January 24, 2011

GRAD RESEARCH DAY -- Proposals due February 2

Graduate Student Research Day will be held on Friday, March 4. The Educational Psychology Department instituted this annual event in 2001 in recognition of the abilities and talents of its students. This annual event has been designed with three purposes:

-- to provide a format for graduate students to present their research and be recognized locally by peers and faculty
-- to provide students an opportunity for professional development and practice for future state or national conferences, and
-- to promote a department-wide activity that brings faculty and graduate students together around a common goal of disciplined inquiry.

Proposal forms are available at http://www.cehd.umn.edu/edpsych/forms/default.html. Submit proposals to Kathy Walter (kwalter@umn.edu) by Wednesday, February 2.

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January 14, 2011

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Each year the Graduate School awards Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships (DDF) to outstanding final-year PhD candidates. The Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) program is intended to give the most accomplished final-year Ph.D. candidates an opportunity to complete the dissertation within the 2011-12 academic year by devoting full-time effort to research and writing. The award includes a stipend of $22,500 for the academic year beginning September 2011, academic-year tuition for up to 14 thesis credits each semester, and subsidized health insurance through the graduate assistant plan. Summer 2012 health insurance will be included for those who remain eligible. This competition requires nomination by the graduate program and the College of Education and Human Development.

Application instructions and forms are available at http://www.grad.umn.edu/fellowships/ddf/DDFProgramInstructions2011.html If you wish to be considered for nomination and will meet the eligibility requirements outlined below, submit the complete application to Kathleen Walter (kwalter@umn.edu; 250 Ed Sci Bldg) by Monday, February 7. (Note that this deadline may be extended; watch your email for updates.)

Eligible students must have:
• passed written and oral prelim exams by February 7, 2011
• all program coursework completed (including internships and practica) by the end of spring semester 2011
• no incompletes in official program coursework from a prior term on transcript by March 11, 2011
• plan to graduate by the end of spring 2012 (or no later than fall 2012)
It is strongly recommended that nominees have submitted their thesis proposal by March 11, 2011.

Please note that the award is intended for students making timely progress who, typically, will be entering their final one year or two years of graduate study. Nominations for students who are in their sixth year or later year of study must include an explanation regarding the scholarly and research productivity of the individual, in order to establish the student's record of good progress.

If you have questions about the application or the nomination process, please contact me or Ted Christ, DGS for Educational Psychology.

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