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Today in class we did some implicit association tests. I did three: race, sexuality, and weight. All three of the results kind of suprised me. For the race one, it said I had a 'moderate' preference of white people over black people. This was suprising because I don't consider myself racist at all and would like to think that I dont allow stereotypes that society sets about race affect what I think. The test seemed kind of flawed however. I would like to see how the results changed if at first you had to associated with 'good' things instead of 'bad' things--i really think that reversing the order would make a difference. Also, for the weight and sexuality test, it said I had moderate preference for overweight people and a slight preference for gay people. I never really thought about that and I suppose the results could be kind of scewed, but if they are true, i think its pretty cool that I'm able to overcome the stereotypes held about these two groups of people.