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Hockey + Will It Blend = Princess Diana?

YouTube sent me a friendly reminder this morning about new videos in my channel subscriptions. I only keep an eye on two channels. The NHL channel hasn't been all that active during the off-season, so that had to mean there was another BlendTec "Will It Blend?" episode. (My interest in Will It Blend? was recently reinvigorated after they tested the iPhone's blendability.)


Alas, neither channel had new videos. Instead, YouTube wanted to let me know that there were newly posted videos in the "princessdianaislove" channel to which I had supposedly subscribed. We've been known to watch and link to some fairly random videos in the nerd room, but I'm fairly sure this was the first time I've ever seen that channel before.

Obviously something went awry in the code that generated the e-mail. Usually you can piece something together from stuff you've previously looked at. For example, when you've been recommended something completely oddball at Amazon you can usually find out what it used to generate the recommendation. But not this time. The least they could have done was default to something like the debate videos from last night rather than a random pull from the database.