November 21, 2012

Submitting Degree Plan

Be sure to submit your degree plan according to the following timelines:

M.A.: After completing 10 credits (ordinarily no later than the second semester of your first year).

Specialist: After completing 20 credits (ordinarily no later than the second semester of your first year).

Ph.D.: After completing four semesters. The Educational Psychology Department requires doctoral students to submit their degree program forms to the DGS prior to taking the written general preliminary examination. This should be by the end of the second year of graduate study, and at least one semester prior to the term in which you plan to take the prelim oral exam.

For those who are approaching these deadlines, submit degree programs by Friday, December 15.

For detailed information on submitting the degree plan, see the Ed Psych Student Handbook.

Remember that degree plans can be changed in the future through a simple petition process. Be sure to submit the petition form prior to taking courses for which you are requesting a change.

PLEASE NOTE: A hold will be placed on your record at the DGS's request if:

-- You are in the M.A. program and do not submit your degree program form by the time you complete 14 credits;
-- You are in the Specialist program and do not submit your degree program form by the time you complete 24 credits;
-- You are in the Ph.D. program and fail to submit your degree program form by the time you complete four semesters.

You will be unable to register, to obtain a transcript, etc. until the hold is released by the DGS.

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November 19, 2012

Graduate Student Research Day

Graduate Student Research Day will be held on Friday, March 1. The Educational Psychology Department instituted this annual event in 2001 in recognition of the abilities and talents of its students. This annual event has been designed with three purposes:

-- to provide a format for graduate students to present their research and be recognized locally by peers and faculty
-- to provide students an opportunity for professional development and practice for future state or national conferences, and
-- to promote a department-wide activity that brings faculty and graduate students together around a common goal of disciplined inquiry.

Proposal forms are available at Submit proposals to Kathy Walter ( by Wednesday, January 16.

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Registration Reminders

Graduate students are required to register every fall and spring semester in order to remain active.

• Be sure to register by January 21 in order to avoid paying a late registration fee. Courses with low enrollment are often cancelled prior to the start of the semester; don't lose your chance to take a course because you didn't register in time. See spring's cancel/add information for details on making registration changes.

• If you are working as a graduate assistant, are an international student, or are receiving a fellowship, you are required to register full-time (6-14 credits each semester).

• Advanced masters or doctoral students may register using the full-time equivalent registration (EPsy 8333 or 8444). If you have completed all coursework and registered for all thesis credits, you may qualify. Please note that masters students must apply for this status in advance. Each semester you register under this status you'll need to submit the "application for full-time status with one-credit registration" form. Details and forms are available at

• If you only need to register in order to remain active in the Graduate School, you may register for Grad 999, a no-cost/no-credit registration option. However, please note that EPsy students are only allowed to register for Grad 999 four times. More information about this registration option is available at Upon registering for Grad 999 for the fourth semester, a hold will be placed on your record and you will be required to submit a completion plan with objective benchmarks.

• Ed Psych graduate students may not register for more than 24 credits of EPsy 8666 (pre-thesis credits) during their graduate career. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST CONTACT KATHY WALTER ( IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR EPsy 8666.

• If you are planning to take the written prelim exam in the spring, be sure to check with your program area for their registration deadline. You need to have submitted a degree program or degree plan in order to register for the written prelim.

• If you are taking your oral prelim by February 4, be sure to return the Prelim Oral Examination Report to the Graduate Student Services (160 Williamson) immediately following the exam. You will also need to submit a registration exception request on or before February 4 so that you can change your registration to EPsy 8888 (thesis credits) for Spring 2013. Note: You need to schedule your oral prelim with the Graduate School; see their website for the scheduling form.

• Doctoral students may register for up to 6 doctoral thesis credits prior to passing the oral prelim exam if

a. the adviser determines the student is research ready,
b. the degree plan is submitted and approved,
c. the student completed 36 course credits that are included on the degree program/plan (masters courses may be included on the degree plan), and
d. the student submitted the doctoral thesis credit registration request form.

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