September 9, 2013

Educational Psychology Student Handbook

The 2013-14 Educational Psychology Student Handbook is now available at This handbook reflects policies and requirements for students who entered the program in Fall 2013. Departmental core requirements in effect beginning this semester are listed beginning on page 10 of the handbook. Please check with your program area for their additional requirements.

For students who entered prior to this semester, you should refer to the 2012-13 handbook. However, you may elect to follow the new core requirements for your Degree Plan. If you have already submitted a Degree Plan, but would like to change to follow the new requirements, submit a Petition Form to indicate the changes to your degree plan. Please work with your advisers to review the options and additional program area requirements.

The list of courses approved to meet departmental core requirements in Educational Psychology has also been updated in the 2013-14 handbook.

Posted by bouch004 at September 9, 2013 3:06 PM