be sure to return the Prelim Oral Examination Report to the Graduate School (316 Johnston Hall) immediately following the exam so that you can change your registration to EPsy 8888 (thesis credits) for Spring 2010. Note: You need to schedule your oral prelim with the Graduate School; see their website for the scheduling form.

• If you are planning to take the written prelim exam in the spring, be sure to check with your program area for their registration deadline. You need to have submitted a degree program in order to register for the written prelim.

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We are pleased to announce that the Educational Psychology Department is allocating funds for reimbursement of student travel this year. Award amounts will be up to $225 per student per year.

To qualify for these funds:

• You must be an active Educational Psychology graduate student.
• You must travel to and present at a national or international conference or professional meeting.
• Your faculty advisor must approve the travel.

Please note that these funds may not be used for state or regional conferences nor can they be used for training or workshop participation.

Funds will be awarded twice each year.

• For travel between July 1 and December 15, 2009, submit requests and required documentation by December 15, 2009.
• For travel between December 16, 2009 and June 30, 2010, requests and documentation must be submitted by June 5, 2010.

No late requests will be considered.

To receive reimbursement, you must submit the following:

student travel funding request; be sure to have your advisor sign the form.
• proof of conference attendance
• a copy of the conference program showing your presentation
• original receipts for all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.
• a completed expense reimbursement form (available at

Submit all of the above to the staff member in your area .

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November 4, 2009

GRAD RESEARCH DAY -- Proposals due January 8

Graduate Student Research Day will be held on Friday, February 19. The Educational Psychology Department instituted this annual event in 2001 in recognition of the abilities and talents of its students. This annual event has been designed with three purposes:

-- to provide a format for graduate students to present their research and be recognized locally by peers and faculty
-- to provide students an opportunity for professional development and practice for future state or national conferences, and
-- to promote a department-wide activity that brings faculty and graduate students together around a common goal of disciplined inquiry.

Proposal forms are available at Submit proposals to Kathy Walter ( by Friday, January 8.

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November 3, 2009

Reminder: Submitting degree programs

Be sure to submit your degree program according to the following timelines:

M.A.: After completing 10 credits (ordinarily no later than the second semester of your first year).

Specialist: After completing 20 credits (ordinarily no later than the second semester of your first year).

Ph.D.: After completing four semesters. The Educational Psychology Department requires doctoral students to submit their degree program forms to the DGS prior to taking the written general preliminary examination. This should be by the end of the second year of graduate study, and at least one semester prior to the term in which you plan to take the prelim oral exam.

For those who are approaching these deadlines, submit degree programs by Friday, December 4.

For detailed information on submitting the degree program, see the Ed Psych Student Handbook.You will also need to submit our Examining Committee Consent form.

Remember that degree programs can be changed in the future through a simple petition process. Be sure to submit the petition form prior to taking courses for which you are requesting a change.

PLEASE NOTE: A hold will be placed on your record at the DGS's request if:
-- You are in the M.A. program and do not submit your degree program form by the time you complete 14 credits;
-- You are in the Specialist program and do not submit your degree program form by the time you complete 24 credits;
-- You are in the Ph.D. program and fail to submit your degree program form by the time you complete four semesters.
You will be unable to register, to obtain a transcript, etc. until the hold is released by the DGS.

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