February 2, 2015

Limited Service February 6 - February 13

Lori Boucher will be out of the office February 6 - February 13. Service will be limited during this time.

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September 18, 2014

2015 Volunteer Programs in South Africa

Attention Students of the Educational Psychology Department!

One Heart Source is currently accepting applications for our 2015 Volunteer Programs in South Africa. In 2015, we are offering a variety of 2 and 4-week programs in Cape Town, South Africa! Programs Offered: April 20 - November 6, 2015.

As an OHS Volunteer, you will:
* Integrate yourself into and work closely with members of the local community to create positive social uplift
* Teach primary school students through a mentorship program focused on building strong Math and English foundations, while empowering students
* Exchange ideas and culture with people from around the world
* Lead after-school programs in non-traditional subjects like dance, debate, art, and sports
* Work with a small, dynamic team of international university and graduate students
* Develop yourself intellectually through leadership, service, and dialogue

We at One Heart Source believe in creating lasting social change through education and human connection. We encourage you to take a step towards providing a more socially just future for some of the most marginalized communities in the world.

Both Graduate and Undergraduate students are encouraged to
Next Application Deadline: Sept 26

For more information and to apply visit: www.oneheartsource.org/volunteer/apply/

Please contact eric@oneheartsource.org with any questions!

ONEHEARTSOURCE is a non-profit organization designed to empower young people through education and to provide high quality education and care for vulnerable children in Tanzania and South Africa.

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September 9, 2014

2015 International Symposium on Education and Psychology

ISEP 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 1-3, 2015


The 2015 International Symposium on Education and Psychology (ISEP 2015) will be held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 1-3, 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a cordial invitation to you and your colleagues to submit your manuscripts. full papers or abstracts are all welcome. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the conference website, http://www.tw-knowledge.org/isep2015.

Please note that all manuscripts must be submitted on-line and will be blind reviewed by at least two independent peers. Full papers submitted by November 1st will have the qualification to compete for the distinguished paper award or the best paper award. Also competetive papers will be recommended to be published in the supporting journals of the conference. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your participation.

Conference Website: http://www.tw-knowledge.org/isep2015
On-line Submission:
Enquiries: ISEP.conf@gmail.com

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March 3, 2014

International Travel

This is a reminder that the University has a number of requirements for students traveling abroad for academic or University-related purposes. The two key requirements are:

Travel Approval: If you are traveling to countries on the U.S. Department of State's travel warning list, obtain approval from the University's International Travel Risk Assessment and Advisory Committee (ITRAAC) before departure. NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to apply early as the committee review process commonly takes 6 to 8 weeks. The committee will not consider applications completed less than 2 weeks prior to planned departure.

Register Travel: Register your travelthrough the InternationalTravel Registry for Students, which will facilitate completion of the following requirements:
o Obtain University-approved, mandatory international travel, health, and security insurance (cost is $31.00/month)
o Complete a release and waiver
o Provide 24-7 emergency contacts
o Complete online health and safety orientation

It is important to note that the University policy applies to all students on any University-related program abroad (including student organization travel), or any overseas program connected to their studies at UMN, even if coordinated or funded through another organization. This includes, but is not limited to: internships, field experiences, coursework, capstones, conferences, and research. Not sure if your travel qualifies as University travel? Kaoru Nunn at nunnx016@umn.edu.
You can find an overview of these requirements, funding resources and travel resources at http://global.umn.edu/students/index.html.Safe travels!

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January 28, 2014

Limited Service January 31 - February 7

Lori Boucher will be out of the office January 31 - February 7. Service will be limited during this time.

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July 11, 2013

Limited Service -- July 15-19

Lori Boucher will be out of the office July 15-19. Service will be limited during this time.

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August 21, 2009

Ed Psych Dissertations

Laurel Haycock, librarian at Wilson Library, has posted recent Ed Psych Dissertations on her blog at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/hayco001/edlibblog/2009/08/edpsy-dissertations-at-the-u-of-m.html.

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September 16, 2008

Council of Graduate Students Representative

We need a representative to the Council of Graduate Students (COGS). COGS represents the interests of all graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Their mission is to work with the administration and the Graduate School to make sure the needs of graduate students are known. More information is available at http://www.cogs.umn.edu/.

Our representative would attend monthly general assembly meetings (Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 in Fall Semester) and report back to Ed Psych students. If you are interested in being Ed Psych's COGS representative, contact Kathy Walter (kwalter@umn.edu) by Monday, September 22. An election (via email) will be held if we have more than one person interested.

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April 9, 2008


Carolyn Schriver, a first year master’s student in the CSPP program, has just been chosen to receive the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) Advisor of the Year Award!

