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Open Arms Orientation

So I spent my valentines day at an orientation for Open Arms and taking a midterm. It was great fun. Anyways...to get to open arms i had to take a bus and i really had no idea where I was going so it was kind of scary. I eventually got there and I was like 15 minutes early so I went in and they said the orientation was not at 2 but at 3. crap. So the guy i talked to there was actually really nice and told me about a library that was just a few blocks away so i studied there for an hour. When i came back there were about 5 other people there for orientation there as well. I was the only student from the U which kind of suprised me. Anyways, the head volunteer guy talked about how the orginazation was started and everything then gave us a tour. It's a really incredible place when you think about it. The builidng is small and the kitchen is even tinier so its amazing to think that they can make over 100,000 meals in a year. At the end i kind of had to rush to leave because it got done at 4 and i had a midterm at 4:40. it was stressful. The guy said that the next step was that they would look at the hours of availability that i gave them and would contact me to let me know when i start. Overall, i really like this orginization...everyone there is extreeemely nice and it seems like a really great work environment. Im excited to start volunteering there.


Based on your descriptions, im assuming that you are volunteering at a homeless shelter where you serve meals for the homeless, however, volunteering is not just about doing an assignment which was assigned to you, the idea is to get involved and hopefully you’ll enjoy volunteering like you said you would.