September 9, 2013

Educational Psychology Student Handbook

The 2013-14 Educational Psychology Student Handbook is now available at This handbook reflects policies and requirements for students who entered the program in Fall 2013. Departmental core requirements in effect beginning this semester are listed beginning on page 10 of the handbook. Please check with your program area for their additional requirements.

For students who entered prior to this semester, you should refer to the 2012-13 handbook. However, you may elect to follow the new core requirements for your Degree Plan. If you have already submitted a Degree Plan, but would like to change to follow the new requirements, submit a Petition Form to indicate the changes to your degree plan. Please work with your advisers to review the options and additional program area requirements.

The list of courses approved to meet departmental core requirements in Educational Psychology has also been updated in the 2013-14 handbook.

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March 15, 2007

REMINDER: Submitting Thesis Proposal and Thesis Planning Panel Forms

Doctoral candidates are required to submit the Thesis Proposal and the Thesis Planning Panel forms by the end of the semester following completion of your oral prelim.

If forms are not submitted in a timely manner, a hold will be placed on your record. If you completed your prelim oral in Fall Semester, you should be submitting your thesis proposal by the end of this semester. Be sure to contact Kathy Walter ( if you need to request an extension.

For detailed information about these forms, talk with your advisor and refer to the Ed Psych Student Handbook.

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September 5, 2006


Be sure to register by September 18. Students who don't register by that date will become inactive in the Graduate School and have to reapply.

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October 6, 2005


We recently found an error in the description of the Statistics, Measurement, Evaluation core requirement for doctoral students in the Ed Psych Grad Student Handbook. The correct requirement is as follows:

Ph.D.: 12 semester cr in statistics, measurement, or evaluation (6 credits must be in statistics at the 8xxx level, 3 must be in measurement area) (10 sem cr in statistics and measurement for those entering prior to fall 2003)

The Handbook ( has been corrected.

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October 3, 2005


The Graduate Advisory Committee approved the following changes to the Ed Psych core requirements at their September meeting:

EPsy 5141 (Aggression in the Schools) may now be taken to meet the Social Psychology core requirement.

EPsy 8247 (Advanced Interviewing and NVIVO) may be taken by PhD students to meet the evaluation option in the Statistics, Measurement, Evaluation requirement.


EPsy 5244 (Survey Design, Sampling and Implementation) and 5247 (Qualitative Methods in Educational Psychology) fall under the evaluation option for PhD students in the Statistics, Measurement, Evalution Requirement. These courses will not be accepted to meet the research methods requirement without a petition.

The Ed Psych Grad Student Handbook ( will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

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September 19, 2005


All students who participate in an education experience abroad (study, research, work, intern, or volunteer for credit or as part of a degree program) must complete a release and waiver and obtain international health insurance. Colleges, departments, and individual faculty and staff who lead programs abroad must ensure that all students complete these requirements. MORE:

Also, all students who wish to go to a country on the U.S. State Department travel warning list ( must obtain prior approval from the Education Abroad Suspension Committee. MORE:

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August 25, 2005


The updated Graduate Student Handbook in now available at

Previous editions are archived there as well.

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August 4, 2005

REMINDER: Announcement of Final Oral

The Graduate School Catalog states, "The final oral examination consists of a seminar in which the candidate presents the thesis and to which the scholarly community is invited." Be sure to send the time, place, and title of the presentation to Kathy Walter ( A notice of each final oral examination will be posted in 206 Burton, outside 210 Burton, and on the EPsy student listserv to inform interested persons. Only the committee members remain in the room and participate in the vote at the end of the presentation.

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The Graduate School has approved a change in the requirements for the Specialist Certificate committee. For Specialist Certificate final exams that take place in Spring 2005 and beyond, only three members will be required. In addition, committees are no longer required to include an examining committee member external to the major field.
If you wish to make changes to your committee, you will need your adviserís approval. As a courtesy, be sure to inform any committee members that you are dropping. Please email me ( with the changes so I can forward the information to the Graduate School. If you are adding a new member, be sure to email their agreement to serve to me or ask them to sign the Examining Committee Consent Form (

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ONE MORE REMINDER: Grad 999 Registration

Ed Psych students may not register for Grad 999 more than 4 times during their graduate career.

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