She received this award in honor of her work as Advisor to the Minneapolis Community & Technical College Student Senate this academic year. Regarding her work Carolyn states, “the Senate has made large strides this year for the welfare of the student body at MCTC, and I have been privileged to be an integral part of this progress.? She will officially accept the award next Friday, April 18th, at the MSCSA Spring General Assembly in Breezy Point, MN.

Be sure to congratulate her on this noteworthy achievement!

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March 10, 2008


March 2008

Monday-Friday, March 17-21
—Spring break

Monday, March 24
—First day of second 7-week session

Monday, March 31
—Last day to receive 100% refund for second 7-week session
—Last day to register without instructor approval for second 7-week session

April 2008

Tuesday, April 1
—Graduate School April graduation application deadline

Sunday, April 6
—Last day to receive 50% refund for second 7-week session
—Last day to cancel a course without receiving a "W" on transcript for second 7-week session
—Last day to add a course without instructor and college scholastic committee approval for second 7-week session

Tuesday, April 8
—Summer registration begins for admitted students

Thursday, April 10
—Queued registration begins for fall 2008

Tuesday, April 15
—Summer registration begins for non-admitted students

Sunday, April 20
—Last day to cancel a course without college scholastic committee approval for second 7-week session


Thursday, May 1
—Graduate School May graduation application deadline

Friday, May 2
—Open registration begins for fall 2008

Friday, May 9
—Last day of instruction

Saturday-Sunday, May 10 &11
—Study days

Monday-Saturday, May 12-17
—Final examinations

Saturday, May 17
—Last day of spring 2008 semester

Wednesday, May 21
—Final grades due for spring 2008

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January 22, 2008


If you are:
1) changing education levels (i.e., from Master's to Ph.D.)
2) changing your major
you are required by SEVIS to update your I-20 to reflect these changes.

Failure to do so could cause your SEVIS record to be terminated. Come to ISSS to speak to an F-1 advisor. For ISSS advisor walk-in hours, go to http://www.isss.umn.edu/office/walkins.html
If you have any questions, contact us at 612-626-7100.

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November 5, 2007


We’re missing three boxes from the move into Education Sciences. Two of the boxes belong to Lesley Craig Unkefer and they were labeled with her name and room 350B; the other box was labeled room 275B abd Stacy Danov’s name. Please check through any unopened boxes you may have in your office and notify staff in 250 EdSciB if you find these.

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September 7, 2007

University Counseling Services

University Counseling & Consulting Services (UCCS) offers counseling, consultation, instruction, and testing services to the Minnesota educational community at two Twin Cities campus locations:

Minneapolis: 109 Eddy Hall
St. Paul: 199 Coffey Hall
Phone: 612-624-3323

UCCS has a Grief Group for students who have lost parents. During the fall semester, the group will be meeting on Tuesdays, 4:40 - 6:10. Students can contact UCCS at 624-3323 to set up a group orientation appointment, or they can contact Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff, the group facilitator, directly at 624-3675 or beckh002@umn.edu.

More information on UCCS services is available at http://www.uccs.umn.edu/

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May 1, 2007


Greetings and Happy Spring. As you know, thanks to some of your colleagues, you have a new vehicle for communicating with the Ed Psych Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) and faculty: the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC). The co-chairs of this committee are Danielle Dupuis (Foundations) and Monica Jacob (School Psychology). At the April GSAC meeting, they brought a number of items that were raised by students. Here is a summary of those items and the GAC response to them.

1. Program Planning: It was expressed that some students have a difficult time reading and making sense of their student handbooks for the purpose of program planning.

While each track in Educational Psychology has its own particular requirements, there are some suggested guidelines for hitting milestones in the degree requirements, making adequate progress in one's degree program, and engaging in developmentally appropriate professional development activities. In the coming weeks, we will revise the existing table that is in the student handbook that depicts the departmental milestones. Additionally, we will work with each program to post a clear set of milestones that are unique to each program.

2. Developmentally appropriate professional development activities: It was expressed that after a student has served as a TA or a course instructor, it is difficult to have to relinquish that position to another graduate student.

We hope that students would approach changes such as this as "moving into" other opportunities rather than "moving out of" their previous positions. As part of the preparation and training of our Graduate Program in Ed Psych, the faculty makes an attempt to facilitate developmentally appropriate professional development activities. For example, for the graduate students who intend to seek academic positions upon graduation, it is important that they have experience in the tripartite mission of University faculty: teaching, research, and service. Therefore, attempts are made to provide students with opportunities, guided practice, and feedback in each of these areas. Students should carefully consider opportunities such as service on committees both within the University and within one's academic discipline.

In addition, students should work with their advisors to identify opportunities to practice higher-ed teaching (e.g., TAs, instructing courses, developing special topics courses for undergraduate and professional degree programs) and to engage in research (e.g., RAs). In many cases, these professional development activities are associated with opportunities for employment (i.e., TAs and RAs). In fact, well over 75% of Ed Psych graduate students receive financial support in the form of Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships from the Department, College, or University. However, paid positions are rarely guaranteed for the duration of a students' degree program and from an advising perspective, professional development must be a higher priority than funding. This sometimes results in very difficult decisions regarding funding opportunities. For example, it would be more appropriate for a graduate student to TA 2 courses, teach a course, and hold 2 research assistantships over the course of their degree program than to TA for 12 consecutive semesters. The latter would represent a consistent funding stream, yet would not provide developmentally appropriate professional development opportunities.

3. Taking advantage of other opportunities: Please pay careful attention to announcements posted on the Student News Blog, the College's home webpage, and postings around Burton, Elliot, and Pattee Halls. At least once per week there is a brown bag colloquium on some topic as well as numerous presentations from guest speakers from outside the University. Take advantage of these opportunities, as they might spark a new interest, fuel an existing interest, or contain opportunities for collaboration that you might not otherwise encounter.

Jennifer J. McComas
Director of Graduate Studies

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March 22, 2007


Congratulations to Professor Ernest Davenport on receiving the 2007 University of Minnnesota Outstanding Community Service Award! Ernest was recognized primarily for his work preparing groups for the ACT/SAT exams. Ernest, along with the other four awardees from across the UM, will be recognized at an award dinner in April as well as a reception and ceremony at a Board of Regent’s meeting.

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March 15, 2007

The University is closed on Friday, March 16.

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February 20, 2007


Sarra Beckham-Chasnoff of UCCS is again facilitating a support group for students who have lost a parent. The group is meeting on Wednesdays, 2:15 - 3:30.

If you're interested, call UCCS (612-624-3323) or e-mail Sarra (beckh002@umn.edu) for more information.

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February 15, 2007


Professor Jay Samuels is the recipient of the Minnesota Academy of Reading (MAR) Award for his distinguished career and significant contributions to the field of literacy as an educational researcher and literacy educator.

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February 8, 2007


The new Student Mental Health web site www.mentalhealth.umn.edu is a web resource designed for students, their parents, faculty, and staff who are looking for student mental health information and related resources at the University of Minnesota.

According to a recent survey, nearly half of all college students report feeling so depressed that they have trouble functioning, and 15 percent meet the criteria for clinical depression. Untreated depression can lead to suicide, which is the second leading cause of death among college students. Students can access mental health services at:

. Boynton Health Service (http://www.bhs.umn.edu/services/mentalhealth.htm), and
. University Counseling and Consulting Services (http://www.ucs.umn.edu/).

Additional University resources you should be aware of to assist students are:

Disability Services (http://ds.umn.edu) provides assistance with academic accommodations for students with diagnosed mental health conditions. Consultation and problem-solving regarding disability issues is available for faculty, staff, and supervisors.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/teachlearn/) provides a number of workshops and programs which are designed to help teaching assistants and faculty to deal with a variety of classroom situations, including those related to students who may have a mental illness or disability.

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December 22, 2006


Remember: The University is closed December 25 and 26 and January 1. Have a great break!

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Professor David Johnson and his brother, Roger Johnson (C&I), won the 2007 Brock International Prize in Education. This award recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact on the practice or understanding of education.

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December 19, 2006


Council of Graduate Students (COGS) has published Staying on Course, an in-depth guide about what you can do to make graduate school a good experience. This booklet will guide a first year student with numerous tasks, such as working with an advisor, filling out forms and just getting accustomed to graduate student life. This booklet also provides advice to continuing graduate students on taking preliminary exams, presenting research, staying motivated, job searching and having fun. Lastly, advice is given to faculty on interacting with students. Moreover, students will find it helpful to see things from a faculty's perspective. Staying on Course is available for download (http://www.cogs.umn.edu/pdfs/StayingonCourse2005.pdf) or from the COGS office.

If you are having trouble communicating with your advisor, you may want to set up an appointment to meet with both your advisor and a third person such as the coordinator of your track or the department chair (John Romano). This third person may help facilitate a discussion, mediate a conflict between you and your advisor, or assist in resolving a conflict.

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October 16, 2006

Graduate and professional school students can study abroad too!

The Graduate Adviser in the Learning Abroad Center, Jinous Kasravi, is available to discuss international opportunities for interested graduate students. She is available for walk-in appointments every Thursday from 10am-1pm in 230 Heller Hall. Appointments can be scheduled at other times Monday-Wednesday by emailing gradadv@umn.edu. During the appointments she will discuss international internship, study abroad, and research abroad opportunities as well as funding sources.

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September 27, 2006

IN THE NEWS: Ernest Davenport

Take a look at the profile on Ernest Davenport's work helping minority students prepare for college: http://www1.umn.edu/umnnews/Feature_Stories/PartnersWork_helps_bridge_achievement_gap.html

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September 22, 2006

IN THE NEWS: Virginia Clinton

Virginia Clinton, a doctoral student in Psych Foundations, was just profiled in today's Star Tribune's business section, in a feature called "Cash Check:" http://www.startribune.com/745/story/692700.html.

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July 24, 2006


The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 requires that travelers to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico, and Canada have a passport or other secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States. This new requirement will also affect certain foreign nationals who currently are not required to present a passport to travel to the United States. The new requirements will start to be implemented on Dec. 31, 2006. See the U.S. State Department website at http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html

Please take this information into account if your passport is due to expire or if you need to get a passport. There may be delays in getting a passport due to the Dec. 31 deadline.

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June 26, 2006


An outage of the University's central database (PeopleSoft) is planned for mid-July, due to a system upgrade.
The outage will last for one week, from July 14 through July 22, and will affect all University areas that use
PeopleSoft to conduct their business. Please note that your account on University One Stop will also be unavailable during the upgrade week. Students will not be able to register for courses, print transcripts, or update their personal information during this time. (Please direct any questions regarding your One Stop account to a One Stop counselor at 612-624-1111.)

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June 16, 2006


The Graduate Student Service and Progress Office (GSSP) has just been notified that the fee their publishing company charges to register a student's copyright for their thesis/dissertation, is increasing from
$45 to $65 effective July 1, 2006. This is an optional service that the publishing company provides to our students. Individuals may choose to register their copyright on their own, through the Library of Congress.

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March 20, 2006


Karen Cadigan, a doctoral student in School Psychology, has been selected to receive the President's Student Leadership and Service Award. Karen's nomination noted her contributions to creating and operating the Postbaccalaureate Early Childhood Policy Certificate, her work in outreach to the legislature and broader community, and her service to the Itasca Project's Early Childhood Work Group. She was selected from a pool of over 100 other nominees - as President Bruininks said in his letter to her, "high praise indeed." She will be honored at a banquet on May 1.

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January 23, 2006

2006 President's Student Leadership and Service Awards

The University of Minnesota takes pride in developing tomorrow's leaders. Each year, the President's Student Leadership and Service Award (PSLSA) recognizes the accomplishments and contributions made by outstanding student leaders at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. It is presented to approximately one-half of one percent of the student body for their exceptional leadership and service to the University of Minnesota and the surrounding community. Awards will be presented at the President's Award Banquet taking place on May 1st, 2006. The President's Student Leadership & Service Awards are facilitated in coordination with the Office of the President, Office for Student Affairs, University of Minnesota Alumni Association, Twin Cities Student Unions, and the Student Activities Office.

Undergraduate candidates who apply for the PSLSA can also be considered for the UMAA Student Leadership Award and the Donald R. Zander Award for Outstanding Student Leadership. Graduate candidates who apply for the PSLSA can also be considered for the Mary A. McEvoy Public Engagement and Leadership Awards. Following the selection committee review of applications, candidates will be notified if they are PSLSA recipients and given further information on subsequent application processes, if applicable.

The PSLSA Selection Committee identifies the extent to which nominees have contributed to the University of Minnesota community through Leadership and Service as defined below.

The quality of the nomination is extremely important. If given insufficient descriptions or information, the submission cannot be adequately evaluated. The PSLSA Selection Committee represents University students, faculty and staff. This panel considers and evaluates all of the nominations.

Please direct your questions to Erik Dussault, Student Activities Office, (612)626-6919. Nominations will be accepted Jan 1 - Feb 10th, 2006

All nominations are due no later than 4:30pm on Friday, Feb 10th in the Student Activities Office (126 Coffman Memorial Union). Additional information and nomination forms are available at http://www.sao.umn.edu/leadership/awards/pslsa.php

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December 2, 2005


Walk-in Flu Clinic - LAST CHANCE!!
Monday, December 5th, 10am to 6pm
Coffman Memorial Union - Great Hall

The vaccinations are available at no charge to students, staff and faculty.

WHY: Influenza is an upper respiratory infection that kills 36,000 people in the United States per year and is responsible for over 110,000 hospitalizations. When you receive a vaccination you not only reduce your chance of getting influenza, you reduce the chance you will spread it to others.

Do it for the herd!

There will be at least 8 nurses providing injections and we expect over 2000 people to be vaccinated. The lines should move very quickly and everyone that is standing in line at 6:00 pm will be vaccinated.

This clinic is sponsored by Boynton Health Service and Employee Benefits.

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November 29, 2005

Graduate School Student Services Office -- Limited Service

The Graduate Student Service and Progress Office will be closed this Thursday, December 1 from 9-10 for commencement rehearsal and most of the day on Friday December 2, for the Commencement Ceremony.

Limited service will be provided in the Graduate Admissions Office, in 309 Johnston Hall.

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